Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kate and seeing another man's hand's in your wife's thong.

First a little update. We are still talking to two men, one local and one not so local. The not so local man says he will be up here the middle of September and is looking forward to meeting Brandi. He seems like he might work, a take charge businessman type that says he is looking forward to being my wife's lover in front of me and taking my wife out on date and having her spend the night with him. Might work out.

The other guy seems interesting but Brandi is not sure that he is enough of a take charge guy. We have met him, he seems nice and Brandi likes him but wants him to push a bit harder as in set a date for a date and then let's see what happens. Of course it is up to my wife in either case but I must admit that I enjoy seeing her with a man that treats her like she is HIS lover and knows that when the three of us are out together my wife is his lover and he should treat her that way.

The picture. A guy that Brandi and I had chatted with a few times and then met for the second time. We had coffee the first time and then we were meeting for lunch and to see what might happen.

We met him about twenty miles from our home and about fifteen miles from his work place. He parked his car and got into our wife joined him in the back seat. It was just a few moments before they were talking, flirting and kissing. About twenty minutes later as I drove toward the coast to the restaurant we were going to have lunch I had to pull over. It was just too much for me as you can see from the picture.

We were parked not too far off a very busy highway and as you can see he had the top of my wife's dress down, the bottom up and his hand in my wife's thong and from his comments about my wife's pussy being very wet and from what I could see my wife was getting more than a bit excited. It also shows that her limits with a lover are wider than with me. I doubt if she would have let me pull the top of her dress down like that and pull the bottom up and open her legs so I could get my hand in her thong right where we were parked...but she didn't mind at all letting him do it.

We went on to lunch and at one point her lover took his hand out from between my wife's legs and had me smell her scent on his fingers and taste her on his fingers. Picture me tasting my wife's pussy on the fingers of a man that very soon is going to be her lover as we are sitting in a nice restaurant having lunch. I felt a bit shamed, a bit submissive and also excited, very excited and a bit confused or puzzled. I didn't put it into words at the time but after I thought about it a bit I felt very much the cuckold and that her lover was putting in me in my beta male place and making it clear to my wife (soon to be his lover) and to me that he was the alpha male right then. To be honest my wife likes being with Alpha males, not the silly ones but ones that are comfortable being in charge, being my wife's lover in public and in front of me. After lunch we went off to a hotel, a nice hotel on the beach and they made love and later I joined in, after my wife had me eat her pussy...I think from his cock getting hard again he enjoyed seeing his lover's husband eating his come out of her pussy.

But there is something so hot about seeing your wife and another man kissing, her legs open, her top down and his hand in her thong playing with her pussy...your wife's pussy. But with the right man it is still your wife's pussy but it is also his pussy for a while and he is letting you know your wife feels that her pussy is his pussy. hot!

So on to Kate.

Kate and I had been girlfriend/boyfriend for almost six years. We had spent some summers apart including the one that I had an idea that she had at least one lover but I don't think at this point I knew much at all about that summer. I did know that she had a Mormon friend that she gave several hand jobs and a few blow jobs to and wanted to fuck but he was unwilling. That was done with my encouragement and knowledge. Kate know I had done some things with a good female friend of hers and a not so close female friend but not the details.

So I had been planning to be a crop duster (aerial applicator) and I had been in Georgia and got my commercial pilots license and the crop dusting training. Next to no sex for me there but Kate did visit me for a few weeks and we did have some great sex and we lived together while she was there and we had phone sex a few times...very few times. I suspect she did some dating and maybe a bit more while I was gone. So far about a year later I had been unable to find a job doing that so I decided to get my flight instructor training and instrument training and multi-engine training.

So she lived down in San Luis Obispo and I lived in Los Osos and I was taking my flight training up in the Lakeport area, north of the Bay area and SLO is just about half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The point being that it was not a short drive for me to get home for a weekend.

So we would talk on the phone and Kate would beg and plead with me to visit her on the weekends. I could not make all of them and I would let her know ahead of time when I would be down so it wasn't a surprise by any means. Kate was working and that did make things a bit more complicated but she would know days in advance that I was coming down at her request.

So I was coming down one time toward the end of my training. I got into town and had problems chasing Kate down. Keep in mind this was before mobile phones. At last we talked and we go to meet at a restaurant called 1865 and a few of our friends would also be there.. Nice dinner house lounge place. I get to Kate's house, where she lived with her parents and she is ready, just a top and jeans and she looks great, skin tight jeans showing her cute ass. She seems not all that happy to see me and a bit distant. Bothers me since she had begged me to come down.

We get there and Kate sits at the end of a long table and I sit to her left and another guy, a mutual friend but more her friend sits on her other side and our other friends are filling the rest of the table. We have a few rounds, some nibbles and are talking and having a good time. It had been a while since I had seen Kate and I was happy to see her and quite horny.

I start my right hand up her leg, slow, playing with her left leg and rubbing and stroking her leg the way she likes it. When she was excited Kate could get so wet that her pussy would leak and soak through her jeans. Delightful. I enjoyed making her that wet and seeing it, she didn't seem to mind others seeing her wet jeans and that also delighted me. Just about when my hand reaches her crotch I feel another hand there and it isn't her hand. I expect her to push that hand away but she doesn't and she doesn't push my hand away. I'm puzzled and I don't understand at all.

As things start to break up and I am urging her to get going since I am horny and I assume she is horny she tells me that she is going with the guy that had been sitting on her other side. I am crushed, hurt, angry and confused. I spend part of the night being pathetic and sitting down the street from his mobile home (a mobile home!!) an wonder what Kate and him are doing. I have a good idea.

The next night, Saturday we go to Sycamore Springs and use one of the outdoor hot tubs, bring a bottle of wine, a snack, a candle and we talk. One of the things that impressed me about Kate was she didn't mind using the less private tubs and didn't try to hide or hurry into the tub, she was relaxed about being naked and the chance that others might see her...Brandi and Kate are alike in that way among others.

So Kate assured me that she loved me and that she and John didn't have sex and were not lovers. We made love in the hot tub and she was good at it, always was. She tried a new position in the hot tub and I wondered about it but she said something like that she had read about it or Rosie had mentioned it. So I headed back north in a few days, still hurt and bothered but she did try to assure me that we were still girlfriend/boyfriend and lovers and all that. But it did bother me that she had left with him in front of our friends!!

So fast forward a few months. I'm dating Brandi since it had become clear that Kate and I were having problems, her working at McClintocks and the partying afterwards and insisting that I could not join them bothered me. Brandi and I did lunch a few times and then dinner, then dinner a few more times and lunches. Then one evening we stopped by my office at the airport where she was working as a station manager and I was working as a CFI (flight instructor) we had sex, made love. I think one of my co-workers saw us, the place was closed but?? I think I fell in love with Brandi when she straddled me, hand her hand on my cock stroking me and loudly muttered..."What a hunk of meat!" Great line if you want a guy to fall in lust with you!

Kate and I have a few more dates and not too long before I get married we head off to the hot tubs again. She swings over me in the water and something about it made me wonder. Later after I was married and Kate and I were trying to stay friends (Kate was very upset I was married and I had no idea the time that she regretted losing me as much as she did). Over her smoking some dope (weed or what ever term you care to use) and me having a few beers she admitted that she had been having sex with the guy she sat next to at 1865 before that night, that night and continued to date him and have sex with him after that weekend (she did say she didn't really understand why since he wasn't all that good in bed) and that she had sex with at times two or three guys in an evening at the after work parties at the hot tubs. She did say that sex mixed with dope and or a little booze could be quite hot. She then told me that she was always careful to be sure to not have sex with more than one guy per period. I laughed and pointed out the threesome in North Carolina, the fact that she would have sex with two or three guys in an evening and of course the fact that she and I had sex that weekend she spent most the night with the guy after we were at 1865. She blushed and looked a bit shocked.

I had tried to get Kate to try swinging and she was interested and we came close to trying it with some of the few couples we knew but it never happened. The lying about things is what was heart breaking painful. As long as I was getting my share I was excited at the idea of her fucking other men but she had to be honest and she also had to make sure I was getting my share...and of course she had to be discrete about it. By going off with him as we left 1965 she rubbed my nose in it, made sure that our friends saw it and that they knew she was leaving with him leaving me there with a broken heart and the humiliation. I am sure that they knew she was fucking him before that weekend...

I hurt and felt cheated on and very much the cuckold...but even with the pain, even sitting with a male friend in my car just down the street from that mobile home...that trailer that I was sure that my girlfriend was naked fucking that guy was also a turn on. Yes, my cock was hard and it is hard thinking about it today. Kate was a very good fuck and I am sure he had a great time. I am also sure that Kate gave me my very first sloppy seconds and a good chance that I have her to thank for my first creampie.

The mental images of Kate, naked riding his cock on top of him, her small breasts with her delightful nipples, or of him behind my Kate on her elbows and knees,,,that wonderful ass showing with his hands on it or on her swaying tits or of Kate below him and her legs wrapped around him...his cock in my girlfriend's mouth...she loved sucking cock...yeah, all sorts of pictures.

Yes Kate really made me a cuckold and I think I have her to blame or thank for setting me up to love being a cuckold.

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