Monday, January 11, 2010

Nothing New to Report...

I've been busy with things around the house and the car.  The Rangie is running rough, not sure what it might be but I'm going to replace the plugs, rotor, cap, fuel filter and see what that does.  I'll also do an oil and filter change and finish the brakes by doing the front brakes.  The brakes should not be too bad except for it being done outside in the winter time in a place that has winter.  Ah well.

Also I'll keep working on the doors, painting and fixing the ones in the shop and putting the locks and so on for the doors in the "new" room.  Got one on and only two to go, french doors so a little different but the hardware is all the same so the steep part of the learning curve is over.

No news on the hotwife/cuckolding side of our lives.  No news from E2 the guy from down in California has not been heard from for over a week.  I tend to think that no news is bad news here but I'm not sure.  So if Brandi says the words I'll start looking again.