Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

In a few hours this year will be over.  I think that for us 2010 will be hard but not quite as hard as 2009.  2009 had a lot of problems for us, kids, money, other family issues and all that does cause problems with sex, in and out of bed.  It also causes issues in finding and keeping a lover or lovers.  Some of the kid issues are better and some of the family issues will not happen again, we just don't have that many more relatives that can die!  We are learning to deal with some of the money issues and we know that things are not going to get better for the country overnight, we see a rough few years or more ahead for us as well as our country and the world...lots of changes will happen but we all can learn and survive the coming changes.

Brandi is pretty happy at work.  I'm not happy not being at work but recent events have made it clear to me that issues with my back, neck, head and arm will prevent me from having any sort of a real job for the foreseeable future. I didn't expect to have as many broken down parts so early in my life...58 isn't old!  At times I look in the mirror when I start shaving and wonder, "Who the hell is that old geezer in the mirror?!"  We think our Darling Daughter is getting better and she isn't living at home which means the drama and problems are not quite so on our faces and causing more problems for Brandi.  Our son is making progress with life but he has a long...long...long way to go!

I do have things to do around the house and land that I can do.  Other things around here that I can do for just a little bit knowing that I will have a price to pay later.  That is life.  There are things that I enjoy that I can get back to doing since they are things that giving my limits I can still do them...I just cannot do them as long as I used to do them.

Brandi and E have chatted and I think they will chat again in the next few days.  This time of year is not the time to be seeking a lover or trying to do non-family things. Just hard to make the time or to have the time to sneak a call in away from family or a spouse looking for trouble eh?

E has some desires to cuckold me.  Strong desires in some ways and in some areas.  Not so strong that I don't find them interesting or arousing and I think that they are things in my discomfort/comfort zone, things that will make me feel like a cuck but things that I think will work without going over my limits.  However E is new to the hotwife/cuckold scene and what one thinks one can do versus what one can do tends to be...ah well a lot of men find it hard (or soft as the case may be) to make love to a wife in front of her husband, to treat a wife as a lover in front of her husband...might even add to the challenge when you know that Oregon is a easy "Carry" state...LOL!

After their chat Brandi understands a bit more what E would like and some of the things that E I have talked about and some of the things that  Brandi and I have chatted about.  Brandi is understanding more that it is more of a role playing game in some respects and a way for her to relax and let others take care of her and tell her what to do.  Relaxing and letting others take charge is something she enjoys and in men...she finds it to be a big turn on, however for some reason she finds it difficult to take me in a such a take charge way in sex and I find it hard to do since at times she has reacted to me doing it in a very negative manner.

So she seems to be excited about some of the things (most of the things) that she and E talked about.  After finding out that I am comfortable and in some ways turned on by E and her cuckolding me she is finding it all to be very, very interesting and arousing.  She has heard me say these things turn me on and she has seen it in the past but she has also seen me hurt by it...the hurt becomes arousal so fast.  So Brandi is looking forward to exploring E as a lover and maybe finding another lover or two that would be more local.  E's reaction to the pictures we sent made her realize that she is still attractive and her flaws...not that I see any, well, her flaws seem a lot larger to her than to E or other prospective lovers.  Seems like a lot of women do not see their beauty and some women don't see their flaws (take a look at some of the sites about the Walmart shoppers! Wow so many people that don't own mirrors!).  Another bowl of milk for this blogger, eh!

The picture...Brandi and her last our bed.  A nice cuckold picture in some ways, a happy wife with her lover in the married couple's bed.  I think doing a married woman is hot and doing her bareback in her bed, the bed she shares with her hot and him, the cuckold, watching even hotter unless of course she is a cheating wife.

Anyway, a Happy New Year to all and let us make 2010 a good year for us, our families and our countries!  And of course let's have a year full of cuckolding fun!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, I hope everyone had a good Christmas or....Holiday season!

So here it is almost done with 2009.  Not really a good year for us but at times I think we are happy, more or less happy or content to just make it through another year.  I'm not going to spend a lot of time crying here since this isn't really what this blog is for, but I did say somewhere that I would touch on and talk about other subjects besides sex and cuckolding so in 2010 we will do more posts, more posts on sex and more posts on cuckolding and more posts on none sexual subjects.  Oh, and the crying isn't just for me or my family and me it also is just kind of the "State of the World" crying and whining. 

Kind of a busy day in some ways considering we didn't get much done.  We went to Ikea, don't really like Ikea in some ways, consider them to be up there with Walmart except the stuff tends to be better quality and better style.  But they had some things that our son had to have and they were about a third of the usual price so we went.  Stopped at Target since he wanted to check and see if they had some Star Wars stuff on sale.  Funny thing, the Target stop and the Ikea stop both had to do with his collecting Star Wars stuff.  The stuff he wanted was not on sale or they didn't have it so that was quick.  I got a Hot Wheels Ferrari so I guess I scored.  I keep a shelf of the Matchbox/Hotwheels cars and other stuff in the garage.  My toy shelf.  Got the stuff he wanted at Ikea and I got some glass to use on work tops there at a good price, stuff that was being remaindered so while I don't like Ikea I gave in.

We dropped our son off at work and went off to do a little shopping except for the simple fact that Brandi had left the shopping list at home.  So the stop at Costco was not what it should have been and we really didn't get much of what we needed or thought we needed.  That part of the day turned into a kind of waste and I felt I was in one of those places and times that no matter what I did it did not make Brandi happy and I just could not figure out why.  BUT...

While we were out and about it started snowing in Willsonville, kind of heavy snow for a while. Then on the way home it stopped and usually we get snow before Portland or Willsonville due to our elevation.  But now we have snow.  For some reason Brandi had said that she wanted to go to a library outlet about ten miles away but then she just could not get going leaving me again wondering why!  BUT...

Brandi had heard from E a day or so ago and I interrupted the call, didn't mean to but I was calling her to ask her if she needed anything while I was picking our son up where he works.  So today her phone rings while we are driving and she is unable to get it, so my phone rings and it is E.  I chat with him for a bit and then knowing that it isn't really me he wants to talk to I hand the phone to Brandi after she pulls over and finds a place to talk.  She doesn't do a very good job since she stops under the freeway, lots and lots of noise from the freeway and the passing traffic, attention from the police...a message there? There were better places before we stopped and after we stopped.   Don't know?

E is at the beach so he also has background noise issues.  But they chat for a bit and discuss just what she wants and what he wants and touch on what I want or what I find okay or what turns me on and how that might effect what they do or don't do.  But we (they...the potential lovers) establish that they are interested in taking this further.  Both enjoy the idea of adding some cuckold elements into her being a hotwife and meeting a guy for sex.  Both seem to be turned on by the level of cuckolding that I think I can handle and enjoy.  So I'd guess it is now a matter for E to figure out when he can come up to our area and get together with my wife and see how it goes.  He seems very interested and turned on by the idea of adding some cuckold elements rather than just fucking my wife.  My wife is turned on by his enthusiasm for her and for them being lovers.  We shall see but I'd guess that things might happen soon.  If things work they way they usually do we should hear from another serious potential lover in a day or two, just seems it takes forever to find the right guy and when you do you find more than one...

Ah, the picture, I just love seeing my wife kissing a lover and I love seeing her kissing a lover in a public place.  Part of it is of course the chance that others might see my wife with her lover and their affection, making me a public cuckold and the other part is that kissing really turns my wife on, she loves kissing and kissing and public affection turns her on so I know she is turned on or getting turned on when she is kissing.  Her excitement is a major part of my excitement so seeing her kissing lets me know she is having a great time. Here Brandi is kissing lover goodbye as we leave the motel.  He and my wife had just enjoyed a few hours of fun and seeing my wife kissing her lover goodbye, knowing her pussy is full of his come...  And to add to my pleasure and hers, my naughty little wife is not bothering to dress or to clean up so she can  have me nibble on her well used pussy when we get home...  Looking forward to seeing my wife kissing her lover again, soon!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas or Holiday Season and I hope everyone has a great and interesting 2010!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

That time of year...

Ah let's see, Christmas Time...the time of violence in and out of stores, greed by kids, adults, and of course all those that make bucks in our consumer society.  The older I get the more liberal I have become in a lot of ways ((I was a Goldwater/Reagan Republican until among other things I figured out that the "jokes" about women, gays, minorities were not jokes at all)...not in all things since I still feel that responsibility to yourself, others including that most important thing family but also a responsibility to the future as in short term gains leading to long term disasters and feeling that your wealth is more important than the country as a whole...

I find it a bit funny that we are being told that those that work, that produce, that provide real goods and services need to settle for less, to compete with Vietnam, China, India and all the Third World Countries in our rush to join the Third World and having done so that somehow most the other people in our country will be able to skate along and keep on being well off.  Travel to Third World Countries and you don't find much middle class, much well off people at all except for the few at the top.  A village in India, in Laos, in Somalia does not have doctors, lawyers, real estate people, stock brokers living the high life, driving new Mercedes, Jaguars, monster McMansions, frequent trips to their vacation spot of choice.  While we see that a rising tide did not raise all boats a sinking tide will at some point not be able to keep most boats afloat...  While I feel that one party has been quite skilled at getting Americans to vote to screw themselves it really is a matter of Republicans or Republican real choice at all.

While we have real problems we are led to believe that the real problems are such things as abortion, gun control and other issues that there really is a consensus on but minority segments of our population keep the issues alive, keep money rolling in and get to ignore the real issues that will effect our future.

I can recall reading an article years ago about some reform that some thought was needed in California.  A very wise commentator wrote that if it was ever "solved" it would not be for a long, long while.  Too many people made too much  money to stop the bucks rolling in by "solving" the problem, no issue no bucks rolling in to soo many people.  That is the present state of our system.  Held hostage by a few people that have bucks to stop problems from being solved and by people that don't want problems ended, for good or bad result since they make money by the problems being an "issue".

Okay, enough of that...

Brandi had me take some pictures this week to send out to a few old lovers and to one potential lover.  So far no word back from the potential lover so I have to assume that he is no longer interested.  I can understand why since we have had problems getting our act together but the pictures to me meant that  Brandi is wanting to play and wanted to see about playing with E.  But a few more days since this is a busy time of year.  The pictures were taken with a video camera that can also take stills, I think good quality pictures and with my mobile.  I think the mobile quality sucks!

Anyway, I'll post some of the pictures and see how you like them.

So how long do we wait for a response before we go back to looking?  I mean Brandi is actually very eager to drop her panties and spread her legs for the right new lover and to work at making me feel like a cuckold (yes work at it but she also says that the idea of cuckolding me, making me feel more like a cuckold that her just  being a hotwife has her really excited and the freedom that gives her is another turn on for her) with her lover or lovers help...

I've got a longer post I am thinking about but I'm not quite ready to finish writing it, a friend, an old lover of Brandi had me texting him mucho times yesterday about my relationship with Brandi, his relationship with Brandi, them being lovers and my relationship with him as him being one of my wife's lovers.  That can of leads back to a whole bunch of topics and ideas for further thought and I thought it would be interesting and possibly amusing to explore some of the things he had me thinking about yesterday.

I hope all of you, all twenty-seven of you have a good Christmas, a good Holiday Season, a Happy New Year and that this time of year is a very good time for you and your family...and that 2010 is a great and happy year for you and your family!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know it has been a while...been busy, sorry!

I've been out of town, been busy with other things, and still dealing with some health issues.  Have my plate full in the next few weeks with Doctors, insurance stuff, cars, the room addition, kids, Christmas and...and...and.  But I was doing some reading including Hotwife Allie and of course cuckold husband.  I must admit I love "cuckold husband" and I enjoy the photos and of course his stories and most of all his thoughts.

But I was thinking to myself...What does it mean to be a "cuckold"?  I feel that there are a few basic types of cuckolds:  The first is the easy one and the type that most people will think of as a "cuckold"...a man that has a wife that has sex with other men... a real cheating wife.  The wife does not have permission to have sex with other men and most of the time she tries to keep it a secret...very negative connotation!  Not a good thing but it does happen to lead a couple into swinging or into other things like her being a hotwife.  I would not like this and I don't think most "cuckolds" here would like it either.

The next basic concept is of course a wife that has sex with other men with or without her husband's permission.  This is more of a term for people that are not into any sort of different sexual lifestyle. With this simple definition all of us, poly, swingers, hotwife husbands and self identified cuckolds are cuckolds.  To most people this is a negative term, very negative!  If your wife has sex outside of her marriage you are a cuckold.  Simple.  I feel that this is more of a dictionary term and is too broad for use here.

The next definition gets a little stickier.  Hang around any swinger site and most hotwife sites and you will find that swingers and hotwife hubbies DO NOT feel that they are cuckolds.  In a lot of those sites "cuckold" is a fighting word.  Some people that have wives that date and go out and have sex with other men with and  without hubby along will really get upset at the idea that they are cuckolds.  Some sites have a cuckold side and the hotwife hubbies feel quite superior to the cuckolds...

So we have a wife that goes out and has sex with other men, not as a "couple" as in swinging, but has sex with other men, some date, some have hubby watching, some have hubby joining in and so there is a different style for every couple that play...but let me assure you that these men do not feel that they are "cuckolds"!

So now we get into the last group, the guys like me that feel that we are "cuckolds".  Our wives have sex with other men...blah, blah, blah...just like the group of "hotwife hubbies" above with the varieties that they have with a few more variations but...and this is the big BUT...we identify ourselves as "cuckolds"!  Now I admit that here you will find the sissy cuckolds, and we branch off into some mild or more than mild S and M and B and D but you can have those and not be a cuckold so while you for the most part will not find panty wearing sissys and cock cages and so on in the hotwife hubby area you do find that in in our cuckold area doesn't mean you have to wear panties or what ever and a lot of us are talented guys and not at all sissies or un-manly away from our "cuckold" games.

I enjoy my wife fucking other men but for us it adds a lot for her to have long term lovers as well as just fucking other men.  I love watching but I also love waiting for her at home.  She enjoys dating...and we both love her enjoying semi-public sex with her lovers and she enjoys public affection with her lovers.  I've sat across from my wife and her lover knowing she is full of his come, his hand between her legs playing with her pussy as they touch and we eat dinner in a "nice" place.  The feelings of lust and a bit of envy, I don't get to play with her pussy in a restaurant any more and to know his hand is there...or to have him make me taste her on his fingers or to have him have my wife hand me her thong that she has taken off for him...pushes my buttons!  Of course she enjoys bareback sex with her lovers and she loves me eating her her lover comes in her or on her, cleaning up his cream pies and she has had me lick her while her lover was in her...she teases me about my tongue on her lover's cock.

We both enjoy her being with a positive take charge type of man, an alpha male that enjoys my wife being his lover in front of me.  Teasing me a bit about it is great and reminding me in various ways that my wife is his while they are together adds to my excitement as well as my wife's pleasure.  We are not into pain but my wife feels her lover is in charge and then she gets to tell me what to do and I am there (if I am there) to help them have fun.

Having had a few married lovers in my past I know how I felt when I was coming in another man's wife, when you fill her with your sperm you are claiming his wife as yours...  And when I heard about unknowing husbands eating my lover after I had come in her...what a thrill.  I've got a pretty good idea what might be going through some of Brandi's lover's minds when they see Brandi shoving my head between her legs and hear her tell me to eat their sperm as she tells me how much she enjoyed her time with them.

For her lover to take charge, tell me to clean her, to ask me how his come tastes on my wife's breasts, to tease me about how his come tastes in my wife's pussy or to have me wait on them...adds to the fun, the funny mixture of pain and pleasure.  We have two possible lovers that plan on having me clean them if they make the cut...they have to turn Brandi on and she can be selective.  But she loves pleasing her lover and the right lover will have her telling me to clean her lover's cock.  She will enjoy it for the pleasure it gives her lover and I will submit to it since it will put me in my my mind as well as give me pleasure in the way I get pleasure from pleasing my wife and her lover.

So I'd be interested in hearing how the readers here fit into cuckold or hotwife things and if they are active or have been active.

A few pictures of me, bedenied has run a few in the past of him so I thought I would join in...the before trimming since Brandi wants me to trim and shave again.  So here goes.  Ah yes, a pair of pink panties to remind me that her lover is the alpha male.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Must have been lost some where....

1. Have you ever shared sleeping accommodations with someone of the without anything steamy happening? (Opposite sex for breeders, same sex for homosexuals).

Yes.  Kind of boring.  However with Kate it was weeks of partially clad kissing and touching in bed before she was naked and we were having sex, it took a while but it made the sex when we finally had it so much hotter.

2. Have you eve streaked, flashed, or otherwise partially or totally exposed yourself in public before (or after) an informal, unofficial gathering of people?


3. Have you had dates with multiple people in the same weekend (or consecutive nights or the same night) while not all of your dates were aware of your actions?

Yes.  Actually at various times I would have a "date" and then meet my girlfriend.  Risky stuff.

4. What is the most "romantic" you have ever gotten in a movie theater?

A little mutual touching to orgasm.

5. Have you ever had sex when you knew a non-participating adult was watching?

We have had sex where I was over nine tenths sure someone was watching as in hot tubs where we could be seen at the beach, in cars and a few other places.  But in a swinger's bar people were gathered around us watching, no doubt there.  Kate and I had sex in a hotel with the drapes open, sliding glass doors.  We heard noises at the window and then we went out and had sex in and out of the pool.

Bonus (as in optional): If you could say anything you wanted anonymously to anyone, without identifying that person, what would you say?

To an old girlfriend:  What the heck happened?

To my wife:  What the heck happened.

A handful of women...About my lust (and love) for them...and how I respect them as people.

Been a while, a long while....

Not much really going on.  We met a guy and he was not to Brandi's taste, so nothing happened.  I don't see the problem but for some reason she isn't turned on by him and that is it.  If she isn't turned on for what ever reason it pretty much says it all.

I've been spending more time with medical type people.  I have had two head injuries this year and after the second one things don't seem to be getting better.  No idea why and it has me and the Doctors a bit puzzled since so far nothing of any significance has been found.  Brandi did get a look inside one sinus and while it has a problem, it isn't a problem that would cause the other problems...  Boring stuff, eh?

So nothing happening since we don't have a current lover for Brandi and no lover on the horizon.  I've plenty of other things to do and Brandi has been quite busy with work.  Our son has been learning to drive and for a while it wasn't going well.  But he seems to have turned a corner and progress is being made.  So actually I have not had my mind on sex and Brandi hasn't been interested in sex either.  But I stop in at Ultimate Cuckold and see that I have some mail there. 

I used to be pretty active there but when it seemed like we were not going to be doing much if anything I quit stopping in.  So the mail is from E, a guy from California that was coming up in October.  Brandi didn't call him back and we didn't find a place for him to stay so he made other plans, and I think it was smart of him to do that.  However he had written asking what the heck had happened.

I had to say I had no idea what went wrong or what happened.  I had thought it was going well and that Brandi and E would be talking and setting up plans.  I told him I was very sorry and that I had no idea what was going on and that I felt that Brandi had been quite rude in not responding to him.  The plot thickens.

I tell Brandi that E had dropped a note and was still interested...  Much to my surprise she was excited and delighted that I had heard from E...  I drop a note telling E what she had told me and E calls me today to assure me that he still wanted to be my wife's lover and cuckold me.

E goes into great detail some of the things he wants to explore.  He has read some of my postings at Ultimate Cuckold and feels that he will have a great time with us since a lot of my interests and some of the other things he reads at UC are right up his alley and he can't wait to explore them.

It felt funny but arousing, and I am sure E was also aroused to hear E tell me about how he wants to not just fuck my wife but to have her as a lover.  To date her, to spend the night with her.  He wants me there helping at times...he went into detail about me cleaning my wife of his come and how he looks forward to touching, caressing, flirting and kissing my wife in public including us sitting down to dinner in a nice place and E playing with my wife's pussy under the table.  I've never been so forward in identifying myself as a cuckold to one of Brandi's potential lovers and it felt strange, hot and of course more than a bit submissive.  I get that cuckold conflict.  Brandi will be quite busy the next few days due to work but the first part of next week I will have to take some pictures of Brandi for E to show her interest...  We shall see what happens.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Long Post But a Bit of History: A Step In Making Me Cuckold.

A few days ago I chatting with an old lover of Brandi’s and somehow I got to telling him about an unplanned step we took toward me feeling more like a cuckold several years ago. He had more questions so I went ahead and wrote him a letter…after going to all that trouble I thought I might as well go ahead and clean it up and write it out for posting on my blog. So here goes.

About eight or ten years ago we were living outside of a small town in San Luis Obispo County in California. I was a freight dog and I would be gone eighteen to twenty-two days in a row every month. We had been swingers, starting with a mfm for about twelve years at that time and for various reasons Brandi had started dating some when I was out of town, first with guys that we had met swinging and then she started meeting guys that responded to our ads or referred by friends that were also swingers or in a hotwife relationship. Of course that was before we knew of the term “hotwife” so I don’t recall what we called what we were doing and it was long before I thought of myself as a cuckold.

So we were living outside of this small town and our kids were going to school and Brandi was not working, I made almost enough that she didn’t have to work. She met a woman by the name of Sherri that they shared some common interests, gardening, sewing and a few other things. We became friends. Sherri’s husband was away for a long time…shall we say a state institution of a non-educational nature… Ex-wives can be trouble!

Sherri had hinted that she had played around when she was in a long term relationship in the past, some swinging and then things that we would now call “hotwife” fun and then more into some “cuckold” elements. Of course we didn’t know what to call it and I don’t think Sherri did either but we did see some common ground but so far we had only “hints” to go on. Brandi and I found that interesting and I suggested to Brandi that she tell Sherri about some of the things we had done and enjoyed but my wife was dead set against it and I learned not to say anything about sharing that part of our life with Sherri since it upset Brandi so much. So to make that very clear, Sherri did not know we were swingers and did not know that Brandi dated some when I was on trips and at times when I was home. But we were still kind of new to Brandi dating and still working out rules we could live with, still making adjustments to it and we really felt we were swingers.

So I was doing PANC to RKSS and back. Depending upon the day I would have anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of days in each city. In PANC we stayed at a nice place that we called the “Regal Beagle” that was very close to the airport and also used as the headquarters for the Iditarod. A pleasant hotel with a bit pricey drinks in the bar and the food was a bit over priced for what you got. But the rooms were nice and you were right next door to a large seaplane base which made for enjoyable walks by pilots. There was some cheaper decent food within a reasonable walk.

Brandi and I had talked about her going to a little get together about two weeks into my trip. We had been writing a younger (around fifteen years younger than my wife) man that was interested in getting to know my wife but so far we had been unable to meet him. He invited us to a little Meet and Greet put on by some friends of his, a Meet and Greet for women and straight couples interested in black males. Brandi was very interested in going since she was very interested in meeting S, I had hoped to go with her but when the flying lines came out…I wasn’t going to make it. But we had talked and talked about it and we agreed that Brandi could go and meet S and as a big step for us we decided that if she and S really hit it off it would be okay for them to play but there were a few things she had to do for me. Keep me in the loop, try to call me if things happened when I would be on the ground in a place that was easy for her to call and if not to email me when she go home and to take some pictures and or video for me to enjoy when I got home.

So the rules were set and Brandi could play with S (and the unwritten part was she could only play with S or one of the few other men that she had been playing with) and she had to keep me posted and tell me about it and call if possible! I thought pretty darn simple and easy to understand…right?

But the plot thickens. Brandi and Sherri were going to do a cancer walk that same evening (seems you can have weeks with nothing to do and all of a sudden you have a whole bunch of things to do at the same time, just isn’t fair) but...earlier that evening there was that Meet and Greet for couples interested in black lovers. Now Brandi isn't all that turned on by “black men” since she is more into the man than the skin color but there was that guy that we had been in touch that said he was going to try to be Brandi really really wanted to go meet S.

Brandi was sure that she could drive down to the South County, spend time at the Meet and Greet, meet S and then dash back up to North County and do the Cancer walk. Simple, easy and should work…right! No! Sherri could not understand that Brandi had something to do before the Cancer Walk...and could not understand that Brandi was not giving her any real information or details about what had my wife busy before the walk. However Brandi was not going to reveal anything about our swinging or her dating to Sherri, just wasn’t going to do that. I had tried to get my wife to even just hint at the fact we were swingers but Brandi would get more than a bit upset at the idea of even hinting it to Sherri.

Sherri told Brandi that she wanted to get together a little earlier since she wanted my wife to meet a lover that she had met through her ad at Adult Friend Finder…this floored my wife. She of course had kind of picked up on Sherri’s hints about some of the things Sherri had done in her past with old boyfriends but this seemed so blunt and Brandi was surprised that Sherri would tell her about the boyfriend/lover/fuck! So Sherri kept trying to get Brandi to agree to meet earlier, closer to the real starting time of the Cancer Walk so Brandi could meet this guy.

After Sherri kept bugging Brandi to tell her why they couldn't meet earlier rather than right before if not after the Cancer Walk started Brandi gave up trying to keep the secret and told Sherri about the little get together...and Sherri wanted to go...and go before she met her lover (keeping secrets from her lover?). I think I knew about Sherri's lover (Sherri had hinted about such things to me before I left and Sherri told me more than she told Brandi about the games she played with previous lovers) but I had no idea that Sherri had broken Brandi down about the Meet and Greet and that Sherri was going with Brandi to it. So I was fat dumb and happy thinking that my wife was going down to meet S at a “public” setting and something might happen but it was doubtful due to her having to rush away not too long after the Meet and Greet started to make the Cancer Walk. Plot thick enough yet? The last message I had from my wife also was clear on that she hadn’t had any dates or anything set up with the few previous lovers she had at this time.

So off Sherri and my wife went to the Meet and Greet, it was in Pismo Beach so it was a bit over an hour drive. S showed up late and was busy (a good looking and charming young man) so Brandi didn't get a chance to do more than actually meet him and express some interest in getting to know him better. He was just what my wife was looking for: good looking, nice and smart, well spoken, all things she likes in men. So off Sherri and my wife to the Cancer Walk after having a few drinks and a short time chatting with a few people (and S) at the Meet and Greet.

At the Cancer Walk Sherri's lover showed up (in the picture of three people on a sofa he is on Brandi’s left, our right). Since the ice had been broken to Sherri about Brandi and I being swingers (what we thought we were at that time) Sherri told her lover (let’s call him Tom since I don’t recall his name) a bit about Brandi, that she was married, that she was a swinger and I would guess that Sherri stirred the pot some by whispering to T that at least in some cases Brandi could date and fuck other men…or it is very possible that Sherri was stirring the pot just trying to urge or push my wife into playing some against our rules and Sherri wanted to just make a bit of trouble…I don’t know. Of course I had given permission to Brandi to play with S (and to me my wife had permission to play only with S, no other male but I could see it being stretched to include an attractive black male at the Meet and Greet and one of her previous lovers but there were not really many at that time and they were not really local) if it worked out but of course I had no idea that Sherri was going to be there with her and that Brandi would tell Sherri anything about our playing.

So from my point of view Sherri knew nothing about our playing, Brandi would never tell her about it. Sherri had no idea about my wife going down to Pismo Beach to meet S a very possible new lover for my wife who just happened to be black. All that I knew that Sherri knew was that Brandi had something very important to do before the Cancer Walk. I was also pretty sure that nothing was going to happen with S just from the time constraints since my wife had promised Sherri that she would join her friends that all worked for the same company for the cancer walk. I thought but was not sure that Sherri had a “friend” coming to meet her that weekend but I didn’t really have the details and I was wondering how she was going to handle that since her co-workers knew she was married and I’ll toss in her fellow workers actually knew my wife and of course knew that my wife was married… Still confused? Good, so was I!

So I get in from Seoul and I kind of waited for a while to hear from my wife with no luck, but I wasn’t surprised with all that she was trying to cram in that evening. I’m tired so I'm in bed, I am sure I already had a bit of brandy. I carry a flask with me for a nightcap now and then. If I wasn’t asleep I was in that almost asleep state so I wasn’t really alert or thinking? I had expected a call from Brandi (this is before we had cell phones) but I was unsure of the time she would call since I knew she was going to the Meet and Greet and the Cancer Walk and I wasn’t sure just how late that would go so I thought that she might not have time to call between the Meet and Greet and the Cancer Walk so I might not even get a call until the morning. I didn’t have all that much to go on since my last update was an email in RKSS so that was no less than twelve or so hours ago at best and I don’t recall when my wife sent me it so it might have been a day or more out of date. Keep in mind all that stuff I thought I knew and all the stuff I didn’t know above and then throw in the time differences as well.

So the phone rings and I struggle in my not all there state of mind to get it and a male voice, a bit country not at all black (turns out S doesn't sound black either and he doesn't sound country at all) and this male voice says something like..."Your wife is a great cock sucker. I love how she is licking and sucking on my cock...and the way she takes my balls into her mouth and plays with them and sucks on them..." And on and on or so it seemed as the words filtered through to my mind and I processed them! I was stunned and a bit shocked. I don't really recall what I said and he repeats it to whoever else is there...I hear some giggling and then I hear Sherri in the background say something and laugh some. He goes on..."This is Michael isn’t it and your wife is Brandi?” I somehow let him know that he is correct as far as I know, still not really anywhere near 100% in the mental department and of course being asleep or almost asleep is part of it and part of it is the message this voice is giving me! “Your wife really loves to suck cock and she is good at it...I love the feel of her mouth on my cock and I know she loves sucking me."

He holds the phone down to Brandi (I assume that is what happened) and Brandi tells me "Hi Honey!" and goes back to sucking (I assume his cock) given the sounds I hear. So I know that my wife seems to be sucking someone's cock and she is doing it in front of Sherri!! I was more than a bit confused, Brandi was sucking someone’s cock in front of a person that she had told me that she wanted to keep our playing a secret from, didn't want to share that part of our life with her at all!

He goes on to tell me that they, Sherri, my wife and him are all on Sherri’s bed and naked. How wet Brandi’s cunt is, how good she looks, how he likes my wife's tits, ass and nipples, how good she kisses, how much he enjoyed kissing and fondling her at the Cancer Walk. He liked how my wife responded to his kisses and touches at the Cancer Walk and how great her ass, tits and nipples felt there…how turned on she must have been to have such hard nipples and how she likes her nipples played with and pinched…how much he is going to enjoy fucking my wife...He told me that after Sherri had told him about my wife and what she could do with other men it didn’t take a lot of flirting for him to be sure that he was going to get to fuck my wife that evening. He knew in a very short time that Brandi wanted him and would fuck him. He was crude in his language to me about my wife and what she was doing and what he planned to do and I am stunned.

“You’re putting me on…this is some kind of joke isn’t it? Put my wife on!” I still am not up to speed. While I kind of wanted Brandi to tell Sherri some of what we enjoyed this seemed sudden and a very big step. I was very upset, quite hurt, very angry and not really aroused. We had agreed that she could play with Sid or another interesting black man she might meet at the Meet and Greet. So I was also confused, very confused, it seemed so strange that Brandi would go from not telling Sherri much at all to being naked on Sherri's bed with Sherri and Sherri's lover and have Sherri’s lover’s cock in her mouth in just a few hours!

Sherri gets on the phone and starts talking. "We are all naked on my bed. Your wife is between Tom's (I don't recall his name so Tom will do) legs sucking his cock, She really enjoys sucking cock. You guys should have told me you played and that Brandi could meet men without you." She told me that nothing happened at the meet and greet but they were able to meet Sid and he seemed nice. She went on to tell me about meeting Tom right before the Cancer Walk and how my wife and Tom started flirting.

I was very upset and hurt and didn't at all understand what was going on. Sherri went on to tell me about the flirting, kissing, touching, groping and all at the Cancer Walk including some stuff going on in a tent used for resting. The semi-public stuff, kissing and touching just floored me due to Brandi always being so careful before about doing things that she might be seen doing. So I was a bit angry actually. I didn't understand and it seemed so sudden with no warning...

So my wife gets on the phone and she tells me a bit of what happened and how Sherri talked her into telling her about us and going to the Meet and Greet...I hear sounds and moans from her as Tom was eating her and she was quite turned on and Tom seemed to be doing a good job eating my wife’s pussy so she wasn’t always able to talk coherently. I let her know I am upset and that would I would like some pictures. I tell her and Sherri when Sherri gets back on the phone that I was a bit confused and upset and some pictures would help me not be so upset. They "try" but they can't seem to make any camera work...?? They keep handing the phone off and telling me what is going on. I'm beginning to get a bit turned on but I am also angry and hurt...if my wife is going to make a big change I wanted to be there to see it!

Tom plays with Brandi’s pussy and gets her to have an orgasm, eats her some to another orgasm and then they fuck...and fuck. Sherri tells me what is going on and I can hear how my wife is responding. It is obvious she is enjoying being fucked by Tom.

They get fed up with my questions and my attitude and hung me later and tell me more and then my wife calls me again when she gets home...full of Tom's come. As is regular for my wife she took Tom bare into her pussy and didn’t feel that she had him until he came in her, she really wants to feel her lovers come in her pussy and she tells me that she really enjoys feeling them come and the feelings of being wet there and their come and her wetness leaking out of her keeps her aroused and full of happy thoughts for hours…a real sensual high just from having a good lover shoot his come in her! It took a while to get over the whole mess of this time with Sherri and Tom but I realized later that Brandi would get turned on and swept away at times. Since I enjoyed her being a passionate woman I had to figure out a way to enjoy it rather than get angry.

As things went on we kept changing the rules trying to find ones that worked for us. She would agree to rules and then break them when she was out with a guy and get turned on. Finally we got to she had no real rules or limits except she has to be honest with me, I did catch her in a few minor lies, or else she was trying to break something to me gently. An example of that would be letting a guy come in her mouth, I have not been able to do that for years.

I also looked into myself some and I had to admit that I hated and loved some of the feelings that her actions brought up in me. I was aroused very much by her playing and some of the things she would do with lovers at the same time it hurt. So I started thinking about some of the reading on the net I was doing I figured out that in some ways I was having cuckold reactions.

While I would enjoy seeing her in a small gang-bang (and she says she would still like to try one bigger than she has in the past, four or five men) I have to admit that I enjoy seeing her with a lover or knowing she is with a lover...a guy she likes in and out of bed. One that she is a friend with not just sexual partner. She enjoys being slightly or more than slightly submissive to the right man, she is his when we are out, sits with him, they kiss and flirt and touch and so on, they are the couple. It hurts some but it is also very sexy. The problem is finding a guy that enjoys that, enjoys being first with my wife being second in priority and me being last and expecting to do what her lover and then my wife “ask” me to do to make them happy and have an enjoyable time. Not everyone can be a bit possessive of a guy's wife in front of him and in public. Not everyone enjoys public affection and semi-public sex. An example of that would be sitting across from the table from Brandi and her lover and watching them tease and flirt with each other and kiss…knowing his hand is between my wife’s legs and as we leave seeing his arm around my wife’s waist and watch his hand move down to cup her ass and take a long feel or even a long grope as we (they) walk out of the restaurant with others eyes on them.

But I feel ( and so does Brandi) that it makes sense for her to put her lover first when they are together since they get to less time together so it should be special time. Also she should have wider limits with a lover, she has explained it by saying that if a lover goes beyond what she wants or she goes beyond what she wants to do with a lover she can get rid of him, getting rid of me is a bigger project.

I'd like Brandi and I to become friends with another local cuckold couple or two and us go out with our wives and their lovers. Us cuckold third wheels watching our wives with their lovers. Seeing my wife in public with a lover is a turn on to me, seeing them kiss and touch.... I love seeing Brandi’s lover be a bit possessive of Brandi, be possessive of my wife in front of me, staking his claim even over her husband…so hot to see Brandi not just accept that possessiveness but enjoy it and get turned on by her lover taking her, making her his for the while. I'd like (and hate but love) the right people to see that my wife has a lover or two. Yes I enjoy watching a lover kissing and undressing my wife and it would be hot to see that happen with us sitting with a friend of Brandi’s or mine or?? I have enjoyed Brandi flirting with other men from before, long before we tried our first threesome and I still enjoy it.

Sherri had a couple of old boyfriends that enjoyed her dating and one became what I would call a real cuckold relationship, in some ways like the relationship that my wife and I have. We still have a good sex life but Brandi enjoys dating, takes her lovers bareback and knows she has the freedom to do what she likes with them. Brandi enjoys me watching her and going out on dates with just her lover. She enjoys me eating her after a lover comes in her and she knows that we both enjoy her lover being number one with her when they or we are out together. All that Sherri enjoyed with a couple of her lovers.

Sherri gave Brandi a place to fuck, letting her use her house when she was at work and our kids were home. My wife would go over there and meet S or C or?? and have a session and come home hot and wet. Keep in mind that we lived out of a small town, Sherri had neighbors, we had a distinctive car and Sherri's neighbors knew it and Brandi is a very vocal lover and the windows were open at Sherri's most of the time. I think her neighbors knew that my wife had lovers or at least was fucking around.

Sherri was in my wife's corner, the place to fuck, helping her find lovers, encouraging her to date and to spend nights with lovers, encouraging her to relax and enjoy bareback sex with her lovers (Sherri also enjoyed that), they would have small parties at Sherri's. By telling my wife about her previous lovers Sherri was giving my wife tips on how to handle me and without saying it she was teaching my wife to make me into a cuckold... but of course the raw material was already there.

Sherri would tell me, write me and call me about what my wife was doing, telling me how much Brandi enjoyed certain lovers and how much she enjoyed fucking them, their cocks, she could be quite blunt and crude at times. She would tell me about helping my wife spend the night with L or J, how S would come over and meet my wife at Sherri's. She would tease me about eating creampies...about me eating my wife's lover's semen out of my wife's pussy. She would tease me about Brandi having me eat her while a lover was in her and knew how my wife teased me about my tongue touching his cock.

Something Sherri saw made her sure that I was a cuckold before we both knew that term fit and before I was willing to admit it or even discuss it. Kate did things without meaning to make me feel like a cuckold, she did what she wanted to do and hoped that I would not find out. Sherri worked with my wife and me and manipulated us to put us in cuckold situations and encourage us into a hotwife-cuckold relationship. Of course it would not have worked if Brandi wasn't Brandi and didn't enjoy having sex with other men and enjoyed having "lovers" rather than just fucking and it would not have worked if I wasn't the type to enjoy that and expand my limits in those directions. I think Sherri also knew that Brandi enjoyed being a bit submissive to her lovers and I enjoyed being a bit submissive to my wife when she was with or going to be with a lover. Thinking back Sherri might have even used the term "cuckold" to me and I am sure that I reacted in horror. Now I know it fits.  So after Sherri's work we figured out that I hate and enjoy getting a bit upset by my wife pushing her limits and my limits or should I say...pushing what I think are OUR limits.  I love her making it clear that in sex that her lover comes first...way over me until we get home alone.  I love and hate her being sexual with others in public and I love and hate others knowing that I am a cuckold. 

I think that Sherri knew after that first threesome that I would put up with a lot from my wife and enjoy it after getting over being upset and that Brandi could be a bit of a slut given the right man or men and time and place. I would rather use the terms: "sensual", "sexual" (who would not want a sensual or sexual wife or lover?), or even "easy" (( I am delighted that my wife is "easy" for the right man or woman...I'm a cuckold!) over "slut" but at times my wife does act a bit "slutty" but I don't consider her a "slut".

The pictures: On our view, C, Brandi and Tom. First time Tom had been at a party and he was a bit shocked to see my wife opening her legs to let C fondle all the way up to her pussy while I watched. Up to that point it seemed like a normal party and even though Tom had fucked my wife before he was amazed to see her open her legs to C's touch and then start kissing C all the while it still seemed like a normal party.  Brandi was wearing panties that had just two strands of fake pearls between the legs, my wife finds them rather arousing to wear. I must admit I enjoy others seeing my wife being touched or fondled by one of her lovers. My wife saying good bye to S at our house, I love her being naked and S being dressed.  S and my wife hugging at Sherri's and the rest  are of S and my wife on the floor at Sherri's...a rather common event.

Adding to the thoughts above, I posted this and was doing some thinking as I was checking out a few other blogs...trying to enjoy things but also I am well aware I have things to do, yardwork, car work and some other stuff and my back is KILLING ME...the pain is getting worse but that isn't real important here except it does cause me not to track too well.

I had a couple of flings and at least one affair and I would have kept seeing Kate if it had been possible when I was newly married so I had a real affair and some other cheating long before Brandi and I started swinging and then drifted into hotwife and cuckold games.  But as I was reading other blogs and thinking about this posting I realized that a large part of my anger was the simple fact that I was traveling and I wasn't getting laid and later my wife would see a lover or lovers up to two times a week and once in while even more often that that!  I was jealous of my wife getting laid by men that turned into friends and or lovers while I was seeing the world of airport hotels and using my hand for relief.  But I also have to admit that I had the chance to get laid a few times with fellow employees as a commuter pilot, a couple of FA's a really sexy pilot and a couple of really sexy rampers but I turned it down figuring that as a married guy I should not risk fucking around with fellow employees and also for a while I was a management even more reason not to fuck around at work or with fellow workers eh?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sorry, no real news....At PIR the last three days and beat after getting home!

The Field Meet and the vintage racing was a lot of fun.  Talked to some of the drivers and that was fun and met a guy that built an old special and it was also Peyote's 50th birthday and of course Peyote was built by the same guy that designed the Ambros.

Not a heck of lot of beautiful women at the track, Brandi had to work.  The rather intense rain at times might have had some women choosing not to dress sexy...wonder why?   Some neat cars and some fun watch, I know I don't have the money to race and I am not sure I have the nerve to.  I'd be one of those guys that are there just to cruise around and get some track time.  I think Brandi would love to try some racing...I'd try to talk her into Formula V since I like the open wheel racers.   Most the people I had dealings with were nice but there were a few jerks, real jerks.

Brandi says she is still interested in meeting E this month when he is up, I don't know if she has talked to him in the past week or so.  Not sure what is up with R either.

We have acupuncture tomorrow, the both of us, after the past three days my back is shot, popping pain pills like they are some cheap breath mint...about as much good as they are doing too!  I don't see anyway I could try to hold down a real job, a little work over three days and it is agony and so much stuff in my system I'm sure I would fail a drug test.  Take care of your back!

We have a Canon video camera, one that uses the tape and has a memory card, still learning how to use it but today I figured out that while you are taping you can also still take still shots on the memory card.  Need to find the cable to see just what I filmed.

When Brandi starts playing around I plan to take video and of course some still shots and this camera just might make it pretty easy.  Now if I can just teach her how to use it for some dates when I am not there...that will be hot.  She did tape a few sessions with L, the guy she was playing as a cheating housewife and with J, a guy that really turned her on, he was great at "taking" her, being in charge and using her the way she wanted to be used.  I never met him either but I did talk to him a few times on the phone and they did call me one time when they were out...well out in a hotel room.  That was interesting and fun.

I will try to write more tomorrow or Wednesday.  Just too tired tonight.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Very Late Too Much Information and a few pictures to tease.

1. If you could have monumental sex where would it be (i.e. on Lincoln's lap, the stairwell of the Statute of Liberty)?

Wow, most of those places seem uncomfortable.  Maybe the Monument (Vertical Runway) in Vientiane Laos.  I guess it isn't a monument but I always wanted to take some nude pictures of first Kate and then Brandi at Fort Point in San Francisco but it never happened, the pictures would of course been followed by sex.

2. Have you ever "played" with your food (i.e. a blowjob under booth #9 at Denny's, finger banging by candlelight at Spago)?

Yes, finger play at various restaurants and fucked at a bar, but it tended to a swinger clientele so I don't think that really counts. Brandi once sat across from me next to her lover as we dined in a fairly nice restaurant.and he fondled my wife to an orgasm and then had me taste my wife on his and a bit humiliating.

One of the more interesting times happened in Fresno.  We were hosting a pre-dinner get together for a Swinger's magazine for the people that entered their writing contest.  About thirty or so people, some regulars from other years.  One couple we were very fond of, but we had not played with them.  I was wearing evening dress and she was dressed party sexy.  She was sitting in a single seat armchair and I had been chatting on and off with her as I did other host stuff.  We started flirting and kissing.  And a bit more than flirting.  I told her that she looked good enough to eat...she laughed.

As the others stood around and sat around and talked and pretended nothing was happening I slowly and completely undressed this beautiful woman and ate her to a couple of intense orgasms.  Brandi was sitting on her husband's lap and they were the only ones that didn't pretend to not be watching us.  After she had enough we went and took a shower together...and she spent the rest of the time that the others were there wearing just a towel, looked great on her. I was a bit busy as it was happening but my wife and her husband both said it was so weird, this woman being undressed completely and then eaten to several orgasms by a man in evening dress and no one said a word or did anything.  The writer contest people tended to be writers and dreamers not people that did things...

3. Have you ever had sex in motion (i.e. the lavatory on Virgin Air, the back seat of your Chevy Suburban)?

Kate used to give me hand jobs as we drove and I would fondle her, she would soak the seats with her orgasms.  She would also give me an outstanding blowjob now and then.  No blowjobs while driving with Brandi but she used to fondle me and I would fondle her, at one point in our life she was in bra and panties in the day time on drives and naked at night and I would fondle her at night and show her body off to truckers.  It was fun watching her have an orgasm wondering what the truckers thought of my naked wife.

4. Have you ever had sex worthy of a confessional (i.e. a stall in the church bathroom, on the desk in your boss's office)? 
Had sex with Brandi at my shared office, think we were seen, that was where we first had sex.  Had sex at Kate's parents house several times.  Brandi had sex with a new lover at the local airport ramp...standing up in an part of the ramp used by a company owned by a whacko right wing Republican, she liked that idea.  
5. Have you ever had sex under the stars (i.e. in the alley behind Scores Gentleman's Club, the roof of your South Beach condo)?

Beaches at night and in the day time, in cars, by cars, in the yard, half way in the car in the yard or by the side of the road, a little ally way sex a few times and watched Brandi enjoy a lover twice in her pussy and some blowjobs by her one night at the Fresno Zoo...yes people were around.

Bonus: What's your favorite place (of all places) to have sex (i.e. The Bunny Ranch, Las Vegas)?

Romantic beach front hotels?  A place that Brandi has spent time with a lover.  A B and B in Nong Kai or Luang Prabang/  Any place that makes my wife hot.The wet spot from Brandi and her lover?  Semi-public in a swinger bar or a sex friendly spot.

A selection of pictures to keep your interest and that are a bit on topic.  H, D, E, and P.  In cars and outdoors and in public.  I love the smile that Brandi has on her face as she stands next to H, her first lover as we are at a Fresno Zoo night.  Fun evening.  A shot of them kissing in the car, B flashing her black panties.  One of H and my wife kissing in our front yard, H wore those black mesh shorts on his way to visit us at Brandi's request and I wasn't home when he got Brandi and her lover were showing me the next day what had happened when H got to our house.  One of my wife and D in  our drive, it is what I saw driving up to our house.  They couldn't wait to get started until I got there.  One of her and P kissing in our car and then out in a park right before we had to go to a hotel.   Then one with Brandi and E kissing in the car on our way to our house after having to attend a club meeting.  We had to stop in a park on the way home since Brandi was getting a little frantic with her need to have E's cock in her. Mobile phone picture, the phone is a POS and it was supposed to be very good for isn't!  One that is a bit dark of my wife and D kissing a bit...they did more than kissing a little later.  Just something about seeing your wife kissing another man and seeig another man's hands on your wife!  Something about seeing a man treat your wife as his!

Still working on the story of our first threesome and I'm wondering as filler between now and the time I get that done...I have a few creampie pictures and Brandi loves me eating her after a lover has filled her.  I was chatting with a guy today and he has been with several married women with their husbands there and on dates with just the wife.  He loves seeing his lover's hubby eating his come out of her...he wants to try having her husband clean him as well as cleaning his wife after he fills her.  I'm not sure of my thoughts on that.  I love eating Brandi after her lover but it did feel a bit strange the first few times to do it in front of one of her lovers...but she loves it so much I got over that.  I don't know if I could clean one of her lovers so I think I need to think about it.  I know with a bit of submissive feelings  I admit to, I like to make my wife and her lover happy, but so far that means cleaning Brandi after her lover (she has had me eat her a few times while her lover's cock was in her) and such things as bringing them towels and washcloths and water and drinks...  While I view it as a sign of submission to Brandi's lover I don't know, I can't imagine doing it without Brandi being there so...  But I do love seeing Brandi with a take charge guy that treats her as HIS in front of me and I love that being done in public.  One of the problems we have is finding men that are a bit aggressive and take charge types that enjoy doing that not only  with Brandi when they are out on a date but with my wife when I am along.  Brandi and I both want the right lover to do a little verbal teasing of me, we both view things as she is submissive a bit to her lover and I am submissive a bit to him and then her... 

I'm not really sure how common this is, I've of course had men that we didn't meet (but not for that reason) tell me that it would indeed be part of my duties but I am not sure if they are posers or dreamers or living in a fantasy world.  I was thinking of posting a few creampie pictures and some of me eating Brandi full from her lover and discussion my thoughts on creampies and relationships with lovers and us.

Thoughts, comments, ideas experiences???

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TMI? or Wasted Space?

1. Do you have "your" side of the bed? Which side?

In the bed, the left side, at the foot of the bed looking at the head it would be to the viewer's right.  Isn't always that, depends upon how we set up the room.

 2. How old is your pillow and what condition is it in? .

Which one?  Have about four.  Range from a couple of years or more to less than six months.  Have a memory foam one that is great.

3. What is your favorite position to sleep in?

Left side, round pillow between my legs or right side cupped up against Brandi

4. How often do you change your sheets?

Once a week, no set person changes them.

5. What helps you fall asleep when insomnia strikes?

Reading something funny like Patrick McManus

6. Does sex make you sleepy or energized?

Sleepy after a bit depending upon how intense the orgasm is...

7. What is the minimum amount of sleep that you need to be functional the next day.

Four hours but there is a pay back after a couple of days.

Bonus (as in optional):Describe your most vivid dream.

I don't usually have dreams that I recall.  I'd need to think.  After an aircraft incident I had dreams about that a few times...had to declare a "Mayday" and a pilot does not do that casually.  I've had a few erotic dreams that were intense and vivid and not too long ago dreamed about Kate, an old girlfriend.

The pictures.  A cuckold...or a hotwife hubby gets to see their wife enjoying such things and knowing that it is another man that is helping her have that orgasm.  I love the intense feeling (brought on by what seems to me her intense feelings and an outstanding orgasm)  I get from the first picture and I love that little sexy smile to her lover in the second picture.

We have chatted some today to and from acupuncture (works great so far, worth a longer post) and Brandi is still planning on seeing R and E (one at a time) this month so we shall see, eh?  

Monday, August 31, 2009

Comments and what I might do with the First Time with H story.

Thanks for the comments, part of what I was marveling at was I'm used to not looking all that large in the dick department in pictures but I'm not really all that small, a bit over six inches erect and my wife and others have commented on the thickness...and in swinging I have seen a fair number of soft and hard cocks and I know (with logic and using my brain) that I'm not tiny...and I've seen postings from guys that are tiny and a few small to tiny guys at parties and my wife has told me of a few guys that were short, thin (she doesn't like that at all!) or short and thin.  Short and thin takes a lot of personality to get a repeat date from her...Just kidding more or less.

Funny how she says what she wants isn't hard and fast when she finds other reasons to like the guy.  I think in the long run that as long as guy is above a certain size and competent in bed that she can deal with a bit smaller tool, but she would rather have...all else being equal a guy that was over six inches up to about nine inches and thick, she tells me she has had a few guys that were so long as to be uncomfortable or even a bit painful when things got too vigorous but so far she has not had anyone too thick.  She enjoys two guys in her pussy at the same time and H and I did that a few times, due to our thickness it was a struggle getting both of us in but once it it was great.  Brandi seemed to have one continuous orgasm as long as we were in her and she would have peaks and valleys but she would be on the edge of passing out at times....very intense for her (and for us, concern on our part of it being too intense).  BUT personality is actually paramount.

Kate also told me about some of her previous lovers and some of the other guys she "knew".  One guy that was before me was tiny in her opinion, too small for satisfaction, she said that he could not stay in her and when he was in her (she was tight!) she could hardly feel him...but he was unaware of just how small he was.   Holding up her hand with her thumb and finger about an inch apart and say...."Poor Rif-Raf!" and laugh!

Being from a family that has roots in the South I'm also impressed that Brandi is one of the most color blind people I know...without really even thinking about it.  Her parents would make about as many comments and jokes as my Dad would and considering that they were Birchers (at least her Mom was, not so sure her Dad was near as  strong in that respect as her Mom) and how she would talk and treat some people I wondered.

Strange how my Dad would make jokes about Blacks and others but we lived overseas and he treated people as people...we had  house guests including overnight guests of all sorts including several Black families that would visit the city from the out stations and stay in our home rather than the government supplied guest houses.  My Mother came from an area in a state that had a fair amount of Blacks but her county had pretty much made it against the law for a Black to live there.  It wasn't until she had moved to start nursing school she actually met some Black people.  But she also took people for people.

I worked in what was and still is to a certain extent a pretty macho and white business, flying airplanes.  It is better but I worked for Chief Pilots that boasted that as long as they were in charge "we" would never have a woman or a Black or any thing else but while males flying for "us".  When I flew for other companies a few years later it didn't take me long to figure out that it didn't matter if there were bumps on the chest or different colors of skin...pilots were pilots.  Some were great, some okay and some not so great and a few horrible and the other differences were minor in comparison to the important ones of:  How well do they fly? and How good are they on an overnight?  Not the sex side, the going out and having a drink, the tipping, were they nice to spend time with and did they treat the hotel and restaurant people nice?  A good crew made a month pass like a couple of days and a bad crew made a few days seem like a year.

The last place I worked I had some of the Black crew members tell me that they enjoyed flying with me and it was due in part to the way I treated them.  I felt strange hearing it and it made me uncomfortable since the time has long past for things like that to be a problem and I also didn't like hearing it since at times I had to struggle with it.  I wish I had known that people were and are people years and years ago!

Back to sex and the topics of pictures of endowments or un-endowments.

What I am finding interesting is how I feel about exposing myself, my naked self on the net.  I've always kind of laughed about guys showing their small penises (I'm thinking about those old jokes that make the point that penises are small and cocks are bigger) and boasting and at the same time complaining and boasting about the small size of their endowment...glorying in the public humiliation of showing their tiny penis.

So after all of that I'm enjoying (I'm also worried about it...looking silly and of course looking small and of course I am also worried about other people I know seeing them (with only 19 followers that isn't a real big concern LOL)...but since Brandi has allowed and on certain levels really enjoyed having her pictures out there I also felt that I couldn't ask her to bear risks that I was unwilling to bear myself) the feeling of showing nude (naked since there is a sexual content to them considering their place on the net) pictures of myself, full body and face and also showing how small I appear at times.

Somewhere I do have pictures of me up to fully erect but I can't find them and there are not a lot of them since I am the one that almost always takes the pictures.  So I will look for some some of me erect and also try to take some pictures of me nude and shaved.  At the same time I'm planning doing that I am also aware that taking pictures of me shaved (the way that Brandi likes me) will probably make me appear even smaller...I think cocks tend to look smaller when the area is totally shaved unless they are tending to the large size.

The pictures, old ones:  First up is a shot of us (okay only of Brandi) loading the car and leaving the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, I'll tell some of the story about that and some pictures some other  time (I loved that little cover-up!).  Then Brandi flashing at a Zoo night at the Fresno Zoo (a story there and more pictures), I'm standing next to her and the camera was being hand held.  The avatar picture is from that night.  Then  Brandi flashing on a Liberty ship, a museum one, we are not that old.  Then we are at a bar in Reno, I loved that dress.  She had a lace bra and thong on when the evening started, don't think she got either back.  The last one is Brandi and H, getting H hard for another round.  My wife was very fond of H in and out of bed, from being her first non-husband cock as a married woman to actually being a "lover" rather than a fuck or fuck buddy or someone we swung with...  He isn't all that large ( bit longer than me but not so sure he was much thicker) but he was great in bed (according to Brandi) very long lasting, able to get it up at least two times in an evening, usually more and very very hard erections.  I don't think he was fully hard at that moment but it wasn't all that long ago that he had come in my wife's pussy.

Ah the story of our first threesome.  Think I will finish it and then cut it up and post it over a few days.  Put it in manageable bits.  Is there an easy way to change the order that pictures appear in a previous post?  Given what I was trying to show the sequence would work better with a few changes.

Stealing from another Site....again.

 Not sure where this came from....

1) Are you usually late, early or right on time?

I tend to be late, except showing for work, not really early for that but a few minutes early.  Most the rest of my life I tend to be late and that drives Brandi crazy.  She likes being early.  I guess I got to where I didn't like a lot of the places I worked so I hated giving them time since I busted my butt working on the clock.

2) What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or to tell them that you do not love them back?

It would definitely be harder to tell someone that I don't love them back. Much  harder!  I've tried to hint or say things that would help in that they could and should be taken to mean less love or passion but that doesn't work since people tend to hear what they hope to hear.

3) Which would you rather have: a high salary or job satisfaction?

Satisfaction!  I'd hate to spend or to have spent thirty years of my life hating everyday I showed up for work.  I guess I could be bought but so far I haven't been.  I've worked most of my life at jobs I enjoyed and got a sense of satisfaction and pride after a day's work.  Might be a bit of laziness in that I don't think I could do a job that I'd get paid for in a field that I hated or felt ashamed of...I don't find my face all that handsome but I have a strong sense of pride and honor.  I was proud of lying and I didn't mind telling my kids what I did or anyone else for that matter.  To work as a lawyer defending industries or companies that were scummy...not so good but at the same time I feel that everyone should have good competent council in a criminal case.

I also feel some jobs are what you make of them.  I can recall years ago being in a slightly sleazy liquor store in Barstow, CA, not the best place in California anyway.  I was looking for something and the owner, an older woman was giving some Mexicans grief, not sure so many years later just what.  But they certainly looked old enough to buy booze, had the money and did not appear drunk or in any way "hoodlum" or low life, they just looked like manual labor types.  She gave them a bunch of crap...but took their money.  As she waited on me she told me how much she liked church, how much of a Christian she was and how much she hated people like that...and hinted she didn't like the liquor store biz anyway.  I never went back in there again but I could never understand why someone would do something that seemed so wrong to the values that they so loudly claimed were important to them.

However I do have many failings, just ask my wife and kids and other people that know me, but I try and I keep trying and I do regret and try to learn from my failings.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time passes and not much going on. Nice weekend...

I'm trying to scan some photos of Brandi and one of her lovers and I also scanned some photos of me.  I realized that I don't think except for the header picture that there are any of me here.  Since I have exposed my wife with her permission I think it might be fair to expose me some.

If I manage to do it right there will be a shot of me on a tree limb taken after we had an enjoyable outdoor sex session.  I was partially shaved but not as much shaved off as Brandi likes me and the hair that was left isn't short enough.  Right after the after event pictures were shot some Park Rangers on horses drifted by, close but we made it.  There should be a shot of me painting the same building that there was one of Brandi painting.  A few indoor shots as well.

Part of what caught my eye was just how small I look in the pictures.  There are a couple of reasons for that.  I am a bit shy and not an exhibitionist.  Brandi enjoys seeing pictures of other men's erections but she only likes those after she sees more of their body, so don't send my wife a cock shot and expect her to be delighted.  Her ideal tends to be a body shot, a dressed shot, a face shot or a body shot that shows a face and then an erect cock shot.  She also has let me know in the past that she didn't like catching me masturbating and did not enjoy me sending her nude pictures.  But she enjoys them from her lovers.  Guess how that makes me feel and what kind of luck I have trying to get hard for a picture...

Looking at the pictures I look tiny!  Wow, in a funny way I am excited by looking so small there but in other ways in bothers me, I keep in mind what  Brandi said to me the first time we were naked..."WOW...What a hunk of meat!"  Fell in love with her at that point.  Brandi does enjoy well endowed men, a bit of a size queen....thick is what she really enjoys and she loves a man that comes a lot.  It does turn me on to know my wife is with a well hung lover or see her with a well hung lover and I love seeing her left messy and filled by her lover.

I think I need to find some pictures of me shaved since that is how she likes me.  She likes lovers trimmed and with their balls shaved but she tends to enjoy me totally shaved or with just a bit of hair above, trimmed very short and almost all shaved.  I'd like to try being waxed sometime to avoid the hassle of shaving, we shall see, she is interested in having that done to me but still thinking about it.

We think it would be cool for on of her lover's to insist  that that I be shaved and that I shave my wife for his pleasure.  Me having to be completely shaved at his orders would put me in my place.  One guy wanted me to wear panties, not sure if I am ready for that but it would make a statement that would be hard to argue with.  I think if Brandi let me know that she would enjoy it or enjoy it pleasing her lover I'd do it.  Pleasing my wife (and her lover)...very important to me!  He would be putting his claim on my wife by having me shave and trim her for his pleasure...just the way he likes her.  Brandi does enjoy a lover staking his claim on her, making her feel like she is his.  I enjoy the right type of man claiming my wife as his, I know my wife enjoys it and that adds to my enjoyment.

I hope to post in a day or two some shots of Brandi in bed with one of her favorite lovers and then the afterward...

Some questions for you:  I'm working on the story of our first time, should it be in present tense like it is happening or past tense?  It has got a bit long,eight pages so far and she isn't fucking yet.  Should I post it in sections?  Rewrite the whole mess?  Start over?  I'm trying to tell my thoughts and what I know of her thoughts as it was happening but that does make it long and I tend to be long winded.

Is there any easy way to change how the pictures are arranged?  Given the idea I was trying to explain it would be better if I could change their order.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Whining a bit, back pain and a very late TMI.

1. What is the longest you have been in a monogamous sexual relationship? [For the purpose of this question monogamous is defined as no sexual partners that your significant other does (did) not know about.]

My two long term relationships were dating "Kate" for six years and my thirty years (so far) with "Brandi" my wife. Both started out monogamous but I slipped in both cases and Kate did some playing around as well without permission or knowledge (I felt very cheated on!). I've cheated some in my marriage and now we are in a hotwife/swinging relationship and experimenting with cuckolding. Brandi has done some things that did not fit my idea of what we were yes I felt cheated on and Brandi did know that she was going out of our existing limits at that time.

2. If your current relationship would fail, do you have a back-up for physical or emotional comfort?

Not really, masturbation? Not sure I'm up to getting into another relationship...just not sure if I am up to the physical and mental effort (and the money either!).

3. Can you be "just friends" with someone when there is an unrequited sexual attraction?

Yes...kind of, I've been friends with a few women that I would have loved to have gone to bed with and it worked.

4. In a assumed monogamous sexual relationship have you ever cheated, been cheated upon or been a knowing third party to the infidelity? [For the purpose of this question monogamous is defined as no sexual partners that a significant other does (did) not know about.]

Yes to the cheating and yes to being cheated on and yes to helping someone else cheat (two for one since I went to bed with my wife's best friend while her friend was still married so I helped her cheat on her hubby and of course I cheated on my wife).

5. Historically, what has caused the most arguments in your relationships?

Toss up? Money or sex. In the long run I think money causes more problems. But of course dealing with the kids also causes arguments and the kids effect the money problems and of course they effect sex as well so it is all mixed together. Of course some arguments are not really about the "subject" of the argument, money can cover for sex or sex be the stated argument when it is really about money... No simple answers here.

Bonus (as in optional):What do you want from a partner in a long term relationship?

Friendship, companionship, loyalty, shared values and of course some sex.

Two for two hundred!

Anyone know anything about killing the nerves in the back using radio waves? That seems to be the next step. The back pain in the last few days has been rough. Thinking of trying accupuncture or chiropractic methods first.

Ohh...the picture.  Brandi and her girlfriend had a little party.  The guy on her right was and is active in swinging.  The guy on her left was her girlfriend's lover at the time.  The one that she and her girlfriend were in bed with when he called me in Alaska and told me how good my wife's lips felt on his cock and how much he enjoyed her great cock sucking...  I like the picture since Brandi is sitting between two men, both of them have fucked her and one of them has his hand up her dress playing with her pussy as she keeps chatting and sipping her wine.  I love seeing that my wife has pulled one of her legs up and opened her legs some so that C can play with her pussy.  Yes there were about sixteen people there (some new to playing in such a setting like the man on her left) but only three women and Brandi enjoyed several of the men.