Friday, May 15, 2009

Time flys....

Ahh, no sex! Not good. Brandi says she wants to do something for HNT and wants to meet some men to find a new lover but I can't get her to talk about issues we need to talk about (or sit down and look at ads from men), appealing disability, a room that is being added, the kids and so on.

The Jetta no longer seems to be leaking coolant and runs much better except for a severe viberation after you start and when you select "R", idles fine, and in a bit it no longer does it so... One guy says it might be either an engine mount or a transmission mount, I don't know enough about Volks to know and to be honest I don't want to learn.

It has had the usual plugs, wires, filters, oil, a throttle cleaning and a coolant change with a flush.

Going to do more work on the Rangie today, done a flush, replacing the hoses, have a rebuilt alternator and we have already replaced the belt. The lower hose looks like a bitch! Then that should hold the Rangie for a bit, it has almost 275,000 miles and still runs good but it does need a rear window frame and a mirror. Good beast! Then brakes on a Galaxie and finish the head on the Jag. Pity I work so slow and so limited now.

I was prowling around bdenied's blog, some fun pictures, a beautiful wife and some great posts. He had a great post on his time with one of his early girlfriends, great post, I could feel it and I also found the comments interesting, check it out.

Part of what I am trying to show here is how I got to be a "cuckold" and how my wife got here as well. So writing about my first girlfriend is part of that and how she made me feel like a cuckold and while it caused me a lot of pain even when it was happening I found some arousal, some turn on even with the intense pain. If I had only felt pain I would have never become a "cuckold" as I use the term here. No doubt I could have been a real cuckold and to some I might be, Brandi has had sex with around fifty men since we have been married and that number includes a few lovers not just guys she fucked or swinging events.

So look around at some of the other blogs by cuckolds and by men that are married to hotwives or shared wives, see how they got to enjoy their wives having sex with other men. See what kind of men they are and they tend not to be what drives us and what got us here?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ahhh well, kids are wonderful!!

Trying to fix darling daughter's car (coolant leak). To add to the fun our one running car has problems (electrical...alternator?) and due to a bad back I can work for no more than fifteen minutes at a time. Raining cats and dogs and the garage is close to full and has another car blocking it! Cold to me which hurts my back. Darling Daughter wants to move to California, she has emotional problems and just quit her last job and has money problems as well, as in we have paid her last bills and she has burned most of her money bridges. Son has no job and has problems relating to other people, as in most of the time he works hard at being a jerk to his family! He gets along okay with his friends so I guess it could be worse. To add to things insurance problems, leaking waterheater and a leak from something (water?) in a room we are working on that we have be unable to find...

So what with E bailing, kids, cars, leaks Brandi has not had her mind on sex, I have but I am a pervert.

Brandi is still seeking the right lover or two or even three. Still open to seeing E when and if he gets back up here. I'd guess the right local male that can date would really get her excited or the right man that visits more often. One that has played with this some before would be best since while she has spent years as a hotwife it is a step up to being a cuckoldress or cuckolding wife.

So I am still working on Chapter Two, Brandi's first time as a married woman and our first threesome. It worked out well and my wife and H became long term friends. I've been looking at some old pics of Brandi and some videos and it has kept my interest up. We took a bath together last night but that didn't put B in a romantic mood. A bath together used to be very romantic and sensual for us but I think it doesn't take much for a long time married couple to get out of the romantic mood or mode. But to give Brandi credit it has been some very hard weeks.

I'm off to work on a Volkswagen Jetta, a car that I am learning to hate. Each time I think it might be getting better it proves me wrong! Given a choice between it and working on a Jag, a Land Rover, an old full size Ford, a Triumph, MG or Jensen or even a Fiat or an old Chevy choice in my mind!