Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

In a few hours this year will be over.  I think that for us 2010 will be hard but not quite as hard as 2009.  2009 had a lot of problems for us, kids, money, other family issues and all that does cause problems with sex, in and out of bed.  It also causes issues in finding and keeping a lover or lovers.  Some of the kid issues are better and some of the family issues will not happen again, we just don't have that many more relatives that can die!  We are learning to deal with some of the money issues and we know that things are not going to get better for the country overnight, we see a rough few years or more ahead for us as well as our country and the world...lots of changes will happen but we all can learn and survive the coming changes.

Brandi is pretty happy at work.  I'm not happy not being at work but recent events have made it clear to me that issues with my back, neck, head and arm will prevent me from having any sort of a real job for the foreseeable future. I didn't expect to have as many broken down parts so early in my life...58 isn't old!  At times I look in the mirror when I start shaving and wonder, "Who the hell is that old geezer in the mirror?!"  We think our Darling Daughter is getting better and she isn't living at home which means the drama and problems are not quite so on our faces and causing more problems for Brandi.  Our son is making progress with life but he has a long...long...long way to go!

I do have things to do around the house and land that I can do.  Other things around here that I can do for just a little bit knowing that I will have a price to pay later.  That is life.  There are things that I enjoy that I can get back to doing since they are things that giving my limits I can still do them...I just cannot do them as long as I used to do them.

Brandi and E have chatted and I think they will chat again in the next few days.  This time of year is not the time to be seeking a lover or trying to do non-family things. Just hard to make the time or to have the time to sneak a call in away from family or a spouse looking for trouble eh?

E has some desires to cuckold me.  Strong desires in some ways and in some areas.  Not so strong that I don't find them interesting or arousing and I think that they are things in my discomfort/comfort zone, things that will make me feel like a cuck but things that I think will work without going over my limits.  However E is new to the hotwife/cuckold scene and what one thinks one can do versus what one can do tends to be...ah well a lot of men find it hard (or soft as the case may be) to make love to a wife in front of her husband, to treat a wife as a lover in front of her husband...might even add to the challenge when you know that Oregon is a easy "Carry" state...LOL!

After their chat Brandi understands a bit more what E would like and some of the things that E I have talked about and some of the things that  Brandi and I have chatted about.  Brandi is understanding more that it is more of a role playing game in some respects and a way for her to relax and let others take care of her and tell her what to do.  Relaxing and letting others take charge is something she enjoys and in men...she finds it to be a big turn on, however for some reason she finds it difficult to take me in a such a take charge way in sex and I find it hard to do since at times she has reacted to me doing it in a very negative manner.

So she seems to be excited about some of the things (most of the things) that she and E talked about.  After finding out that I am comfortable and in some ways turned on by E and her cuckolding me she is finding it all to be very, very interesting and arousing.  She has heard me say these things turn me on and she has seen it in the past but she has also seen me hurt by it...the hurt becomes arousal so fast.  So Brandi is looking forward to exploring E as a lover and maybe finding another lover or two that would be more local.  E's reaction to the pictures we sent made her realize that she is still attractive and her flaws...not that I see any, well, her flaws seem a lot larger to her than to E or other prospective lovers.  Seems like a lot of women do not see their beauty and some women don't see their flaws (take a look at some of the sites about the Walmart shoppers! Wow so many people that don't own mirrors!).  Another bowl of milk for this blogger, eh!

The picture...Brandi and her last our bed.  A nice cuckold picture in some ways, a happy wife with her lover in the married couple's bed.  I think doing a married woman is hot and doing her bareback in her bed, the bed she shares with her hot and him, the cuckold, watching even hotter unless of course she is a cheating wife.

Anyway, a Happy New Year to all and let us make 2010 a good year for us, our families and our countries!  And of course let's have a year full of cuckolding fun!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, I hope everyone had a good Christmas or....Holiday season!

So here it is almost done with 2009.  Not really a good year for us but at times I think we are happy, more or less happy or content to just make it through another year.  I'm not going to spend a lot of time crying here since this isn't really what this blog is for, but I did say somewhere that I would touch on and talk about other subjects besides sex and cuckolding so in 2010 we will do more posts, more posts on sex and more posts on cuckolding and more posts on none sexual subjects.  Oh, and the crying isn't just for me or my family and me it also is just kind of the "State of the World" crying and whining. 

Kind of a busy day in some ways considering we didn't get much done.  We went to Ikea, don't really like Ikea in some ways, consider them to be up there with Walmart except the stuff tends to be better quality and better style.  But they had some things that our son had to have and they were about a third of the usual price so we went.  Stopped at Target since he wanted to check and see if they had some Star Wars stuff on sale.  Funny thing, the Target stop and the Ikea stop both had to do with his collecting Star Wars stuff.  The stuff he wanted was not on sale or they didn't have it so that was quick.  I got a Hot Wheels Ferrari so I guess I scored.  I keep a shelf of the Matchbox/Hotwheels cars and other stuff in the garage.  My toy shelf.  Got the stuff he wanted at Ikea and I got some glass to use on work tops there at a good price, stuff that was being remaindered so while I don't like Ikea I gave in.

We dropped our son off at work and went off to do a little shopping except for the simple fact that Brandi had left the shopping list at home.  So the stop at Costco was not what it should have been and we really didn't get much of what we needed or thought we needed.  That part of the day turned into a kind of waste and I felt I was in one of those places and times that no matter what I did it did not make Brandi happy and I just could not figure out why.  BUT...

While we were out and about it started snowing in Willsonville, kind of heavy snow for a while. Then on the way home it stopped and usually we get snow before Portland or Willsonville due to our elevation.  But now we have snow.  For some reason Brandi had said that she wanted to go to a library outlet about ten miles away but then she just could not get going leaving me again wondering why!  BUT...

Brandi had heard from E a day or so ago and I interrupted the call, didn't mean to but I was calling her to ask her if she needed anything while I was picking our son up where he works.  So today her phone rings while we are driving and she is unable to get it, so my phone rings and it is E.  I chat with him for a bit and then knowing that it isn't really me he wants to talk to I hand the phone to Brandi after she pulls over and finds a place to talk.  She doesn't do a very good job since she stops under the freeway, lots and lots of noise from the freeway and the passing traffic, attention from the police...a message there? There were better places before we stopped and after we stopped.   Don't know?

E is at the beach so he also has background noise issues.  But they chat for a bit and discuss just what she wants and what he wants and touch on what I want or what I find okay or what turns me on and how that might effect what they do or don't do.  But we (they...the potential lovers) establish that they are interested in taking this further.  Both enjoy the idea of adding some cuckold elements into her being a hotwife and meeting a guy for sex.  Both seem to be turned on by the level of cuckolding that I think I can handle and enjoy.  So I'd guess it is now a matter for E to figure out when he can come up to our area and get together with my wife and see how it goes.  He seems very interested and turned on by the idea of adding some cuckold elements rather than just fucking my wife.  My wife is turned on by his enthusiasm for her and for them being lovers.  We shall see but I'd guess that things might happen soon.  If things work they way they usually do we should hear from another serious potential lover in a day or two, just seems it takes forever to find the right guy and when you do you find more than one...

Ah, the picture, I just love seeing my wife kissing a lover and I love seeing her kissing a lover in a public place.  Part of it is of course the chance that others might see my wife with her lover and their affection, making me a public cuckold and the other part is that kissing really turns my wife on, she loves kissing and kissing and public affection turns her on so I know she is turned on or getting turned on when she is kissing.  Her excitement is a major part of my excitement so seeing her kissing lets me know she is having a great time. Here Brandi is kissing lover goodbye as we leave the motel.  He and my wife had just enjoyed a few hours of fun and seeing my wife kissing her lover goodbye, knowing her pussy is full of his come...  And to add to my pleasure and hers, my naughty little wife is not bothering to dress or to clean up so she can  have me nibble on her well used pussy when we get home...  Looking forward to seeing my wife kissing her lover again, soon!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas or Holiday Season and I hope everyone has a great and interesting 2010!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

That time of year...

Ah let's see, Christmas Time...the time of violence in and out of stores, greed by kids, adults, and of course all those that make bucks in our consumer society.  The older I get the more liberal I have become in a lot of ways ((I was a Goldwater/Reagan Republican until among other things I figured out that the "jokes" about women, gays, minorities were not jokes at all)...not in all things since I still feel that responsibility to yourself, others including that most important thing family but also a responsibility to the future as in short term gains leading to long term disasters and feeling that your wealth is more important than the country as a whole...

I find it a bit funny that we are being told that those that work, that produce, that provide real goods and services need to settle for less, to compete with Vietnam, China, India and all the Third World Countries in our rush to join the Third World and having done so that somehow most the other people in our country will be able to skate along and keep on being well off.  Travel to Third World Countries and you don't find much middle class, much well off people at all except for the few at the top.  A village in India, in Laos, in Somalia does not have doctors, lawyers, real estate people, stock brokers living the high life, driving new Mercedes, Jaguars, monster McMansions, frequent trips to their vacation spot of choice.  While we see that a rising tide did not raise all boats a sinking tide will at some point not be able to keep most boats afloat...  While I feel that one party has been quite skilled at getting Americans to vote to screw themselves it really is a matter of Republicans or Republican real choice at all.

While we have real problems we are led to believe that the real problems are such things as abortion, gun control and other issues that there really is a consensus on but minority segments of our population keep the issues alive, keep money rolling in and get to ignore the real issues that will effect our future.

I can recall reading an article years ago about some reform that some thought was needed in California.  A very wise commentator wrote that if it was ever "solved" it would not be for a long, long while.  Too many people made too much  money to stop the bucks rolling in by "solving" the problem, no issue no bucks rolling in to soo many people.  That is the present state of our system.  Held hostage by a few people that have bucks to stop problems from being solved and by people that don't want problems ended, for good or bad result since they make money by the problems being an "issue".

Okay, enough of that...

Brandi had me take some pictures this week to send out to a few old lovers and to one potential lover.  So far no word back from the potential lover so I have to assume that he is no longer interested.  I can understand why since we have had problems getting our act together but the pictures to me meant that  Brandi is wanting to play and wanted to see about playing with E.  But a few more days since this is a busy time of year.  The pictures were taken with a video camera that can also take stills, I think good quality pictures and with my mobile.  I think the mobile quality sucks!

Anyway, I'll post some of the pictures and see how you like them.

So how long do we wait for a response before we go back to looking?  I mean Brandi is actually very eager to drop her panties and spread her legs for the right new lover and to work at making me feel like a cuckold (yes work at it but she also says that the idea of cuckolding me, making me feel more like a cuckold that her just  being a hotwife has her really excited and the freedom that gives her is another turn on for her) with her lover or lovers help...

I've got a longer post I am thinking about but I'm not quite ready to finish writing it, a friend, an old lover of Brandi had me texting him mucho times yesterday about my relationship with Brandi, his relationship with Brandi, them being lovers and my relationship with him as him being one of my wife's lovers.  That can of leads back to a whole bunch of topics and ideas for further thought and I thought it would be interesting and possibly amusing to explore some of the things he had me thinking about yesterday.

I hope all of you, all twenty-seven of you have a good Christmas, a good Holiday Season, a Happy New Year and that this time of year is a very good time for you and your family...and that 2010 is a great and happy year for you and your family!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know it has been a while...been busy, sorry!

I've been out of town, been busy with other things, and still dealing with some health issues.  Have my plate full in the next few weeks with Doctors, insurance stuff, cars, the room addition, kids, Christmas and...and...and.  But I was doing some reading including Hotwife Allie and of course cuckold husband.  I must admit I love "cuckold husband" and I enjoy the photos and of course his stories and most of all his thoughts.

But I was thinking to myself...What does it mean to be a "cuckold"?  I feel that there are a few basic types of cuckolds:  The first is the easy one and the type that most people will think of as a "cuckold"...a man that has a wife that has sex with other men... a real cheating wife.  The wife does not have permission to have sex with other men and most of the time she tries to keep it a secret...very negative connotation!  Not a good thing but it does happen to lead a couple into swinging or into other things like her being a hotwife.  I would not like this and I don't think most "cuckolds" here would like it either.

The next basic concept is of course a wife that has sex with other men with or without her husband's permission.  This is more of a term for people that are not into any sort of different sexual lifestyle. With this simple definition all of us, poly, swingers, hotwife husbands and self identified cuckolds are cuckolds.  To most people this is a negative term, very negative!  If your wife has sex outside of her marriage you are a cuckold.  Simple.  I feel that this is more of a dictionary term and is too broad for use here.

The next definition gets a little stickier.  Hang around any swinger site and most hotwife sites and you will find that swingers and hotwife hubbies DO NOT feel that they are cuckolds.  In a lot of those sites "cuckold" is a fighting word.  Some people that have wives that date and go out and have sex with other men with and  without hubby along will really get upset at the idea that they are cuckolds.  Some sites have a cuckold side and the hotwife hubbies feel quite superior to the cuckolds...

So we have a wife that goes out and has sex with other men, not as a "couple" as in swinging, but has sex with other men, some date, some have hubby watching, some have hubby joining in and so there is a different style for every couple that play...but let me assure you that these men do not feel that they are "cuckolds"!

So now we get into the last group, the guys like me that feel that we are "cuckolds".  Our wives have sex with other men...blah, blah, blah...just like the group of "hotwife hubbies" above with the varieties that they have with a few more variations but...and this is the big BUT...we identify ourselves as "cuckolds"!  Now I admit that here you will find the sissy cuckolds, and we branch off into some mild or more than mild S and M and B and D but you can have those and not be a cuckold so while you for the most part will not find panty wearing sissys and cock cages and so on in the hotwife hubby area you do find that in in our cuckold area doesn't mean you have to wear panties or what ever and a lot of us are talented guys and not at all sissies or un-manly away from our "cuckold" games.

I enjoy my wife fucking other men but for us it adds a lot for her to have long term lovers as well as just fucking other men.  I love watching but I also love waiting for her at home.  She enjoys dating...and we both love her enjoying semi-public sex with her lovers and she enjoys public affection with her lovers.  I've sat across from my wife and her lover knowing she is full of his come, his hand between her legs playing with her pussy as they touch and we eat dinner in a "nice" place.  The feelings of lust and a bit of envy, I don't get to play with her pussy in a restaurant any more and to know his hand is there...or to have him make me taste her on his fingers or to have him have my wife hand me her thong that she has taken off for him...pushes my buttons!  Of course she enjoys bareback sex with her lovers and she loves me eating her her lover comes in her or on her, cleaning up his cream pies and she has had me lick her while her lover was in her...she teases me about my tongue on her lover's cock.

We both enjoy her being with a positive take charge type of man, an alpha male that enjoys my wife being his lover in front of me.  Teasing me a bit about it is great and reminding me in various ways that my wife is his while they are together adds to my excitement as well as my wife's pleasure.  We are not into pain but my wife feels her lover is in charge and then she gets to tell me what to do and I am there (if I am there) to help them have fun.

Having had a few married lovers in my past I know how I felt when I was coming in another man's wife, when you fill her with your sperm you are claiming his wife as yours...  And when I heard about unknowing husbands eating my lover after I had come in her...what a thrill.  I've got a pretty good idea what might be going through some of Brandi's lover's minds when they see Brandi shoving my head between her legs and hear her tell me to eat their sperm as she tells me how much she enjoyed her time with them.

For her lover to take charge, tell me to clean her, to ask me how his come tastes on my wife's breasts, to tease me about how his come tastes in my wife's pussy or to have me wait on them...adds to the fun, the funny mixture of pain and pleasure.  We have two possible lovers that plan on having me clean them if they make the cut...they have to turn Brandi on and she can be selective.  But she loves pleasing her lover and the right lover will have her telling me to clean her lover's cock.  She will enjoy it for the pleasure it gives her lover and I will submit to it since it will put me in my my mind as well as give me pleasure in the way I get pleasure from pleasing my wife and her lover.

So I'd be interested in hearing how the readers here fit into cuckold or hotwife things and if they are active or have been active.

A few pictures of me, bedenied has run a few in the past of him so I thought I would join in...the before trimming since Brandi wants me to trim and shave again.  So here goes.  Ah yes, a pair of pink panties to remind me that her lover is the alpha male.