Sunday, June 12, 2011

Over a month has passed...

Funny how when things get busy other things don't get done.  Since the last posting I've done some work around the yard. A rushed trip to California and back.  More yard work.  Tractor repair.  Son's car needs work.  Our car needs work.  The major part of the shop/garage expansion is done.

The rushed trip to California.  Darling Daughter was having surgery and while it didn't go.  They stuck tubes in three arteries but could not get the problem mode on the EKG they were seeking so no real work was done, no real change in her health.  Pain and so on still there.  But if they had blown it she would have had to have a pacemaker so...  This fall she and hubby will be at school in a place with an excellent hospital so I am hoping that the Doctors there will be able to figure out her problems and do something about them.  Twenty-four is too young for heart problems!

We will be doing another rushed trip...not just me and son but Brandi, Son and I will all go down for the "Wedding"...if Brandi gets her sewing project done  Fast low budget trip...praying the car stays together.

Yesterday, Saturday, I woke up with the vision in my right eye no longer being corrected by my the point that I really cannot read with the glasses or without them using my right eye.  My left eye closes now and then due to problems from the auto accident two years ago.  Discouraging since a Doctor had suggested that the problem isn't what we have been thinking and we need to see a Neuro-Ophthalmologist ...I know there is a better term but I'm not going to look up the spelling right now.  So now I have one eye I can't read with and another that closes...when it wants you have to think about keeping one of your eyes open?  Anyway the Doctor that another Doctor sent me to said I need to see a Ophthalmologist first.  I saw one almost two  years ago after the accident and they were not interested in any pain that was not IN the eye...  And the eye does not hurt...  Screwed again.

So back to dealing with insurance companies.  Hate them!

Okay, the fun stuff.  Brandi and I have had sex a few times.  She has been talking about finding a lover.  To the point that she had me contact one of the people that was a potential lover a while back.  A businessman type from California...she lusts after business men.  So she has had me write and text him making it clear that she wants to cuckold me.  We have been talking about the cuckolding part of things and she had to admit that she really enjoyed the things that she did in the past that made me feel like a cuckold.  Now she feels a bit more secure in seeking that type of lover since she know that I want that too, it will hurt me as well as excite me. 

It does feel a bit strange telling a man that you and your wife want him to join in with your wife and make you feel like a cuckold.  It will be interesting if he or another man will work out and make her feel like she has a lover and make me feel like a cuckold.

Got to run but will try to add a bit in a few days.