Monday, April 20, 2009

So, why the old stuff?

It has been a while since we have played and Brandi has a date on Tuesday April 21 if it doesn't fall apart. E her potential lover is from Southern California and gets up here at least every couple of months depending upon business. She has a bit of lust in her heart for well dressed businessmen types and E claims to be just that. I can't recall just how tall he is and that is a concern since Brandi likes her lovers to be at least 6'. I was 6'1" when we got married and tall men are still a turn on for my wife. However she has had great times with men shorter and less endowed than me.

Anyway, the old stuff is to show how we drifted from being a "normal" married couple that was faithful to a couple where the wife has had lovers and wants to have lovers again and her husband loved and hates it and how it has drifted on to have at times a decided cuckold aspect that is enjoyed by the both of us.

I am continuing work on the second part of our story, the part that has Brandi after seven years of marriage agreeing to trying a threesome with me, her hubby, and a man we found in a swinger's magazine. The good old days, print magazines and using the mail to make contact. Setting up a date could take months!

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