Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ahh, A Bummer...

On Monday afternoon we got a call from E, Brandi talked to him and as it turned out E isn't coming on Tuesday. He isn't sure when he can make it. E is in some sort of money wheeling and dealing and had a meeting in the Portland area on Tuesday and when he got to his office on Monday morning he found that his partner had bailed and took a couple of key employees with him. E was scrambling to see just what that did to him and was not going to be able to make the trip. Right now he doesn't have a clue when he will be up our way.

Brandi was quite distressed and felt that E was not blowing smoke, he did want to meet and felt badly about not meeting as well as the work problems. I don't know since I did not talk to him. Brandi wants to hang in there and give him another chance but I am not quite so sure. He bailed on us once before since he was concerned about Brandi having other lovers. But he was honest with his concerns in the past so he might be telling the truth.

Brandi was quite disappointed. She told me she was looking forward to meeting him and was in the mode she used to get into in the past. She was mentally ready to go to bed with E unless E talked her out of it. She felt that she knew him well enough from the phone calls that if he didn't talk her out of it (a few guys managed to do that) and if he looked pretty much like he claimed she was ready to play.

Brandi has also said that she is more in the mood to play some cuckold games. She wants on some date to send me away while she and her lover make love. That has not been one of my fantasies and she says the idea really turns her interesting idea and even more interesting that she is having fantasies that she wants to try that would make me feel like a cuckold.

Brandi told me to get back on AFF and SLS and a few other sites, Ultimate Cuckold for one, and see if we can find a suitable local lover or a frequent visitor that actually makes it here and that is also turned on by being the lover or bull in cuckold games without being too far away from the mild form that interests us.

I haven't done that since we have been working on a room addition, the two running cars need attention right now and the garage needs cleaning (a mess since a lot of the stuff from the deck that is being turned into a room was moved there in a messy hurry by our son and some friends of his) and some yard work needs to be done that cannot wait so...I have not attempted to start looking anew for another lover for my wife.

She does say that she will be more active in the effort to find her another lover and she does look forward to cuckolding me. We shall see.

So close but and I think for a change Brandi was more disappointed than I was.


  1. very interesting I hope you continue to post as we have many things in common...but then most cuckolds do

  2. Funny how hard it can be to find the right guy. We were spoiled in the past with my wife having some long term lovers and fair luck with some food short term guys as well.