Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Must have been lost some where....

1. Have you ever shared sleeping accommodations with someone of the without anything steamy happening? (Opposite sex for breeders, same sex for homosexuals).

Yes.  Kind of boring.  However with Kate it was weeks of partially clad kissing and touching in bed before she was naked and we were having sex, it took a while but it made the sex when we finally had it so much hotter.

2. Have you eve streaked, flashed, or otherwise partially or totally exposed yourself in public before (or after) an informal, unofficial gathering of people?


3. Have you had dates with multiple people in the same weekend (or consecutive nights or the same night) while not all of your dates were aware of your actions?

Yes.  Actually at various times I would have a "date" and then meet my girlfriend.  Risky stuff.

4. What is the most "romantic" you have ever gotten in a movie theater?

A little mutual touching to orgasm.

5. Have you ever had sex when you knew a non-participating adult was watching?

We have had sex where I was over nine tenths sure someone was watching as in hot tubs where we could be seen at the beach, in cars and a few other places.  But in a swinger's bar people were gathered around us watching, no doubt there.  Kate and I had sex in a hotel with the drapes open, sliding glass doors.  We heard noises at the window and then we went out and had sex in and out of the pool.

Bonus (as in optional): If you could say anything you wanted anonymously to anyone, without identifying that person, what would you say?

To an old girlfriend:  What the heck happened?

To my wife:  What the heck happened.

A handful of women...About my lust (and love) for them...and how I respect them as people.

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