Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time has passed and nothing really new and exciting...

I've heard a few times from one of Brandi's old lovers (an ex-airline pilot) and to be honest we have talked about flying rather than sex.  I've really enjoyed the talk about flying and I recently stopped by the local general aviation airport and talked flying with some of the people (flight instructors and so on) at one of the FBO's.  It is funny in some ways that to me one's own life is "normal" and it is every one else that has the unusual life.  Brandi thinks I am an idiot for thinking that and that my life has been pretty interesting.  I can kind of see that trying to look at it as someone not looking out but looking into it.  Most days I bother to think about it I feel it has been a mixture of unusual stuff and a lot of boring things.  However we all are products of our life and the life I had does make me a bit rootless and no long term friends.  I understand that is common for military brats and I'd guess State Department brats and others that have moved frequently growing up.

I read about and of course I've know people that are friends with people they knew in high school or even longer than that.  I've tried to get in touch with some of my old class mates and even an old girlfriend but after a few emails things just...fade away.  No luck on the girl friend and it is a pity.  I think my brother and his wife messed up that years ago, K had tried to call me a few times after my father and my mother had died but they never gave me the message.  I can still recall the shock I had showing up at SLO High School for my Junior year.  I'd been in an all male military school the year before and I showed up a day late at "Tiger Town".   Had a bit too much fun in Hong Kong.  So I show up in Mrs Bowles class, English and there is a classroom with two other guys and a mess of girls including some real stunners.  I am a bit gob smacked, hope I use that right.  Mrs Bowles has me sitting in the front row at the end of the row, the three girls around me, two rather striking, had know each other since kindergarten!  A shock to me since I had moved every three or so years most my life.  The longest we had lived in one place up to that point was Laos, we were there from '65 to '71.  Several of the girls had known each other for that amount of time.

It was a bit of culture shock.  A year in a military school in Texas before this year and it was a few weeks before I could relax when a teacher walked in the room...we had to stand at attention at the military school whenever a teacher or other staff walked into the room.  Also it was of course the era of mini-skirts and it was...well it took a bit of adjusting.  Also I couldn't stop in a bar and have a drink, no easy dope, no "houses" that ranged in price from a 500 to 1500 was 500 kip to the dollar.  No maid, no house boy.  But of course the other State Department and military brats I know had similar lives.  I had a few dates with a girl in Laos that had spent about a total of six months in public schools in America.  She was fourteen or fifteen, a rather sexy slender girl and had spent about two years total in America.  An American yes, but she freely admitted that she didn't fit in at all in the American public schools she had experienced.

I've been working on the Rangie for about a week or a bit more just trying to do the front pads and rotors but it just isn't going well.  Not sure all the reasons why but part of it is my back.  So much pain now I really am limited in what I can do and handling one rotor or even putting the wheels back on take a lot out of me.  The continual pain also makes me a bit moody and a little quicker on the temper than I like.  Still not quite the way it should be so tomorrow I will get some more brake fluid and bleed the brakes again.  The anti-skid on it makes bleeding the brakes a real chore.  Oh well...I am trying.

Already a third of the way through March and I can't recall when we last made love or had sex.  I'd guess about the first half of Feb.?  Not sure what is happening or why.  Ed (the guy from Orange County) called last month and B said that she was going to call him.  I'd guess it has been a month since he called and of course no call to him from B.  I guess what bothers me a bit about it is that I have told her several times in the past two years that...if you don't want to do it I'll be happy to close down the ads and put it all behind us.  Each time I say that she tells me that she is interested and wants to play.  So where did things go bad?   Is it just that she is tired of the run of guys she isn't really interested in?  Or?

While she was helping me bleeding the brakes (it is a two person job) we talked a bit and again she says she is interested.  I'm actually a bit clueless about what is going on.  In the past she has seemed to enjoy emailing and talking on the phone with potential lovers but now she doesn't even make an effort to  stay in touch with guys that she enjoyed a friendship with as well as enjoying them in bed or in other places.  She did expect me to do the dirty work, running the ads, responding to the first messages, sifting through them to find ones that might work.  Then she would email and chat on the phone with them and decide who to meet.  She liked getting to know a guy well enough that she felt that she was meeting for sex.  Yes, the guy could talk her out of her fucking him and some did but she was planning to fuck them, if not on the first date certainly on the second.  She did like me along on the first meeting or couple of meetings but she did meet some men without me along and had some lovers that I never met and one that thought she was a cheating wife.

So I'll try to find out what it going on in my wife's mind.  Might be some of the other things in our life.  One of our cats has FIV.  A bit of a problem with the IRS (the people she worked for told the IRS that all of their workers got a $2000 grant for adopting a child).  Funny how our dependents didn't change so I do think that the IRS works at being stupid for lower income people and works at not finding problems with high income people...since they can afford to hire good lawyers and accountants and how much can you afford to fight for a few thousand dollars? And of course the slow work I am doing on the car and other things due to my growing pain, back and side. 

After working on the car I'm ready to scream!  Forty degrees F, on mud and gravel and dirt falling in my eyes from the underside of the beast...but I do enjoy the feelings one gets when the job is done and done right!  But I have to rate pain at about seven or eight after taking some moderate pain med.  If you are younger take care of yourself, getting old and beat up sucks! 

I've had the fun of seeing more Doctors that I really want to and with for some things being paid for by three insurance companies the two that are first to pay argue and argue and then the Doctors don't help by providing them with the information that they request.  The pain is rough but I've avoiding doing things for some of the problems since I just can't deal with the problems seeing Doctors cause and of course the cost is a part but I'm tired of spending hours per week dealing with the bills.  But for all the complaints about seems to work great in that the medical people know what they will and will not pay for and they make me dream of single payer.

I'll talk to B in the next few days and see if I can learn more.  We tried to snuggle a bit last  night fitting ourselves around the cats on the bed and I have to marvel just how sexy and beautiful I still find my wife and just how great her skin well as her great tits for her age or just about any age. 


  1. Hi - if you manage to find out what's going on in your wife's mind, then please let me know how you did it - I'd love to do the same...

  2. It is indeed an negative post and a topic that most men, husbands, boyfriends, lovers, hotwife husbands, cuckold husbands would like to know more about. What happens to make a woman that seems to love having sex, lovers and playing all of a sudden keep throwing bricks in the road while telling you that she wants to keep playing?

    Not sure what is going on with me but my pain level today is still very high even while taking Oxycodone at Rx dosages...doesn't do a thing for me as a recreational drug. Maybe I'm just too old now to get into the rec drug thing? A beer or a shot or two of scotch is getting to be a rare thing for me as well.