Saturday, March 13, 2010

Killing a few moments while the pain med kicks in.

I took our son into work and traded cars since the one I took in was low on fuel.  On the way home the dreaded "Check Engine Light" came on.  On Classic Rangies that isn't always a big deal.  For us it is usually an O2 sensor and at times it does mean that the O2 sensor is dead and at other times it is a bad connection or a transient fault and it doesn't come back after being cleared.  But when I got home it had turned cold and hail was falling sooo...I made a command decision and went in to get a bite to eat and take some pain med and wait for the hail to stop.

After Brandi had left for work I went back to bed, she leaves for work at 0515 most weekend days. But when I woke up I watched a bit of an old video I had of Brandi and H her first lover as a married woman.  I think I wrote up a bit about him but to digress I'm going to go back through the postings here and see if I can tie up any loose ends and also see where I was on our story of how we went from being a typical (define "typical"?) married couple to where we are now.  Not that the place we are in right now is exciting but parts of the trip might be interesting and informative to other cuckolds and hotwife hubbies and maybe even swingers.

So on this tape I have three meetings with Henry that all have me there and are years apart and were edited some just to make them shorter, to fit on a 180 minute tape.  I have tried to move them to DVD's but the burner I bought (a Sony VHS-DVD unit but I don't have the number in front of me) was new but a clearance item and it turned out to have no manual or remote.  I can't seem to close the DVD so while I can play it on the burner the DVDs will play no where else.  I think that it might be time to buy one of the Fry's re-manufactured units that they have on special fairly often for $100.  Most of the time our bottom feeding shopping works well but this time it didn't.

So I am watching this episode and thinking that to me that it is both hot and very obvious that she was enjoying being with H and enjoying the love making with him and also enjoying her husband watching. 

We were living in Madera at the time and we had been out for dinner and drinks with H.  The kids were else where so the house was ours and the cats.  Brandi was wearing a white lace dress, a lacy white thone, garter belt, stockings, heels and a top that was lace in front and stretch in back.  A wide white leather belt with a little gold trim on it completed the outfit.  The dress...yes you could see through it and see her thong, bare butt, the straps going down to the stockings.  She had a bit of a tan so the contrast was  rather sexy.  The top, her bare breasts were obvious and between her large dark nipples and aureoles, the slightly pale breasts then her tanned olive toned skin it was wonderful.  She looked great and the evening had got her more than a bit aroused.  She isn't really an exhibitionist but when she thinks she looks good and is in the right place she enjoys showing off a bit.  As we moved through the crowd at a couple of the bars we hit the looks from me and the glares from women were fun to see and her ass got  groped and fondled a bit.

I seem to recall that it was about a forty-five minute or so drive from Fresno back to our house in Madera.  I don't think that H and Brandi sat together but I might be wrong on that.  But when we were out they sat together and danced together and even at this stage in our relationship they were the obvious couple that evening.  Didn't push it too much but she didn't get to see H all that often since he lived in the Bay area and between the distance and his marriage we didn't get to see him all that often...but he and my wife talked frequently on the phone and when we got a computer they emailed and enjoyed staying in touch.  It was plain to see that they were friends, pretty close friends and I'd guess one that saw them this night and some other nights...would find reason to think they were lovers.  The touching, the kissing, the holding each other, the attention they paid to each other and the way they focused on each other and part of what I loved (and hated a bit, made me a bit jealous and envious) was they whispered to each other.  That look, that glow my wife's eyes get with some men was there in full force with H.

So we get home and I pour three glasses of wine (Brandi had enjoyed little to drink, unlike some women we know Brandi didn't like to drink a lot when she was seeing a lover, she wanted to enjoy him and the time they had together and didn't need to use alcohol to either make it happen or to give her a later excuse for it happening) and we sit and chat for a bit.  It isn't long before I bring out the video camera and set things up.

The video starts with a close up of Brandi and her lover kissing and just gets better.  All this was just to say that it is either a case of my wife being a fantastic actress or she really enjoyed being with H.  I think while she can do a very convincing fake orgasm the later is the case here...she was with a man she liked in and out of bed (or the middle of the living room) and she was  having a great time.  Her intensity and her enjoyment is very plain to see and you can also see that there is a closeness that isn't always there in cuckolding and even less often in swinging since for a lot of swingers even friendship is too much much less real closeness.

It is very enjoyable to me to watch H and my wife.  The lust, the friendship and dare I say...even the love between them is obvious and the sex is very intense.  The touching, the kissing, the slow undress, the caressing.  Seeing my wife ease down H's underwear and to see the delight and lust on my wife's face when her lover's very hard thick cock springs out dripping pre-come.  Then to watch as my wife takes his cock into her mouth and plays with it, rubs the string of pre-come around her face as she enjoys the moment with him.

After my wife is soundly fucked to several orgasms and after she demands that H come in her...and of course he does, wouldn't you?  Then I get to see my wife and her lover standing next to each other, naked, well almost naked my wife is still in her heels, stockings, garter belt as they cuddle, kiss, touch, and whisper to each other.  She caresses H's cock, wet, shiny, still pretty  darn impressive (I tend to shrink pretty fast after an orgasm), dripping from her moisture as well as his own, H did tend to come a lot and that was something my wife found rather sexy and enjoyable.  So it was obvious that they had a great time.

The point of all this?  What happened?  What happened to make her still voice the words that say she wants to play but at the same time for her to keep throwing rocks, logs, on the road to her meeting someone?  I'm going to try to find out and also I'm going to look back and see if I find any clues there.

Yes, I know we have other problems, cats, kids, my health but those problems are not really new and who doesn't have problems. 


  1. I think the reason your wife and others don't just jump at it is that for them, the lover has to be the right guy. The last guy we invited to join us was good looking, fit, and available. But after two get togethers, she realized that she just wasn't in to him, and we haven't done it since. Other possible candidates have been offered, but she just isn't quick to jump at it.

    When your wife feels right about it, she'll play again.

  2. well this was an enjoyable must be nice to watch the videos of your wife getting her pussy pounded by another guy...if I was ever in the room while mine did, I would enjoy taking the video too

  3. I think there is another possibility you need to consider. She does not want to take another lover, because she has been tempted to leave, and is trying to avoid that temptation.

  4. I just came across your blog today. Will take some time to catch up on the archive.

    What a beautiful wife you have. You are indeed a very lucky man. Hope you like pies ;-)

    I would also say it may be bacause your wife might be looking for stability and a steady fuck rather than the unbearable anticipation of a new fuck.

    Anyway do you still fly?