Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brandi has been making noise about playing again.

The last time we had sex, a few days ago, Bimbi was talking about playing around again.  She seemed to like the idea of having another few or two that she dates without me most the time, a few that she dates in front of me and at times threesomes including some cuckolding games.  She likes the idea of her lover getting into reminding me that I have a wife that is his lover and I am a cuckold...  She told me that she did get a feeling of power when she was seeing the lover that thought she was cheating and she enjoyed the sex (lovemaking) with him in different ways knowing that I would most likely never see them in bed together except for the two videos she took.  She also had feelings of power with the other few men that she had sex with and I never met.  But she also says she enjoys me watching her with other men as well as joining in, different feelings but also hot.  She doe say she enjoys being with more than one man for sex (she really wants to have two cocks in her pussy at the same time again) and more than one man for sex during a day.

She tells me that she was aware that some of the things she was doing with the last lovers she had in California did make me feel anywhere from a bit of cuckold to very much cuckolded and she did get some to a lot of enjoyment and arousal out of it...depending upon the mood she was in and also if she was a bit upset with me (the more upset she was with me the more she would do with him and the more she would not tell me or lie to me about).  I think it was a major mental step for her to admit to me that she actually enjoyed the "cuckolding" part of the relationship...she was aroused very much by it when it happened and looking back on it. 

The lover that thought she was a cheating wife (yes, he knew we were swingers and that she was a "hotwife"...not sure how much we used that term back them...and he knew that she could date just do long as she kept me fully informed so he knew that she was claiming to break our rules...and in actual fact she was breaking our rules not only by exceeding our limits in sexual actions with him in and out of bed but she was not telling me near everything and at times actually lying to me) was delighted that Brandi was so far as he knew was having an affair with him.  I don't know if they ever used the term but they did talk about me often and while he claimed to feel a bit guilty about fucking my wife Brandi is sure that her being a cheating wife was a big turn on for her lover..  Brandi did enjoy seeing him a lot in and out of bed, enjoyed the phone sex with him.  I think that part of her enjoyment was that I was jealous and envious and that I knew how much she enjoyed being with and out of bed.  Your wife having a male friend, one that she bitches to about you, her husband, while having a romantic relationship with including sex (lovemaking in this case) and very intimate...makes her fucking at a swinger's party to be not at all intimate!

But this is the part that gets more interesting.  As we talked she liked the idea and she added some details herself to the idea of her having more of a real affair.  Her finding a lover that at first I would not know about.  Then she would tell me only that she had a new lover with no other details.  Then I might be told when she was out with him...including overnights.  At some point she would try to get us to meet without me knowing that he is her him joining a car club that we belong to or something like that.  So at some point that I would be interacting with a man that is my wife's lover with only my wife and him knowing the truth about their relationship.  After we  had met a few times she would then tell me that sometime recently I had met or seen her lover.  And tease me a bit about it.  She knows the idea of her having a lover that I didn't know all that much about would really yank my chain.  Wondering if that man, or that man over there knew my wife's body, her pussy, her skills in bed...enjoyed her naked, filling her pussy with his come...her cock sucking skills, showering with her, making love in the shower, maybe we would be somewhere and she would still be wet from meeting her earlier in the day...  A picture  of  her naked in a hotel bed?  Shots of her wet from him?  Shots of them together but not revealing him...his cock in her pussy.  Her lover's cock in her mouth.  Being somewhere and later Brandi will be whispering to me, "My lover was there tonight...I saw him earlier today for lunch and a little time in bed...but just seeing him again has me so are going to have to eat my cunt when we get home."  Smelling his cologne between her legs...(I've eaten my wife a few times when she would get home from a date and caught the scent of her lover's cologne or aftershave between her some ways that seemed sexier and more intimate than even seeing her pussy looking so well fucked and leaking his come and her very liberal juices...rubs your nose into the fact that another man has been with your wife!  Yeah, she was able to yank my chain with her daydreaming about it first while I was eating her and then when she was riding my cock.

She had numerous orgasms as I ate her and ate her, fingered and caressed her and as we fucked.  She said that some of them were the best orgasms she had ever had...a whole step up from what she had experienced in the  past...different level and intensity that she was used to.  And she is easy to bring to an orgasm and when she is having a good one she has bloodied my nose from her violent hip movements so...  But she said that some of these orgasms were different...but fantastic.

I found her getting to another place as she was orgasming while we were talking about her having an affair and working more to cuckold me in a few different ways and levels to be quite interesting.  Will she do it?  Will she start playing again?  Will she do more cuckold games?  No idea.  We have a claim from an accident to get done.  A wedding to get through.  Some guests to move out.  An addition project to get done.  Cars to work on and of course money worries.  Maybe...maybe not.  I'd not bet on it now but she has a few days off coming up...let's see if the idea still arouses her after she gets some rest.

It was a shock, a good shock, for Brandi to tell me that she did indeed know that she was doing things in the past that made me jealous and made me feel like a cuckold...and my wife enjoyed that power she had and that the idea of doing things that make me feel jealous and making me feel like a cuckold again and expanding it can really, really turn her on.

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