Saturday, July 2, 2011

June is last.

So June had the failure of  Darling Daughter's Doctors to do the heart nerve ablation that was supposed to help her.  Big disappointment!  Also I've had days away from home when I had lots to do at home.  Also not good since the auto accident my "doing" things have become more limited.  Even changing a tire on a Subaru is a bit of challenge...the actual getting the tire off is difficult at times and to get it back on?  The lifting of even a smallish tire like for a Subie is rough.  I get it on my legs and use my legs to try to lift it.  (Keep in mind that the tires on our cars (the Subie belongs to our son) are a lot heavier than this little tire/wheel.  The short of it is I'm limited in what work I can around the house (we live on over seven acres) and even more limited on how long I can do things...can't sit too long and I can't stand too long.  Riding in a car turns into agony after a while.  (So I lose my self in thoughts of sex, love, and lust and Brandi spending all my time thinking about MY problems!)

Also had a wedding to go to.  Brandi did get the wedding dress done.  Beautiful!  The bride was beautiful.  The Wedding was delightful.  The drive down...not so much fun.  The day after the wedding we go to downtown LA and have French Dip sandwiches at a place that is a bit famous near Union Station and then spend some time in an Asian area.  Like an idiot I leave an not cheap camera in a store (with the few wedding pictures I did get to take...priceless of course).  After many calls when we get back to where we are staying (a bit less than two hours away!) I find it.

So we are on our way the next day to pick it up.  Our car breaks done on the 101 not too far from where we are staying.  Tow truck!  Independent shop for our car's marque.  Turns out a part on the crankshaft has failed.  Almost $900 at the dealer for that one part! But other parts will be needed and the crank might be damaged.  Not good!

Relative brings a car down for us to use.  It fails on the 101 just as we hit downtown, real downtown LA.  Two fire trucks!! CHP, Helicopter (massive smoke, looked like we were on fire!) and yet another rescue vehicle.  Brandi goes on gets the camera and heads back to where we are staying by train!  I ride back in the cab of a tow truck and got an eye opening chat with the driver about the "fun" of being Mexican in LA.

So...BAD:  Car broken.  Cost around $1500 to fix if the crank is okay.  Ugh!  Brandi has to be back at work so she flies home, more money flying away.  I'm still in California.

GOOD:  Wedding went great.  Bride happy.  Groom happy.  So the car did break at the right time.  The problem I knew we had but could not find was found.  The crank is OKAY.  Parts...found a place to rebuild the part for $130 shipping back to the shop included...much better than $850 or so.  Other parts were found for $180 rather than $280.  With a bit of luck ALL the parts will be here on the 5th and we will be on our way home on the 6th!! (the joy of having a car that the engine was in less than 6000 total cars with not quite four years of production).  Plus the car is old enough and rare enough that the dealers do not keep the parts in stock and the aftermarket people don't consider it old enough yet and maybe not enough of them...ever!

But with luck it will be done on the 6th!   Meaning with luck I will be home for Brandi's birthday, our anniversary and an eye appointment that will start the ball rolling to prove that I have an eye problem due to the accident and a suit has been filed on that!  In our system that means money.  The pain of it is I'd much rather know that rather than the money for "pain and suffering" I'd be able have the medical care to get rid of or reduce the considerable pain I've had since the accident and the concern that I have yet another problem that means pain for years and years...  (For someone as visual as I am to have an eye that just closes when it wants to and the surrounding area is in constant pain really, really scares me...I also know that if I did lose my vision in both eyes most adults do not do well at learning Brail...   It will also make flying and driving a bit tough!)

For some strange reason Brandi has not been all that happy of late.  Money of course.  Did I say she is worried about money?  A minor on the job injury.  Taking care of the cats and other pets and the house while I am fooling around down here...  But while she was here we did manage to talk about sex some and have some...even better.  She still says that she is very interested in having the right lover or lovers and is even more on board with the idea of cuckolding me...  I admit that my wife saying that she wants me to help her find a lover is exciting but I've done that before so the fear factor isn't very high.  But when she says that she wants a lover that is interested in cuckolding me and my wife does want to indulge in some of those fantasies that we have chatted about over the years...I do get a more than a bit of fear mixed in with the excitement.  We have never been successful in finding a lover for my wife that really turns her on that was into cuckolding.  Clumsy.  We have never found a lover that was into cuckolding that also turned on my wife enough that she wanted him for a lover.  So we never have had to deal with a lover that knew that an essential part of his role was cuckolding me as he was becoming my wife's lover/friend and be a bit dom over me.  It will be interesting when we find the right man.  Knowing that he and my wife will enjoy cuckolding me...that is a big whack at one's masculinity right off.  How exciting and scary.  It is also exciting and scary seeing just how much some of our shared fantasies turn my wife on.

That got me to thinking about how much bareback sex and the resulting come from her lovers meant to her.  Our very first threesome with Henri...she took him bare-back and and when he got close and told her he was closet to coming and where did my wife want him to wonderful wife told him to come in her unprotected (no pill, no rubber, no real contraception!) pussy and held him tight, held him deep in her as he was flooding her pussy.  My wife was flooded by her lover!  It was so delightful for me to feel my wife's well fucked, well used, well enjoyed pussy full of come from a man that did indeed become her lover and friend.  Sloppy seconds are fantastic.  I was hooked when I entered my just fucked wife, my mind full of the fact that my wife had just had another man in her and he had come in her, filled her with his sperm, opened her pussy so she felt so wet, open and hot to me,  We were on our bed at the time so Henri got to also indulge in a fantasy for some lovers...doing a wife on the marital bed.  It added to it later when I found out that Brandi had already made up her mind to have him and even though she had promised that she would have him wear a condom she ignored my looks and questioning comment.  I watched in silence as I saw Henri between my wife's spread open legs, she was on her back, opening her legs as he got between her beautiful legs.  Mixed excitement and shock and fear as I watched my wife's hand guide his long and thick (it looked huge to me as he eased his way into my wife's cunt but later I figured out that he wasn't all that much bigger but he sure could last a long time and come a lot!) naked cock into her very wet and willing pussy.  Then even later, after years of playing, almost always with lovers with bare cocks she told me just how much she enjoyed that first time, the time that she was quiet except for some moans and whispers to the man that had his cock balls deep in her pussy.  She started off being a "hotwife" by having several fantastic orgasms with the first man aside from her husband that fucked her as a married woman.  She told me that she had a real concern that if she enjoyed it too much, that if she had too many loud orgasms that I would be scared off and she would not get enjoy Henri or any others again. So next time I'll try to write a bit more about Brandi and come.


  1. Sorry for all your problems with cars and medical issues. I hope things get better.

    Damn, the story of Henri was HOT!

  2. So, did you do the ultimate cuck thing and eat Henri's cum out of her pussy?

  3. They will get better, should have the parts tomorrow and maybe on our way that day!!

    H was one of Brandi's favorite lovers and did have a few firsts with my wife.

    No, that time I did not. Our second meeting with H I did eat my wife a bit after H had come the first time...just nibble on her clit and tried to stay clear of the mess. That got her rather excited and H was kind of cuddling with Brandi, no kissing at that time, and got rather aroused. After she came she climbed on H's cock and had a couple more until H shot another load in her. It was fun. Later I got to love cleaning her and it is a real turn on for my wife...coming home and saying..."Honey, Sid left a little treat for you."