Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whee, car is kinda done, going to get a couple of tires and...

Get on my way back home.  Been a heck of a mess, the kind of things happening I am not sure I would believe if I was reading it.  The wedding went great,  Then the two car problems.  Darling Daughter's health issues got worse...she may of had a seizure/stroke Tuesday and spent the night in the hospital, bunch more tests yesterday and still they seem not real sure what is going on with her.  She has been having problems for over a year now and frequently I get the idea that some Doctors just assume...young woman, hysteria or trying to get drugs or both.  But she and her husband should be moving up to the Bay area in a month or so and there are some good medical facilities there so there is hope. 

My sister lives in the area and she has a condition that is like cancer but isn't.  Painful but while it was pretty much fatal a few years ago the treatment is getting better.  She had some pretty bad pain yesterday so they did not do the chemo they were planning.  But she said it was interesting dealing with her Doctor...the pain didn't really register or concern him.  She thinks it might be due to him seeing people that are dying and dying in just pain doesn't bother or concern him.

BUT...There is GOOD NEWS.  Today is 32 years of married bliss (just kidding, it hasn't always been bliss or even fun) for us!!  We had so many things against us when we got married, rebound for both and such a short time knowing each other before we got married and we have survived!  Still with love and respect for each other.

Will be busy and beat (the drive from Ventura to Portland is going to kill back) the next few days but maybe Sunday or the first part of next week I'll be able to finish some posts and also have a better idea just what Brandi might be seeking and if we are going to get serious about finding her a lover.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment!