Sunday, July 19, 2009

More oops and off topic....

Okay, first the not so off topic stuff, Brandi will have Monday and Tuesday off I and expect even with all the accident related stuff to do she will try to get in touch with E and R. I doubt a meeting but she might start laying plans to meet and she says she wants me to keep trying to find a guy that is a closer fit to her needs in a lover.

Still grinding on with the accident stuff, the car is considered totaled but the body shop guy told me that it will not be crushed and someone will buy it and rebuild it and sell it. It will have a title that will show that it was totaled at some point. The major problem that the body shop sees is that there is about a six inch piece in the back, kind of between the rear bumper mounts and the underframe. That bit is designed to be destroyed in an accident, to sacrifice its self. It does that to save the underframe that is special steel that is more difficult to repair. It did part of the job but the underframe has a rip in it making it beyond reasonable repair cost. He thought it would be bought by a shop that wasn't busy that wanted to keep their workers doing something and in that case someone would get a good deal and a car repaired right. The other option is a shady shop that will not even bother to try to do a proper repair and in that case it would not at all be a good deal for someone...

Brandi did wear a low cut top when we went to get my eyes checked, no sign of accident damage but they want to look at them in a month (my eyes not my wife's tits!). Oh, the low cut top...I think I stared so much at my wife's breasts that I looked the fool, beautiful and I think other men enjoyed the view, not slutty but a nice view of very nice cleavage.

That had me thinking yesterday when I was selling hotdogs for a charity. While I enjoy a nice pair of breasts sans bra moving underneath a cute top that does not work for all times and all women. Second to that is a cute bra that is cute enough to show through the top and lets the breasts move some...things go down hill from that point.

Years ago Brandi had a few of those shelf bras that just cupped the bottom of her breasts leaving the top and the nipples exposed, a little support and showed a lot and her big nipples tended to show through a lot of clothing...might need to look for some of those if they still make them.

It has been fun in the past seeing Brandi shopping for clothing to please a lover including lingerie. She has bought things that she would not let me see until her lover saw her in them and she gone out on a date teasing me about what she was wearing under her dress and how her lover would see it before I would. A few times she has let a lover keep her thong or panties. A few lovers have given her lingerie. I find that hot and I enjoy seeing her wearing the gifts when she isn't seeing them, kind of like letting them have a little claim on her, her intimate parts even when they are not together.

The last thing...we live on about eight acres, a bit rural. Two nights ago our son heard noise and screamed (noises bother him late at night), the dog barked at the cats were upset, I grabed a gun and a light and headed out the door in my underwear (better be careful to not be wearing panties...a guy with a guy and a flashlight and wearing a t-shirt and panties isn't too scary!) but saw just a bit moving away. Yesterday leaving I saw a pet carrier on the edge of the property and picked it up on the way back home. Last night my wife was going down the hall to our daughter's room and saw a little long haired torty cat creeping down the hall. We have two torties but one is short haired and one seldom leaves the bathroom.

Our son's idiot friends dumped this little girl in our daughter's room. A real cute thing but we don't really need another car or another torty. An orange one or a Main Coon or Russian blue but another torty. We knew of one male torty and he was named Darcelle in honor of a tranvestite club in Portland. The new cat is very social and friendly but skinny and a real stickerball, she will need some cleaning up. Off to an airport breakfast. More later or tomorrow, a picture of the new cat?

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