Sunday, July 5, 2009


On Monday we met a guy, let's call him "R" for now and Brandi seems interested in him. Has a legal background so that would make the third or fourth legal type she has played with, if they do play. Both said they were interested in taking things further so I guess it is a matter of time and place and if he (and she) are really interested enough to make it happen.

Our son is back from a trip to Japan and he had a great time but that means we will have to work around him.

On the day he was coming back I was on my way to the airport, a bit less than an hour away depending upon traffic. Traffic got slow and a bit stop and go and...I got rear-ended hard enough to push me into the car in front of me and the car behind me got hit and then the car behind her got hit...

The car is okay, kind of a jinxed car so that is a mixed blessing, the person behind admits that she hit me and the car will need some front end and rear end work and I got a ride in an ambulance.

In kind of a sick way it was funny. A person ran up and told me that 911 had been called so I didn't worry about that. I was unable to find my glasses so I was not seeing things very well. I had a lot of blood on me and I thought it was my nose, my nose tends to bleed easily, so I was holding a paper towel to it as a compress but the blood wasn't slowing down. So I try to find other spots bleeding and I had a deep cut on my forehead and everyone knows how head wounds bleed...

So there I am trying to call my wife who is at work, call my son to let him know I am late and then call my daughter in CA to see if she can get in touch with Brandi and hold the compress on my head and nose and dial the phone with blood covered hands! A person hands me some ice to help with the cut and finds my glasses in the floorboards, damaged but usable.

After I get everyone notified I get out of the car, by this time the EMT's have arrived and I am rushed back to them, they put a pressure bandage on my head, so again no glasses so I am back to not seeing.

Back board and ride to the hospital. Everything looks okay and I have another scar on my head, same Doctor did the work since I had cut my head about three months ago, nine staples that time and nine stitches this time. She said for cuts where this one is the stitches are better to reduce damage to the muscles. I told her that while I loved her that we have to quit meeting this way...she felt dinner and drinks would be much better for both of us!

The back is sore, I have a bad back anyway and that side of the face still feels numb. As we were leaving the e-room a woman was coming in and she looks at me in horror, every garment I had on had blood on it including my shoes. When I did get a look in a mirror I can see why the look of horror, a bloody mess! What a day.

So I'm trying to get back up to speed but I just don't feel sexy or all that sexual today but I will try to get back to it in the next day or two.


  1. sorry to hear about the accident..Lets hope your lady gets some strange and gets some very soon

  2. The Lady is still interested in playing with the new guy so we will see. Me, I now have a very painful back and severe headaches, not at all fun. Did spend part of the weekend at PIR watching the Vintage Races and heading back there today. Then back to the grind of trying to get the cars running and some of the yard cleaned up, but it is drizzling today and might continue being wet until tomorrow, Monday.