Sunday, August 2, 2009

It is still too "f"ing hot! Not Portland weather!

It has been above 90 F the past days, almost a week now and it was up to 95 F today and it has hit over 100 F according to our thermometer...just too darn hot for me any more. Still getting headaches and back pain and to be honest the warm weather tends to make both Brandi and I a bit cranky and not at all sexy feeling. Long days for her has her tired but she says still interested in going further with some of the recent guys.

Over at he tells of a very intense cuckold moment for him, I think one of his early cuckold moments, well worth reading if you don't already follow his blog. I've got stuff to do down in the shop and in the house but I'm not quite up to doing much in this heat so first go over and read his recent postings then I'll list a few of my cuckold moments and let's see if there is any interest in hearing more about any of them.

Back in the Kate days:

Kate dating with my permission including up to giving blow jobs.
Kate dating without my permission, fucking other guys...bugging me to come down and visit and then going out with another guy.

Kate partying after work, group sex, not enough details from her. Very cuckold.

Kate's summer's away including living with a guy and sex with him and other, see the first very long post.

My wife Brandi:

First time with anther man (Henry), a threesome, didn't feel cuckolded. It was in our bed soo that was one taboo done with from the begining.
First time with Henry and Brandi kissing, affection and public affection, Henry and my wife becoming more than fuck buddies, friends and then lovers.

First time with Henry without me being there...on our bed, I was not home and I did feel a bit like a cuckold.

Brandi visiting me in Reno (crash pad) and fucking the "landlord" while I was at work after promising me that she wouldn't fuck other men unless I was there. First time Brandi was with another man without me being there! Did feel a bit cuckolded, actually more than a bit. I was shocked and hurt and very shortly very aroused.

Brandi meeting Dr. Steve for coffee and heading off to his to his room in less than thirty minutes after they first met...did feel a bit cucked as she had said that she wouldn't do anything their first meeting and did not call until she was on her way home.

Brandi meeting Dr. Steve again and again. More cuckold feelings.

Brandi meeting a new guy for lunch and going to his house and fuckiing...not much in the way of cuckold feelings.

Brandi and L...intense cuckold feelings. First overnight with a lover.

Brandi and John, very hot sex between the two of them and a rapid friendship. She enjoyed a bit rougher sex with John than we have...a bit of cuckold feelings.

Brandi and her girlfriend and her girlfriend's lover...him calling me from bed telling me how good my wife was at sucking his cock...intense cuckold feelings and knowing her girlfriend knows what turns me on. Her girlfriend enjoyed pushing Brandi's limits and pushing me a bit as well, getting Brandi to see her lovers, letting Brandi use her house to meet guys. She would assure my wife that I really wanted her to date men, enjoy them bareback, spend the night with them and to eat her come filled pussy. I think Sherri knew I was a cuckold before I knew it. She enjoyed pushing my wife into cuckold things and enjoyed my reactions to it. Sherri knowing that my wife slept around was a major step for us.

Brandi celebrating her birthday with four or five men while I was on a trip, Sherri helped set it up.

Coming home from a trip and seeing four thongs sealed up in plastic bags...wet from Brandi and some of her lovers.

I am not sure at what point I decided to accept and enjoy those cuckold love seeing my wife out in public with her lover and lots of affection between them. To feel a bit of shame (and enjoy that shame) but not enough to stop me as my wife's lover watches as my wife tells me to eat her pussy, the pussy he had just filled with sperm. To feel how wet and open my wife's pussy is after her lover, how slick she feels as I slide into her, to enjoy knowing that she is wet and slippery, sloppy from her lover or lovers. To have my wife tell me that Sid sent home a little treat for me to enjoy and I could nibble on her some but I'd have to wait, her pussy was too sore from her lover for her to let me slife my cock into her and want to feel my cock in her soo much but at the same time I'll enjoy the wait and be a bit jealous of her lover. To hear my wife comment on how much she enjoyed the love making with her lover and how much she enjoyed his cock and how delightful it was for her when he came in she enjoyed feeling her lover filling her with his big loads of come. I've seen her with some of her lovers and it is obvious how much she enjoys their cocks and come and how much she enjoys them as people and as lovers. But the sight of my naked wife in bed with her lover and them kissing and cuddling while she fondles his cock after he has come in her, after seeing her have several orgasms from his touch, his tounge and his cock...but to see her not be able to leave his cock, it makes me feel very much like a cuckold and to know that she is aware that I am watching but in some ways I am not there to her...she is with her lover! Yeah, all sorts of thoughts in my mind at times like those.

Not sure at all when I felt that I was a cuckold, I mean of course it all depends upon how you look at it, Brandi feels since we are in this together she isn't really cheating and she isn't. If you want to go by the dictionary any of us that try swinging or poly or hotwife fun are cuckolds but while there are all sorts of cuckolds from unknowing ones to sissy ones...I feel like a cuckold and I feel that when my wife is with the right lover she is cuckolding me and she feels that when she is with the right lover, a man that she really likes and enjoys in and out of bed she is putting him first and is cuckolding me...and that power turns her on...the sex and friendship turn her on too and I think that the cuckolding is just a bit more pleasure for her, a bit of spicy seasoning to her being a hotwife.


  1. Mmmmm...those pics are so hot! Did anyone clean get to clean you up?

  2. Hot post.

    I particularly like the picture of Kate ...bugging you to go down and visit and then going out with another guy.

    I think that its so hot when a woman knows she's got a man wrapped round her finger, and so treats him like shit because she can - lucky you.

  3. Ah yes, one of the high points with Kate was being down there, picking her up and going out with her, meeting friends, sitting next to her and running my hand up her jean clad leg as we had nibbles and drinks. That might be worth expanding on...

    The pictures...Brandi was with a guy we just met, a guy from NZ, she met him, liked him. We went to his hotel and that is some of what happened. Her comments included that she really enjoyed him, he came a lot and was good for more than one time. Yes, I did eat her and I have a shot looking up her body, including her very wet pussy and her new lover's cock is in her mouth as she is getting him hard for another go! It was a hot time.

  4. I love what you's sexy, raw and honest. Priceless. Thank you for being so open. I have been trying to get hubby to be a cuckold. Sometimes he wants to hear about my playmates and sometimes not. But I'm blessed to have him let me play. I like what you have to say and your wife is gorgeous. I'll be back.