Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Day...

Busy today picking up Darling Daughter's car, it is better but not great, seems it was the torque converter failing that caused the problems, $500 lighter in the wallet, tough on a budget but it does run better. I do trust the shop that did the work as much as any shop. Two days after this...the car runs better but still jerks and shakes some until warm.

Also made Chili for a fund raiser tomorrow and did some other things to help with the fund raiser so didn't get much done that I wanted to get done. Day after the fund raiser, went well.

I was reading another blog and he mentioned about his wife telling him she might see someone while he was out of town. His Blog: Didn't quite happen while he was gone but something quite fun happened when he got home. Anyway I mentioned something about a time I was out of town and I thought I would go into greater detail here.

I was working as a pilot for a company hauling freight, international freight, fun and I got to see the world. One of the bad points was our work month was sixteen to twenty-two days gone...gone as in a row of days away from home...really gone!

I was up in Anchorage for a few days and I got an email from Brandi telling me that she had a date, a first meeting really with a new guy named John coming up in a few days and she wanted to know if I was okay with it. She did say that she would just meet him, she was not going to have sex with him on a first date.

Of course I was, a bit envious since I wasn't getting much sex and Brandi was seeing up to three men during this time and John was a new guy. So a little about John. He was an architech and Brandi at one time dreamed of being one herself. She is a bit obsessed about houses and their designs. But to be honest architechs turn her on big time. John was also a well spoken guy that treated her well.

Like I said I think the first time they met I was out of town, think I was doing Anchorage to Seoul. I think Brandi called me when I was back in Alaska the day after or maybe even that evening? Anyway Brandi agreed to meet him at a restaurant in San Luis, about 40 miles from our house. She met him for a drink and nibbles. They chatted some and got along well. John invited my wife to see his home. So off they went to his house. They drove in two cars or it was within walking distance of the restaurant. Less than two hours after they met they were walking into John's home. John gave her a tour of his home. Then they sat and chatted in the living room, on a sofa, next to each other but no sexual comments.

My wife is wondering what is going on, she tells me that by going to his home she was telling him and herself that she was wanting to take things a bit further, she wanted to fuck him. She is giving up, getting mentally ready to leave and go home.

All of a sudden John pulls her toward him and kisses her. Starts groping her body as he keeps kissing her. Then John pulls my wife off the sofa and onto the carpeted floor.

So try to picture this, my wife is on her back on the floor and John is kind of beside her bending over and kissing her as he is using one hand to fondle and caress her breasts through her top and at times running his hand up her legs and staring to get his hand up under her skirt. As Brandi is telling me this her shock at the suddenness of John's assault is clear to me, As she is telling me this after the fact I am shocked and worried, was my wife being forced to do something she didn't want to do, was my wife being "date raped"?

Brandi goes on... John kept kissing her as he ran his hand up under my wife's skirt. Then John is pushing her top up, groping her breasts through her bra and then pushes her bra up. Now John is roughly playing with my wife's breasts, sqeezing them, teasing and pinching her nipples as he keeps kissing her.

I start to ask questions, nervous and concerned about my wife and how she felt about what happened. Brandi keeps going, ignoring my questions. John moves to between my wife's legs, pushing up her skirt and feels her legs and her thong as he bends back down and keeps kissing her and also taking time to kiss and nibble on her breasts. He reaches up her skirt and starts to pull my wife's thong down...pushes her skirt up around her waist and yanks her thong down and works it one leg and then the other leg...gets his pants down and slides his bare cock into Brandi... It doesn't take too long for John to come and she says he came a lot... I start to try to ask questions but my wife tells me to wait, she has more to tell me. I am still sick at the thought of my wife being forced to do something she didn't want to do!

So Brandi goes on. After John had come he rested a bit on my wife, she enjoys the feeling of her lover's cock in her after he comes. In a bit he rolls off and they hug and cuddle and kiss for a bit, my wife with her skirt up to her waist, pussy leaking, top and bra pulled up and John with his pants down.

John offers to get her some water and she takes him up on it, so he gets up and pulls his pants up and brings back some water and a glass of wine for each of them. He gets down on the floor beside her and they chat for bit.

Soon John leans over and kisses my wife, kisses her again, then his hands are running over her body, my wife reaches for him and starts to fondle his cock through his pants. As they kiss my wife struggles with his belt and John undoes his belt and pants and my wife reaches into his underwear to stroke him. They chat, sip their wine, cuddle and kiss for a while. Brandi is now stroking a hard cock, something that really turns my wife on, seeing or feeling a man excited by her really gets my wife's pussy wet.

John pulls her top off, then her bra, lots of kissing, lots of touching, then moves around and pulls her skirt down and off. My wife helps John out of his clothing and now they are both naked. They are still chatting (my wife lusts after men that can talk!), still sipping their wine, my wife has a hand on his cock, playing with his cock and balls, John has a hand exploring my wife, playing with her breasts, teasing and pinching her nipples, teasing her pussy, playing with her clit. A little more time passes as they tease each other.

John slides up and gets on his knees and pulls my wife's face to his cock, she starts sucking him and then takes a break to put her wine glass down. John fucks her face (I assume this from a video of another of their meetings as well as from my wife's words, the first time she told me about it and after all my questions...) guiding, her efforts with one of his hands on my wife's head as he takes a sip now and then of his wine.

John puts his wine glass down, slides around and gets between Brandi's legs, spreads them wide and then starts to eat my wife's pussy. It isn't long before she comes and then she starts begging John to fuck her, telling him that she wants to feel his cock in her again. My wife flails and flops around as she has another orgasm, her hands on John, trying to lift his head up, trying to pull him up and get his cock into her pussy...when she starts to come down from her orgasm John lifts up and moves up and guides his cock into my very wet and ready wife.

Brandi tells me she lost count of her orgasms, John, kept moving and changing positions, slipping out of her so she could try to grasp his cock and guide it back into her. She was on her back, legs spread wide, then knees up, then legs on his on her hands and knees, then head down...John fucks her hard, his hands exploring her body, teasing and pinching her nipples. She is very wet, very open, she is very aware of her wetness and how hot and open her cunt is to John, on her back she feels the wetness oozing down between the cheeks of her ass, on her knees she feels it running down her legs, a nasy mixture of his come and her own juices...she is very wet, she gets wet, very wet and she thinks she is far more wet than usual..words that make me feel hurt (I don't think of myself as a cuckold at this time, just a hotwife hubby), hearing of her excitment at John's hands at the same time I am feeling concerned about her safety and if she felt she was forced into things...hurts but as she keeps talking over the phone I am also so turned on, so hard, so jealous, so hurt, so excited...I can see it in my mind, I know what my wife's pussy feels like, how she orgasms, how she will beg me or a lover to fuck her, to come in her.

John is a demanding lover, fucking her hard, "making" my wife do what he wants to do. They fuck and fuck, changing positions, having my wife suck his wet cock for a minute and then back in her wet pussy, his tongue on my wife's clit and then his cock back in her wet cunt since she begs him to get his cock back in her. My wife's words hurt but I am still hot and excited. She has no idea how many orgasms she had, she knows it was "lots", my wife has no idea how long they fucked the second time..."it was a long felt so good!...I don't know how many times I came...but it was a lot!". As he fucks my wife from behind, her ass in the air, her shoulders on the carpet he twists her nipples, plays with her breasts, plays with them hard, she tells me she loves it. He gets his fingers wet with their combined juices and slides a finger in my wife's ass (something she doesn't really like me to do) then another finger in her ass, fucking my wife's ass with his fingers, she feels his growing excitement. John's thrusting is even harder, my wife's head is up against the sofa, she has no way to go as John fucks her harder...and she keeps coming and coming. It hurts me to hear this. But it excites me as well.

She starts begging John to come in her...I've heard her do that with a lover..."fuck me, come in me, sperm me, fill me with your come, shoot your wad in me..." Knowing the kinds of things she was saying to John as he was on the verge of coming in my wife, fucking her hard, fucking her in ways she will not let me fuck her, his fingers in her hot and so painful.

John comes, thrusting deep, holding for a second and pulling back and slamming into my wife again..and again...and again and again..she tells me she could feel his cock get harder and bigger, feel his come shooting in her and feel the wet moist slick feeling of his come as he spurts in her pussy. They collapse to the floor trying to catch some air, both gasping from the intense fuck session.

They pull apart, she sighs as she feels John's still semi-hard cock slip out of her. They sip their wine and chat for a bit. Then my wife slowly gets dressed and heads home, to our house, to our kids. She calls me and tells me a bit about it when she gets home...but mostly to assure me that she got back from her first meeting with a potential lover okay. Later, between phone calls and emails I hear more and then I hear more when I get home.

At first I am angry at how it seems John treated her, was she forced? She assures me that she was not forced and she loved it and wants to see John again. She is still rug burned on her ass, her shoulders, back and front, her knees, her elbows, John had fucked my wife hard in ways that she would not allow me to, I hurt but it also is soo hot. She talks to John on the phone, planning to meet again, planning for them to be lovers. It hurts but it feels hot. I feel a bit cucked in some ways and part of it is her intense delight in the way that John fucked and used her.

When I first get home Brandi tells me to check in my night stand, a little zip locked bag, the thong she wore that night, still wet, still fragrant from my wife's juices (and she gets very wet) and John's two loads of semen he shot deep in my wife. Raunchy and so hot, I sniff the combined scents of my wife and her lover. So hot and sexy and more than a big nasty. I want her to see John again about as much as she wants to see John. I am delighted by this side of my wife and hurt that I cannot fulfill her needs to be a bit dominated and used by the right lover. But at the same time it hurts I am still excited, delighted, turned on and a bit ashamed by it incudding the bit of shame and humiliation I get from my wife enjoying sex, enjoying having lovers and her enjoyment at some of the cuckolding things she does for me and for her. I think was a big step in my cuckold education...

The pictures, some of my wife with another lover, a guy that helped her celebrate a birthday along with three or four other men. I went along when she had a later meeting with him and while they are not of Brandi and John they are of her getting well done on the carpet, no rug burns this time,

Later for part two of Brandi and John, the time I was down in South America and KMIA while she was with John for most of the night.


  1. well my friend, Im glad I suggested you write something and even happier that you did so..That was a hot story...I have never felt even the slightest twinge of hurt...I just love it when my wife fucks other men and if a guy fucked her the way John fucked your wife, I could take off without engines or wings.....that was very hot and the part about him sperming your wife...I just love the choice of adjectivies...

  2. At times my wife has said things in her moments of passion that really suprised me and turned me on. Seeing your wife begging her lover to shoot his wad in her, pleading for him to fill her with his sperm is hot. I think the hurt to me is a part of the fun, a bit of pain and a bit of jealousy since I want to be the guy driving her wild. But at the same time I love her being driven wild by another man so... I guess I am just a bit crazy.