Sunday, April 11, 2010

It has been a while...busy, had minor surgery and some other things...

A few questions...

Do I still fly?  Nope, I'd like to but there are the issues of being "disabled" and then getting a FAA medical.  I think I could get a Third Class Medical (Private Pilot) and then do some flying but the other issue is of course money.  It is quite pricey to me to go rent an airplane.  I'm used to getting paid for my flying, not having to pay for it.  I know that sounds very snotty but the money is a real issue (if I had more I'd do it).  I'd love to do some flying even if I was paying for it.  If I ever win the lottery...

I miss the travel in my flying, it was fun seeing the world but I also miss the flying.  It is hard express the pleasure you feel with a flight well done.  A smooth take off, a trouble free flight and then a smooth approach and landing.  When it all fits together and works out just right it is so much fun...and pleasure.

Brandi's Concern...Leaving me?  No, don't think that is really a big issue to her.  She has had a few guys in the past get interested in more than sex and friendship and when it got to be too much they were gone.  I am sure that there is some thrill for the both of us in the risk of Brandi finding a lover that gets to her so much that she is seriously thinking of leaving but so far all the guys she has been with have had at least one warning flag to her that it really wouldn't work in the long run with them.  I am sure that she has day dreamed or fantasized about running away with one or two or even running away for a weekend or a week or two or even longer as in really running away but we all have fantasies that we don't really expect or want to live out.

I still think that the issues are age (energy), the pressure of the one kid at home, money...due to me not working (disability is better than nothing and I am very grateful for it but...), time (she does work full time and most weekends she is at work so that takes up time that a lot of people use for playing), my continuing health issues (we are still working on my back and head pain and no real answers yet...I know the pain does not help my attitude or my energy level and I am unable to do things I used to do with ease, like work on the yard and cars).  I also think that she doesn't feel all that sexy or desirable right now.  Also she feels a bit down in that the men that she has meet (and not had sex with) just were not quite what she was seeking.  She tends to forget that in the past she has had times when it just seemed impossible to find the right lover and it does take a fair amount of effort to find them at times.  Look around at the honest hotwife or cuckolding blogs and you see that it is a common complaint.  Of course one of the funny things to go along with that is that you either have no good prospects or a flood of guys that really seem to work.  Seems rare to be in some sort of  place  between the extremes.  Oh well.

Aside from not much at all going on.  The new kittens are beginning to romp and stomp. Great consternation for the older cats and we are having to be very careful with our feet.  Six little furry commandos running around.  Delightful to watch.  Mom cat is being a good mom and she also is quite the hunter.  Saw her very efficiently dispatch a rather large rat...that bit at the neck and twist.  Very well done and the rat was about half her weight if not a bit more so it was impressive.

Off for a little yard work and chores.  Later.

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  1. Very interesting blog you have. I will spend some more time reading through older posts. :)