Thursday, March 3, 2011

So now it is what...Thursday??

The week started out interesting and mostly unpleasant.  We had no real sex.  Darling Daughter bugging me for more addresses (and I am still trying to find more) of people that she wants to invite to her (and the groom's) wedding.  She isn't really being a "Bridezilla" yet but she does get a bit wrapped around the axle at times.  So after I do this short post I will get back to that and some other work (phone calls mostly) that need to be done.  With her heart problems (mid twenties!) stress is not something she needs!  She does have a personality like mine that can get stressed for no good reason.  I've learned to at some point buckle down and tough it out and get things done...but at times it takes a bit to get there and to press on.  I can feel some of her pain and stress.

Then we had all those phone calls and other stuff to do with the car accident I was in a year and a half ago.  Still have pain...lots of it in my back and my forehead.  That is real pain, all the crap from that.  We could get a lawyer to handle it at 33% plus costs which means that they would get around 40% of anything (and they say "very little" but I don't know how they define "very little" since from what I read on the net part of it is pretty cut and dried on what you get) I get and the health insurance is already making a claim on anything I get so between the two I might not bother to try for anything but looking around the net plenty of people have handled simple claims with no lawyer on their part.  Yes, I am sure that they get less than if a lawyer was involved but if the lawyer takes around 40% off the top that is a fair chunk of it that I am going to lose anyway so why not try to handle things myself.  If anyone has had to deal with the after effects of an auto accident...I would love to hear from you.

But today is cool but sunny, putting me in a better mood for those reasons alone.  I am not much for gloomy cold and wet weather.  So things do look a bit brighter.  Our "guests" have arrived last night.  So far so good.  They really are nice boys and the dog is nice but the dog is a bit upsetting to the cats.  And of course we have no idea at this point how long they are going to be  here.  But we will survive and go on so I can deal with it...I don't think that Brandi will be walking around naked much while they are here...

Brandi taking a lover?  Or two?  Brandi worked late last night and not too long after she got home Son showed up after he got off little time to chat about sex before we went to bed.  And she had to work early today so no chatting about sex before or in bed or in the morning...Sounds like bad news eh?

But wait...there is more! 

I did ask Brandi bluntly did she want to actually seek out and have another lover or two.  She thought a bit and said, "Yes, I think I really do want to have another lover now."

A  while back we bought a Sony RDR-VX555 deck that can record your old video tapes onto DVDs.  Well while we got a good price on it it did not have the remote control and until we get the remote you cannot actually record a DVD that can be played on another device...So it kind of plays VHS tapes.  Kind of plays DVDs but not very well.  So while I hope to get a remote for it soon it right now just really is a piece of junk, we could have bought a rebuilt off brand unit at Fry's for less and had a DVD recorder that worked!  But our old Sony VHS deck finally bought the farm.  Looks like a tiny screw (that I cannot find) holding a rubber covered roller that pinched against a metal roller cam out letting the rubber roller fall it no longer works.  But it was at least ten years old...but when we bought it it was a better than average VHS player and I liked using it to copy tapes. 

So I had brought up the DVD recorder so I would have something to play the old tapes I had made of Brandi playing years ago.  I had tried to record some of them on DVDs and I managed to make some DVDs that I can only play on the machine that recorded them.  So I was searching through the small stack of DVDs that I had recorded and played some of then while we were doing our epic bedroom cleaning on Monday and Tuesday.  I thought they just bugged Brandi some but the one of two of  her meetings with a man that she played cheating wife seemed to have turned her on.  He was a bit of a jerk in my opinion but he really turned Brandi on.  He would call her for phone sex and at his instructions Brandi would strip naked except for some sandals and walk out into our yard and proceed to have phone sex with him...sitting stark naked and her legs spread clothing around and thirty or forty feet from the house.  Other times she would be on one of those two person yard swings, naked, leaning back, phone at her ear and a hand busy on her breasts and a hand busy between her legs.  At times she would have such wild orgasms she would spurt enough to leave huge wet spots on the swing cushions.  I am sure her lover enjoyed the phone sex and I enjoyed watching her and the horny wife needing a cock in her afterward. 

There was something about him that really turned my wife on.  She would get wet just chatting to him about non-sexual things.  Their first meeting she spent the night with him.  She had promised me that she would tape their first sex...and she didn't.  She had promised me as she left (I was on a trip and out of town) that she would keep me informed...since she had never met the guy both her girlfriend, who knew she played around, and I were worried about her safety.  She didn't keep either one of us informed.  And she left to see him she told me that she wanted to save something for me...she wanted us to decide on some sexual act that she would not do with him or another lover...  Romantic yes?  She decided on sex in the shower, my wife decided that she would not ever have sex in the shower with anyone else.  Sex in the shower was reserved for me.  Romantic!

Anyway the two short segments of meetings with him seemed to turn her on.

But there was another DVD that I played and looking back I think it turned Brandi on more.  We got a call from a woman that wanted my wife to be her husband's birthday present.  She was going to be out of town on a business trip and she wanted her husband to have sex that night as was their tradition. Since they were swingers and somehow had got Brandi's name and number (I don't think we had met but they might have been at the little get together for women and couples that wanted to have black lovers that Brandi and her girlfriend had gone to.

They owned a winery and a nice  house.  She called us right before we left for their house to confirm that he was home.  Brandi wore an outfit that looked a bit Asian, a bit of the Ao Dai and a touch of a Chengosam.  A high collar, long, pants under and golden fabric with a Asian weave.  She looked good in it. 

So we got there and I taped Brandi walking up to his door.  (The taping was very limited on battery so I didn't get as much as I would have liked until later when I plugged in a power adapter.)  Then I taped them later inside.  He told us that he thought Brandi being his birthday present was a joke until Brandi excused herself to use the lady's room and came back minus her pants...

So the next segment of tape has her standing and sitting at their bar sipping wine and talking with the Birthday Boy.  My wife is wearing a thong and an open front bra...her breasts are overflowing and the BB is getting an eyeful.  But what is more interesting is Brandi is telling him about her slipping with another man not all that long before. 

Brandi had been invited to this greet and meet for women and men seeking black lovers.  A man that we had been emailing and talking to invited Brandi.  I was going to be out of town so I urged Brandi to go anyway.  She decided to go.   But her Girl Friend had talked her into doing a Cancer Walk the same evening. Brandi told her GF that she could not meet her earlier as she had something to do.  Up to that point Brandi had worked hard  to make sure that no one knew of our swinging and then at that point that she was beginning to do some dating without me along.  So for several days Brandi kept dodging the question of just what she was doing before the Cancer Walk.  Then her GF (married but her hubby was not home) told Brandi WHY she wanted to meet Brandi earlier that day...that she wanted Brandi to meet a guy that she had meet on AFF and was fucking...

Whee!  As you might imagine that changed how Brandi looked at her GF and how Brandi thought about sharing a part of her life with her.  Brandi told her that she was going to a meet and greet for women and couples that wanted black lovers.  GF thought that was great and so that day off they went.  Nothing happened there but S (a guy that Brandi was very interested in) meet and both liked each other enough that they stayed in touch until they could meet...  So Brandi was a bit aroused going to that meet and greet...she had my permission to play with S or any other interesting man at the meet and greet but so far as I knew she was not going to share any of our games with her GF...I had no idea that she had shared her interest in a certain black man as a lover or that she played around at all with her GF.

So the DVD has Brandi talking to the Birthday Boy and telling him about that day.  She, like I said is now wearing an open front shelf type bra and a nice thong.  It is so hot to me seeing her being almost naked talking about something very sexual and being very calm about they are just discussing wine or the weather...

After the meet and greet Brandi and her GF had met her GF's lover.  GF and her lover sat in the front of GF Lover's car and were flirting and excess as far as my wife was concerned.  So she was telling BB about her looking up front and saying something of the nature of, "That isn't fair!  What about me!" 

GFL turns around, grabs my wife and pulls her toward the front seat and she says, "Gives me a wet deep hot kiss..."  So as they drive to the Cancer Walk there is a lot of flirting and double entendres and sexual innuendo.  My wife admitted that she was already turned on by being at the meet and greet and meeting S the very attractive black guy that she was very interested in.  So she was enjoying the chatting and flirting.  At one point GFL asked Brandi if she always wore a thong or a g-string and she told him something of the nature of if she wore underwear it was usually a thong or a g-string.  She later felt that might have  been the tipping point and as a result later than evening I got a phone call up in PANC and a male voice tells me that my wife is a great cock sucker...

So she was enjoying telling BB that she had played without me around.  And I think that seeing that video of her standing almost naked telling a man that she had not met before that she was going to be his birthday fuck and telling him about some of the things she had done in her past turned her on.  Later she is standing next to BB and up against him and he is doing a bit of touching and caressing.  Bra still on, nipples looking very hard.  When the camera moves around to see her whole body we see that BB has managed to slip her thong down and it is around one ankle on the floor...  Then in a bit BB unhooks her bra and my wife is naked...still very calm like it is normal for her to be totally naked and a man that she had not met before caressing her body in preparation to fucking her.

After that event she later told me that she felt BB wasn't all that good of a lover (according to her he wasn't all that good in bed and she did have him a few more times and also she liked a better endowed lover)  but she really enjoyed being a birthday present like that.  Watching it on and off Tuesday reminded her of the fun she had enjoyed when she was playing around and I think that is part of the reason that she said that she does want to find another lover or two.

So after I get done with my car accident related phone calls I'll be looking at AFF and the other places for a mature lover or two for her...


  1. Just discovered your blog. I can really sympathize with your situation. I think nearly ALL men experience the disappointment of wives losing interest in sex. In your case, since you had climbed to a high place, hotwifing and cuckolding, you have had a lot greater distance to fall. I am familiar with this from other men and I will never understand how women can be so asexual. I mean, if they don't want it for themselves, is it that much to ask for them to do some fucking (either with their hubby, in most "normal" relationships) or with playmates, for couples in hotwife or swinging relationships. If a woman loves her husband, why can't she do this little bit, say once a month, to please him? I just don't get it. Freud had it right................

  2. I had hoped that things were turning for the better when our daughter visited. We had expected her to be getting married later this year. It was going to be a stretch but we were going to do all that we could for a small nice wedding for her. For reasons that I can understand she and her intended are no longer "intended"...they got married a couple of months ago. Brandi is more than a bit pissed about it. Several factors: We had talked to his parents and they thought we knew... He is applying to things that the two of them being married "now" rather than later makes it possible for better planning for them and for where he is applying. Daughter has some medical issues that what with HIPA and all that makes it quite difficult for a person other than a spouse to get information about during treatment... Also I think daughter felt it was better to tell us that in person...

    Mom is a bit pissed and right now feels..."Hey, they are married so...what is the big deal about a wedding?" I think she will come around but it did seem to put an end to our sexual progress.

    I admit that it was a bit of a shock but I could understand the reasons why... But I am concerned about the relationship between the two of them and it isn't the place here to discuss my (and her mother's) concerns about it.

    Oh, and I found out that daughter had accused Brandi of sleeping around about ten years ago...I just found out about the time of those postings. At that time we considered ourselves to be "swingers" and Brandi was indeed fucking a few other men and we did attend parties and I think she had been dating some and of course I knew about the dating. Brandi claims that she has blotted the details of their confrontation out of her mind years ago. But if her timing is right it was when she had a big change in attitude toward sex with others and with me...