Thursday, June 18, 2009

Have you ever…

1. been married? Yes (first and only far...for us both.

2. been divorced? been remarried? No

3. had sex at a wedding reception? No (after, --honeymoon and also with a previous GF and I assume my wife not that we go to that many weddings).

4. had sex with someone you first met at a wedding or wedding reception? No.

5. given a toast to the bride and groom? Yes, to my brother.

Bonus: What is the funniest thing you’ve seen or done at a wedding? We toasted our marriage using beer, PBR rings a bell but it might have been another cheap one. A friend that was really into wine promised to bring some champagne and he did, but gave it to us as we were leaving for the honeymoon!

Bonus II (as in optional): What is the best toast for the wedding couple? Health, Happiness and a Long and Happy Marriage!

Playing around with adding pictures, as the other one, these are old and I wanted to see what order they show up in versus how they were added on the pop-up. I'g guess scans of old Poloroids.


  1. Love the pics, your wife certainly radiates a breathtaking degree of beauty in those pics, as undoubtedly she does today. Hope to see more!

  2. wow what an attractive lady...any man would be happy to bed her for you....but then your know that