Monday, June 8, 2009

Car Work and Other Issues. Time does fly.

Done a fair amount of work on the Rangie and Darling Daughter's Volks. Last problem on the Volks was a "Check Engine" light. Bought the code reader (Over $120 at Harbor Freight for their top of the line!) and it was a large emission system leak...the last time we got gas the gas cap retaining strap was messed up in the threads meaning the gas cap did not seal. But the gizmo let's you put the light out. Ah well. It is still shaking like ? (insert the word of your choice) when you first shift to Drive or Reverse, after it warms up it gets better. No idea what the problem might be. Will look for a Jetta site or two tomorrow and see what I can learn.

The Rangie is has a hot start problem. Cleaned and checked a bunch of stuff and I think I will change the Idle Air Control Valve, a GMC part so pretty cheap if you buy it as a GMC part.

Sex, not much, B hasn't been in the mood. E called and doesn't know when he will be back up but is eager to see B. Said that if business doesn't bring him up he will either come up or bring B down, he lives below the LA area. Said he would make it worth her while. A term to conjecture with.

Another guy called yesterday (R I think) local as in Portland area and wants to meet. He had hoped to do it today but other things got in the way. Not sure if B really is interested in meeting since she doesn't put really any effort into it and even in non-sexual things any plans I make for us...well any plan I make is a plan that she will make sure does not happen. She says she wants me to make plans and this has even been for us to meet another couple as friends non-sexual and if I try to make the plan there all of a sudden all sorts of reasons for us to not do it. So I don't understand and I have told that if she wants to do somethign or for us to meet someone, sexual or non-sexual...she makes the plans.

I've told her that if you are not interested in playing...don't. If you don't want to meet certain men...don't. If the whole idea isn't interesting any more...just tell me and quit playing games about it. I tell her that she is sending a very strong message to me that she isn't interested in any sort of playing or any sort of sex. That isn't all bad but don't play games about it.

But then she talks to E and R and tells them she wants to meet them. Tells me not to stop the AFF and other ads and that she is interested. The problem is that to be honest that I am at the point that I no longer care, I'm the one that is saying that I am really not interested. I'm not going to put any effort into something that I am sure will not happen. I have enough problems and things to do that I don't care to waste time persuing a fantasy that will not happen. I don't call or write potential lovers for her any more since I have the feeling that any effort I make just makes her balk. No point in doing something that is for pleasure that does not bring you pleasure, I mean we or she does not have to do this unlike a lot of things in our lives.

Don't really understand and I guess that is what really bothers me, I just don't know or understand what is going on and when I try to talk to B about it for some reason it isn't the right time or place or...

I mention things and she seems excited. She said she wanted to have some pictures taken for HMT. Hasn't happened. She thought this blog was a good idea (getting kind of boring eh?). She keeps saying that she will contact old know the answer.

There are plenty of other problems and other issues in our lives but some of the issues have been around for years (kids, money, the fact that I really don't like where we live on several issues and she decided where we would live without even looking at the house we were buying and the house and the property have had and continue to have problems of all sorts and it could have been reduced with a minimum of care that she refused to do!).

I tell her that her actions are all the answer I need in regards to playing and she says I am wrong. I don't think I am wrong.


  1. Just wanted to say hang in there and remember communication is key. Jointly Talking with a subject matter expert in the issues you are having might help too.

  2. Thanks, I was on the rag and it shows. Sometimes life gets a little complex and busy and we both don't do what is right or what we really want to do or what we want to do for our loved ones. Kids and you insane. Must admit the cats, the ferret and even the dog helps keep me as sane as I amount that is open to discussion!