Monday, September 7, 2009

Sorry, no real news....At PIR the last three days and beat after getting home!

The Field Meet and the vintage racing was a lot of fun.  Talked to some of the drivers and that was fun and met a guy that built an old special and it was also Peyote's 50th birthday and of course Peyote was built by the same guy that designed the Ambros.

Not a heck of lot of beautiful women at the track, Brandi had to work.  The rather intense rain at times might have had some women choosing not to dress sexy...wonder why?   Some neat cars and some fun watch, I know I don't have the money to race and I am not sure I have the nerve to.  I'd be one of those guys that are there just to cruise around and get some track time.  I think Brandi would love to try some racing...I'd try to talk her into Formula V since I like the open wheel racers.   Most the people I had dealings with were nice but there were a few jerks, real jerks.

Brandi says she is still interested in meeting E this month when he is up, I don't know if she has talked to him in the past week or so.  Not sure what is up with R either.

We have acupuncture tomorrow, the both of us, after the past three days my back is shot, popping pain pills like they are some cheap breath mint...about as much good as they are doing too!  I don't see anyway I could try to hold down a real job, a little work over three days and it is agony and so much stuff in my system I'm sure I would fail a drug test.  Take care of your back!

We have a Canon video camera, one that uses the tape and has a memory card, still learning how to use it but today I figured out that while you are taping you can also still take still shots on the memory card.  Need to find the cable to see just what I filmed.

When Brandi starts playing around I plan to take video and of course some still shots and this camera just might make it pretty easy.  Now if I can just teach her how to use it for some dates when I am not there...that will be hot.  She did tape a few sessions with L, the guy she was playing as a cheating housewife and with J, a guy that really turned her on, he was great at "taking" her, being in charge and using her the way she wanted to be used.  I never met him either but I did talk to him a few times on the phone and they did call me one time when they were out...well out in a hotel room.  That was interesting and fun.

I will try to write more tomorrow or Wednesday.  Just too tired tonight.

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