Thursday, September 3, 2009

Very Late Too Much Information and a few pictures to tease.

1. If you could have monumental sex where would it be (i.e. on Lincoln's lap, the stairwell of the Statute of Liberty)?

Wow, most of those places seem uncomfortable.  Maybe the Monument (Vertical Runway) in Vientiane Laos.  I guess it isn't a monument but I always wanted to take some nude pictures of first Kate and then Brandi at Fort Point in San Francisco but it never happened, the pictures would of course been followed by sex.

2. Have you ever "played" with your food (i.e. a blowjob under booth #9 at Denny's, finger banging by candlelight at Spago)?

Yes, finger play at various restaurants and fucked at a bar, but it tended to a swinger clientele so I don't think that really counts. Brandi once sat across from me next to her lover as we dined in a fairly nice restaurant.and he fondled my wife to an orgasm and then had me taste my wife on his and a bit humiliating.

One of the more interesting times happened in Fresno.  We were hosting a pre-dinner get together for a Swinger's magazine for the people that entered their writing contest.  About thirty or so people, some regulars from other years.  One couple we were very fond of, but we had not played with them.  I was wearing evening dress and she was dressed party sexy.  She was sitting in a single seat armchair and I had been chatting on and off with her as I did other host stuff.  We started flirting and kissing.  And a bit more than flirting.  I told her that she looked good enough to eat...she laughed.

As the others stood around and sat around and talked and pretended nothing was happening I slowly and completely undressed this beautiful woman and ate her to a couple of intense orgasms.  Brandi was sitting on her husband's lap and they were the only ones that didn't pretend to not be watching us.  After she had enough we went and took a shower together...and she spent the rest of the time that the others were there wearing just a towel, looked great on her. I was a bit busy as it was happening but my wife and her husband both said it was so weird, this woman being undressed completely and then eaten to several orgasms by a man in evening dress and no one said a word or did anything.  The writer contest people tended to be writers and dreamers not people that did things...

3. Have you ever had sex in motion (i.e. the lavatory on Virgin Air, the back seat of your Chevy Suburban)?

Kate used to give me hand jobs as we drove and I would fondle her, she would soak the seats with her orgasms.  She would also give me an outstanding blowjob now and then.  No blowjobs while driving with Brandi but she used to fondle me and I would fondle her, at one point in our life she was in bra and panties in the day time on drives and naked at night and I would fondle her at night and show her body off to truckers.  It was fun watching her have an orgasm wondering what the truckers thought of my naked wife.

4. Have you ever had sex worthy of a confessional (i.e. a stall in the church bathroom, on the desk in your boss's office)? 
Had sex with Brandi at my shared office, think we were seen, that was where we first had sex.  Had sex at Kate's parents house several times.  Brandi had sex with a new lover at the local airport ramp...standing up in an part of the ramp used by a company owned by a whacko right wing Republican, she liked that idea.  
5. Have you ever had sex under the stars (i.e. in the alley behind Scores Gentleman's Club, the roof of your South Beach condo)?

Beaches at night and in the day time, in cars, by cars, in the yard, half way in the car in the yard or by the side of the road, a little ally way sex a few times and watched Brandi enjoy a lover twice in her pussy and some blowjobs by her one night at the Fresno Zoo...yes people were around.

Bonus: What's your favorite place (of all places) to have sex (i.e. The Bunny Ranch, Las Vegas)?

Romantic beach front hotels?  A place that Brandi has spent time with a lover.  A B and B in Nong Kai or Luang Prabang/  Any place that makes my wife hot.The wet spot from Brandi and her lover?  Semi-public in a swinger bar or a sex friendly spot.

A selection of pictures to keep your interest and that are a bit on topic.  H, D, E, and P.  In cars and outdoors and in public.  I love the smile that Brandi has on her face as she stands next to H, her first lover as we are at a Fresno Zoo night.  Fun evening.  A shot of them kissing in the car, B flashing her black panties.  One of H and my wife kissing in our front yard, H wore those black mesh shorts on his way to visit us at Brandi's request and I wasn't home when he got Brandi and her lover were showing me the next day what had happened when H got to our house.  One of my wife and D in  our drive, it is what I saw driving up to our house.  They couldn't wait to get started until I got there.  One of her and P kissing in our car and then out in a park right before we had to go to a hotel.   Then one with Brandi and E kissing in the car on our way to our house after having to attend a club meeting.  We had to stop in a park on the way home since Brandi was getting a little frantic with her need to have E's cock in her. Mobile phone picture, the phone is a POS and it was supposed to be very good for isn't!  One that is a bit dark of my wife and D kissing a bit...they did more than kissing a little later.  Just something about seeing your wife kissing another man and seeig another man's hands on your wife!  Something about seeing a man treat your wife as his!

Still working on the story of our first threesome and I'm wondering as filler between now and the time I get that done...I have a few creampie pictures and Brandi loves me eating her after a lover has filled her.  I was chatting with a guy today and he has been with several married women with their husbands there and on dates with just the wife.  He loves seeing his lover's hubby eating his come out of her...he wants to try having her husband clean him as well as cleaning his wife after he fills her.  I'm not sure of my thoughts on that.  I love eating Brandi after her lover but it did feel a bit strange the first few times to do it in front of one of her lovers...but she loves it so much I got over that.  I don't know if I could clean one of her lovers so I think I need to think about it.  I know with a bit of submissive feelings  I admit to, I like to make my wife and her lover happy, but so far that means cleaning Brandi after her lover (she has had me eat her a few times while her lover's cock was in her) and such things as bringing them towels and washcloths and water and drinks...  While I view it as a sign of submission to Brandi's lover I don't know, I can't imagine doing it without Brandi being there so...  But I do love seeing Brandi with a take charge guy that treats her as HIS in front of me and I love that being done in public.  One of the problems we have is finding men that are a bit aggressive and take charge types that enjoy doing that not only  with Brandi when they are out on a date but with my wife when I am along.  Brandi and I both want the right lover to do a little verbal teasing of me, we both view things as she is submissive a bit to her lover and I am submissive a bit to him and then her... 

I'm not really sure how common this is, I've of course had men that we didn't meet (but not for that reason) tell me that it would indeed be part of my duties but I am not sure if they are posers or dreamers or living in a fantasy world.  I was thinking of posting a few creampie pictures and some of me eating Brandi full from her lover and discussion my thoughts on creampies and relationships with lovers and us.

Thoughts, comments, ideas experiences???


  1. "Cleaning" her lovers afterwards seems only polite.

  2. I love taking photos of her and I also love seeing photos taken by her lover or when she sets up a camera or video camera. Seeing pictures taken by someone else lets me see my wife as someone else sees her, a different point of view.

    Cleaning her lover? That will be up to my wife and her lover. I think she enjoys pleasing her lover so if it would please her lover and mean something to him it could happen. I do feel it would be a pretty big step for us, or at least me.