Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

In a few hours this year will be over.  I think that for us 2010 will be hard but not quite as hard as 2009.  2009 had a lot of problems for us, kids, money, other family issues and all that does cause problems with sex, in and out of bed.  It also causes issues in finding and keeping a lover or lovers.  Some of the kid issues are better and some of the family issues will not happen again, we just don't have that many more relatives that can die!  We are learning to deal with some of the money issues and we know that things are not going to get better for the country overnight, we see a rough few years or more ahead for us as well as our country and the world...lots of changes will happen but we all can learn and survive the coming changes.

Brandi is pretty happy at work.  I'm not happy not being at work but recent events have made it clear to me that issues with my back, neck, head and arm will prevent me from having any sort of a real job for the foreseeable future. I didn't expect to have as many broken down parts so early in my life...58 isn't old!  At times I look in the mirror when I start shaving and wonder, "Who the hell is that old geezer in the mirror?!"  We think our Darling Daughter is getting better and she isn't living at home which means the drama and problems are not quite so on our faces and causing more problems for Brandi.  Our son is making progress with life but he has a long...long...long way to go!

I do have things to do around the house and land that I can do.  Other things around here that I can do for just a little bit knowing that I will have a price to pay later.  That is life.  There are things that I enjoy that I can get back to doing since they are things that giving my limits I can still do them...I just cannot do them as long as I used to do them.

Brandi and E have chatted and I think they will chat again in the next few days.  This time of year is not the time to be seeking a lover or trying to do non-family things. Just hard to make the time or to have the time to sneak a call in away from family or a spouse looking for trouble eh?

E has some desires to cuckold me.  Strong desires in some ways and in some areas.  Not so strong that I don't find them interesting or arousing and I think that they are things in my discomfort/comfort zone, things that will make me feel like a cuck but things that I think will work without going over my limits.  However E is new to the hotwife/cuckold scene and what one thinks one can do versus what one can do tends to be...ah well a lot of men find it hard (or soft as the case may be) to make love to a wife in front of her husband, to treat a wife as a lover in front of her husband...might even add to the challenge when you know that Oregon is a easy "Carry" state...LOL!

After their chat Brandi understands a bit more what E would like and some of the things that E I have talked about and some of the things that  Brandi and I have chatted about.  Brandi is understanding more that it is more of a role playing game in some respects and a way for her to relax and let others take care of her and tell her what to do.  Relaxing and letting others take charge is something she enjoys and in men...she finds it to be a big turn on, however for some reason she finds it difficult to take me in a such a take charge way in sex and I find it hard to do since at times she has reacted to me doing it in a very negative manner.

So she seems to be excited about some of the things (most of the things) that she and E talked about.  After finding out that I am comfortable and in some ways turned on by E and her cuckolding me she is finding it all to be very, very interesting and arousing.  She has heard me say these things turn me on and she has seen it in the past but she has also seen me hurt by it...the hurt becomes arousal so fast.  So Brandi is looking forward to exploring E as a lover and maybe finding another lover or two that would be more local.  E's reaction to the pictures we sent made her realize that she is still attractive and her flaws...not that I see any, well, her flaws seem a lot larger to her than to E or other prospective lovers.  Seems like a lot of women do not see their beauty and some women don't see their flaws (take a look at some of the sites about the Walmart shoppers! Wow so many people that don't own mirrors!).  Another bowl of milk for this blogger, eh!

The picture...Brandi and her last our bed.  A nice cuckold picture in some ways, a happy wife with her lover in the married couple's bed.  I think doing a married woman is hot and doing her bareback in her bed, the bed she shares with her hot and him, the cuckold, watching even hotter unless of course she is a cheating wife.

Anyway, a Happy New Year to all and let us make 2010 a good year for us, our families and our countries!  And of course let's have a year full of cuckolding fun!


  1. Happy New Year. Just happened on to your blog. Great reading. I totally agree that having your wife do it bareback on your own bed right where you sleep is cuckold heaven. Public kissing is definitely a sure bet second. Wishing you a healthy and happy Year....

  2. wow! very hot indeed! i hope there was a huge wet spot for you when they were done!