Thursday, December 24, 2009

That time of year...

Ah let's see, Christmas Time...the time of violence in and out of stores, greed by kids, adults, and of course all those that make bucks in our consumer society.  The older I get the more liberal I have become in a lot of ways ((I was a Goldwater/Reagan Republican until among other things I figured out that the "jokes" about women, gays, minorities were not jokes at all)...not in all things since I still feel that responsibility to yourself, others including that most important thing family but also a responsibility to the future as in short term gains leading to long term disasters and feeling that your wealth is more important than the country as a whole...

I find it a bit funny that we are being told that those that work, that produce, that provide real goods and services need to settle for less, to compete with Vietnam, China, India and all the Third World Countries in our rush to join the Third World and having done so that somehow most the other people in our country will be able to skate along and keep on being well off.  Travel to Third World Countries and you don't find much middle class, much well off people at all except for the few at the top.  A village in India, in Laos, in Somalia does not have doctors, lawyers, real estate people, stock brokers living the high life, driving new Mercedes, Jaguars, monster McMansions, frequent trips to their vacation spot of choice.  While we see that a rising tide did not raise all boats a sinking tide will at some point not be able to keep most boats afloat...  While I feel that one party has been quite skilled at getting Americans to vote to screw themselves it really is a matter of Republicans or Republican real choice at all.

While we have real problems we are led to believe that the real problems are such things as abortion, gun control and other issues that there really is a consensus on but minority segments of our population keep the issues alive, keep money rolling in and get to ignore the real issues that will effect our future.

I can recall reading an article years ago about some reform that some thought was needed in California.  A very wise commentator wrote that if it was ever "solved" it would not be for a long, long while.  Too many people made too much  money to stop the bucks rolling in by "solving" the problem, no issue no bucks rolling in to soo many people.  That is the present state of our system.  Held hostage by a few people that have bucks to stop problems from being solved and by people that don't want problems ended, for good or bad result since they make money by the problems being an "issue".

Okay, enough of that...

Brandi had me take some pictures this week to send out to a few old lovers and to one potential lover.  So far no word back from the potential lover so I have to assume that he is no longer interested.  I can understand why since we have had problems getting our act together but the pictures to me meant that  Brandi is wanting to play and wanted to see about playing with E.  But a few more days since this is a busy time of year.  The pictures were taken with a video camera that can also take stills, I think good quality pictures and with my mobile.  I think the mobile quality sucks!

Anyway, I'll post some of the pictures and see how you like them.

So how long do we wait for a response before we go back to looking?  I mean Brandi is actually very eager to drop her panties and spread her legs for the right new lover and to work at making me feel like a cuckold (yes work at it but she also says that the idea of cuckolding me, making me feel more like a cuckold that her just  being a hotwife has her really excited and the freedom that gives her is another turn on for her) with her lover or lovers help...

I've got a longer post I am thinking about but I'm not quite ready to finish writing it, a friend, an old lover of Brandi had me texting him mucho times yesterday about my relationship with Brandi, his relationship with Brandi, them being lovers and my relationship with him as him being one of my wife's lovers.  That can of leads back to a whole bunch of topics and ideas for further thought and I thought it would be interesting and possibly amusing to explore some of the things he had me thinking about yesterday.

I hope all of you, all twenty-seven of you have a good Christmas, a good Holiday Season, a Happy New Year and that this time of year is a very good time for you and your family...and that 2010 is a great and happy year for you and your family!



  2. my god you have a great blog! with the pictures, you just need to get some with her wearing her wedding rings!