Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, I hope everyone had a good Christmas or....Holiday season!

So here it is almost done with 2009.  Not really a good year for us but at times I think we are happy, more or less happy or content to just make it through another year.  I'm not going to spend a lot of time crying here since this isn't really what this blog is for, but I did say somewhere that I would touch on and talk about other subjects besides sex and cuckolding so in 2010 we will do more posts, more posts on sex and more posts on cuckolding and more posts on none sexual subjects.  Oh, and the crying isn't just for me or my family and me it also is just kind of the "State of the World" crying and whining. 

Kind of a busy day in some ways considering we didn't get much done.  We went to Ikea, don't really like Ikea in some ways, consider them to be up there with Walmart except the stuff tends to be better quality and better style.  But they had some things that our son had to have and they were about a third of the usual price so we went.  Stopped at Target since he wanted to check and see if they had some Star Wars stuff on sale.  Funny thing, the Target stop and the Ikea stop both had to do with his collecting Star Wars stuff.  The stuff he wanted was not on sale or they didn't have it so that was quick.  I got a Hot Wheels Ferrari so I guess I scored.  I keep a shelf of the Matchbox/Hotwheels cars and other stuff in the garage.  My toy shelf.  Got the stuff he wanted at Ikea and I got some glass to use on work tops there at a good price, stuff that was being remaindered so while I don't like Ikea I gave in.

We dropped our son off at work and went off to do a little shopping except for the simple fact that Brandi had left the shopping list at home.  So the stop at Costco was not what it should have been and we really didn't get much of what we needed or thought we needed.  That part of the day turned into a kind of waste and I felt I was in one of those places and times that no matter what I did it did not make Brandi happy and I just could not figure out why.  BUT...

While we were out and about it started snowing in Willsonville, kind of heavy snow for a while. Then on the way home it stopped and usually we get snow before Portland or Willsonville due to our elevation.  But now we have snow.  For some reason Brandi had said that she wanted to go to a library outlet about ten miles away but then she just could not get going leaving me again wondering why!  BUT...

Brandi had heard from E a day or so ago and I interrupted the call, didn't mean to but I was calling her to ask her if she needed anything while I was picking our son up where he works.  So today her phone rings while we are driving and she is unable to get it, so my phone rings and it is E.  I chat with him for a bit and then knowing that it isn't really me he wants to talk to I hand the phone to Brandi after she pulls over and finds a place to talk.  She doesn't do a very good job since she stops under the freeway, lots and lots of noise from the freeway and the passing traffic, attention from the police...a message there? There were better places before we stopped and after we stopped.   Don't know?

E is at the beach so he also has background noise issues.  But they chat for a bit and discuss just what she wants and what he wants and touch on what I want or what I find okay or what turns me on and how that might effect what they do or don't do.  But we (they...the potential lovers) establish that they are interested in taking this further.  Both enjoy the idea of adding some cuckold elements into her being a hotwife and meeting a guy for sex.  Both seem to be turned on by the level of cuckolding that I think I can handle and enjoy.  So I'd guess it is now a matter for E to figure out when he can come up to our area and get together with my wife and see how it goes.  He seems very interested and turned on by the idea of adding some cuckold elements rather than just fucking my wife.  My wife is turned on by his enthusiasm for her and for them being lovers.  We shall see but I'd guess that things might happen soon.  If things work they way they usually do we should hear from another serious potential lover in a day or two, just seems it takes forever to find the right guy and when you do you find more than one...

Ah, the picture, I just love seeing my wife kissing a lover and I love seeing her kissing a lover in a public place.  Part of it is of course the chance that others might see my wife with her lover and their affection, making me a public cuckold and the other part is that kissing really turns my wife on, she loves kissing and kissing and public affection turns her on so I know she is turned on or getting turned on when she is kissing.  Her excitement is a major part of my excitement so seeing her kissing lets me know she is having a great time. Here Brandi is kissing lover goodbye as we leave the motel.  He and my wife had just enjoyed a few hours of fun and seeing my wife kissing her lover goodbye, knowing her pussy is full of his come...  And to add to my pleasure and hers, my naughty little wife is not bothering to dress or to clean up so she can  have me nibble on her well used pussy when we get home...  Looking forward to seeing my wife kissing her lover again, soon!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas or Holiday Season and I hope everyone has a great and interesting 2010!


  1. During our experiences with sharing, I found the biggest turn on to be seeing my wife kiss the other guy. Seeing her kiss a guy, full on with tongue in a crowded bar when it was clear that I was the husband was almost enough to make my knees buckle.

    Great picture.