Thursday, August 13, 2009

Days late and more than a dollar short....

First the picture, we were on a cruise and I was trying to take a more romantic and some what artistic photo...I think it turned out nice but Brandi thinks it makes her ass look too big. It reminds me a bit of some of the old master's paintings...but I might be fooling myself.

On to the questions.

1. How do you differentiate between love and lust? I think when you are younger lust is what you feel and it might turn into love. Lust is more sexual/sensual...not much in the way of friendship or even respect. I think love of course can have sexual aspects and be sensual but love does not need those aspects. At least I hope those aspects are lacking when it comes to loving your kids and your pets eh?

2. You are happily married, engaged, or committed in a relationship, yet you have a hot sexy dream about someone you have always wanted to do it with. Have you cheated at least in your mind? No

3. Do you trust your significant other? Yes...of course in the important things but to find her way across town...that might stretch my "trust".

4. How important is your Husband or Wife wearing their Wedding bands? Is it important to you and why? It isn't all that important to me but it is to her, I didn't wear mine for years and it bothered her. She wears her ring and band pretty much all the time...even on dates with lovers.

5. Do you feel that flirting is OK if you are taken? Yes, flirting keeps you in practice and I think it makes you feel better about yourself and sexier.

Bonus (as in optional):If you were 100% guaranteed not to get caught having a one night stand with someone else, would you? Yes, but of course we have an open marriage as in we are swingers/hotwife with some cuckolding games worked in.


  1. I totally agree with your take on the picture; when I first pulled up the page, I thought it was a stock photo of something painted 300 years ago. I think it must be because of the lighting.

    Ass too big? Not at all!

  2. Great photo. Fantastic ass.

  3. I gotta laugh, all women think photos make their asses look too big....they dont but they will never believe us so when they ask we have to cough, and run like hell least we give the wrong answer and whatever answer we give it will be wrong and now I better find my turn off button before I dig my own grave