Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time passes and not much going on. Nice weekend...

I'm trying to scan some photos of Brandi and one of her lovers and I also scanned some photos of me.  I realized that I don't think except for the header picture that there are any of me here.  Since I have exposed my wife with her permission I think it might be fair to expose me some.

If I manage to do it right there will be a shot of me on a tree limb taken after we had an enjoyable outdoor sex session.  I was partially shaved but not as much shaved off as Brandi likes me and the hair that was left isn't short enough.  Right after the after event pictures were shot some Park Rangers on horses drifted by, close but we made it.  There should be a shot of me painting the same building that there was one of Brandi painting.  A few indoor shots as well.

Part of what caught my eye was just how small I look in the pictures.  There are a couple of reasons for that.  I am a bit shy and not an exhibitionist.  Brandi enjoys seeing pictures of other men's erections but she only likes those after she sees more of their body, so don't send my wife a cock shot and expect her to be delighted.  Her ideal tends to be a body shot, a dressed shot, a face shot or a body shot that shows a face and then an erect cock shot.  She also has let me know in the past that she didn't like catching me masturbating and did not enjoy me sending her nude pictures.  But she enjoys them from her lovers.  Guess how that makes me feel and what kind of luck I have trying to get hard for a picture...

Looking at the pictures I look tiny!  Wow, in a funny way I am excited by looking so small there but in other ways in bothers me, I keep in mind what  Brandi said to me the first time we were naked..."WOW...What a hunk of meat!"  Fell in love with her at that point.  Brandi does enjoy well endowed men, a bit of a size queen....thick is what she really enjoys and she loves a man that comes a lot.  It does turn me on to know my wife is with a well hung lover or see her with a well hung lover and I love seeing her left messy and filled by her lover.

I think I need to find some pictures of me shaved since that is how she likes me.  She likes lovers trimmed and with their balls shaved but she tends to enjoy me totally shaved or with just a bit of hair above, trimmed very short and almost all shaved.  I'd like to try being waxed sometime to avoid the hassle of shaving, we shall see, she is interested in having that done to me but still thinking about it.

We think it would be cool for on of her lover's to insist  that that I be shaved and that I shave my wife for his pleasure.  Me having to be completely shaved at his orders would put me in my place.  One guy wanted me to wear panties, not sure if I am ready for that but it would make a statement that would be hard to argue with.  I think if Brandi let me know that she would enjoy it or enjoy it pleasing her lover I'd do it.  Pleasing my wife (and her lover)...very important to me!  He would be putting his claim on my wife by having me shave and trim her for his pleasure...just the way he likes her.  Brandi does enjoy a lover staking his claim on her, making her feel like she is his.  I enjoy the right type of man claiming my wife as his, I know my wife enjoys it and that adds to my enjoyment.

I hope to post in a day or two some shots of Brandi in bed with one of her favorite lovers and then the afterward...

Some questions for you:  I'm working on the story of our first time, should it be in present tense like it is happening or past tense?  It has got a bit long,eight pages so far and she isn't fucking yet.  Should I post it in sections?  Rewrite the whole mess?  Start over?  I'm trying to tell my thoughts and what I know of her thoughts as it was happening but that does make it long and I tend to be long winded.

Is there any easy way to change how the pictures are arranged?  Given the idea I was trying to explain it would be better if I could change their order.


  1. Maybe if you trim it a bit unless the back story is totally necessary.

  2. That is what my wife thinks I should do. Still not sure yet, might post a short version and the long and warn people about the difference. I kind of feel the thoughts are important since it was a major step for us and of course a baby step to me being a cuckold. But a very necessary first step. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Your dick doesn't look small at all in the first and last photo. And of course, we all have some shrinkage from time to time!

    I vote for telling your story in the past tense. Just a preference of mine, but I especially don't like it when someone tells a story starting in past tense, then as the sex gets started they slip into present. Just a pet peeve.

    If you want to keep the full 8 plus pages, why not post it in sections, but I would suggest you have it fully written before you begin to post it, that way you don't get people reading one or two sections, then have a long wait before you post again. If it is all complete before you begin to post it, but say post a new section once a day or once every few days, it will be easier to enjoy.

    just my 2 cents.

  4. well if I were King of the world, pubic hair would be banned......I not only like the way it looks, but it heightens ones sense of being totally naked....