Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick Update....

Having more car problems, still don't have the Rangie fixed, right now showing an O2 Sensor problem...bu that might really be something else like maybe the O2 sensor fouled due to a head gasket leak, using about a cup of coolant a day depending upon how much driving we do.

Brandi did talk to E (Orange County money guy, does something with money...not quite a banker but?) and he will be up here in September, toward the end or so. Brandi says she is very interested in him. She has also talked to R (actually a retired attorney and seems like a nice guy) and she isn't quite as interested in him as she is E but he is local and seems nice and they do enjoy chatting. Brandi has talked to both of them and I think she is anticipating dropping her thong and spreading her legs for both of them. I think she has chatted with them both enough so that she does plan to play with them and of course she has met R but not E. Brandi is at the point with both of them that she feels comfortable at the idea of making love with them, having sex with them, fucking them the next time she sees them with or without me along. I would rather get to see some if not all of what happens next but it really is up to her and her lover. E is very interested in cuckolding me and Brandi finds that appealing if (big if) if E really wants to do the cuckolding stuff for his enjoyment as well as ours. It does not work for her if he is just going through the motions for her and my sake.

E has told me that he really wants to make love to my wife in front of me and also to take her out on dates...of course that turns both Brandi and me on. Brandi has mentioned that she wants to have us meet E sometime and have dinner then go back to his hotel room. After some flirting and necking in front of me she wants to go into his bedroom and lock me out. She is a very vocal lover so it would be interesting to hear some of what is going on but not see it. Then she opens the door and she tells me to bring them some drinks, some wine and water and some towels and wet washcloths so I can clean her (first by tongue) and she can clean E. She also wants E to take a verbal role in cuckolding me, teasing me a bit about eating his come out of her...she gets really turned on when she has me eat her after she and her lover make love as they cuddle and kiss.

Or else if it isn't a suite or some other time to be with E or another lover and at the point that things are getting really interesting, like she is almost naked..."Honey...go down to the bar and have a drink or go for a walk, E will call you when we want you to come back." Both turn me on but also scare me a bit, E might be the type of guy to really enjoy cuckolding me and being the alpha make with me wife in public and in front of me...he says he wants more than just fucking Brandi, he wants Brandi as a "lover". Great if it is true.

R, we are not quite so sure what he wants but he isn't a bad looking guy and Brandi does enjoy chatting with him. I think the only thing Brandi would wish to turn her on more about him is that he be just a bit more pushy in that working a bit more to get together again...knowing what will happen the second time she sees him. Of course she is not planning on a threesome, these are separate lovers, just one at a time...but she is open to a threesome or moresome with the right men.

Still dealing with the accident stuff, what a pain, my back is still bad from the accident and still have the headaches (about eight weeks!). We did try some more tests on my back and they think it will be worth trying to kill some of the nerves in my back. That scares me a bit but they do grow back the the nerves they kill don't control anything.

Okay, the pictures, one is of Brandi kissing a lover, seeing my wife kissing a lover with passion is so exciting and interesting to me. I love seeing Brandi aroused by a lover and feeling a lot of passion and excitement with him. Seeing my wife kissing her lover as her lover is getting my wife's clothing off, slipping down her thong here...what is not to like for a cuckold. Seeing her sitting next to a lover and them kissing and flirting in! The other pic, another lover and she is enjoying his cock. I find it fantastic how fascinated my wife is of her lover's cocks, holding them, stroking them, sucking them, guiding them into her pussy, fondling her lover's cock after he has come in her as they relax and cuddle and kiss. Keep in mind that it has been maybe ten or more years since I have come in her mouth. This E can't say that. She did promise after E came in her mouth that she would let me come in her mouth, it has been well over a year since that promise and it hasn't happened yet. That turns me on and it also bothers me a bit and of course I feel a bit jealous and it does play to my cuckold feelings.


  1. Great post and photos. Do you have to clean E out of her mouth before you fill it?

  2. As far as Brandi sharing her lover's come by kissing me after he comes in her mouth...the times she has swallowed a lover's come or let a lover come in her mouth has so far been when I was not there, so it hasn't happened...yet. I think it is one of those things that will happen but I don't know when. Also she tends to enjoy being her lover's girlfriend when she (we) are out with one so it would also depend upon how her lover felt about it, if he didn't mind me kissing my wife while he was there or if he liked the symbolism of my wife sharing her lover's come with me or really more like my wife making me taste her lover's come in her mouth. Of course her lover wanting to see my wife making me, or her lover telling me to kiss my wife right after he comes in her mouth does make a statement.

    I know Brandi also enjoys her lover's cock between her breasts and while her favorite place for her lover to come is in her pussy she seems to enjoy come on her as well as in her, so she likes the feelings of her lover (or me) coming on her belly, ass, back and breasts.

    One time with H Brandi was enjoying him between her breasts, she would lick and suck on him a bit as he slid his cock between her tits, she would hold her tits around his cock and it was hot to see how much she was enjoying playing with his cock. (Brandi tells me that she enjoys the heat and hardness of a cock between her breasts and also the feel of a lover's balls as they slide over her chest, the contrast of her lover's hard cock and his soft balls really turn her on.) When he started to come the first few spurts hit her chin and neck and then my wife grabbed his cock and started stroking him and aimed the next splashes on her he quit spurting she rubbed his cock around her tits, pushing his come around, massaging it into her tits and teasing her nipples with the tip of his cock. She then pulled me over and pulled my face to her tits and forced my face into her come covered tits, rubbing my face into her breasts and then guiding my mouth to her nipples. She really enjoyed sharing the mess with me.

    I think she gets really excited being her lover's in front of me and "forcing" me to feel and taste her lover's come in her or on her.

    Thanks for your comment M and C.

  3. great post and great photos and love the idea she wants to try...lots of guys say they want to fuck a wife while the husband watches but I find most of them prefer to be in a room without the husband