Monday, August 31, 2009

Comments and what I might do with the First Time with H story.

Thanks for the comments, part of what I was marveling at was I'm used to not looking all that large in the dick department in pictures but I'm not really all that small, a bit over six inches erect and my wife and others have commented on the thickness...and in swinging I have seen a fair number of soft and hard cocks and I know (with logic and using my brain) that I'm not tiny...and I've seen postings from guys that are tiny and a few small to tiny guys at parties and my wife has told me of a few guys that were short, thin (she doesn't like that at all!) or short and thin.  Short and thin takes a lot of personality to get a repeat date from her...Just kidding more or less.

Funny how she says what she wants isn't hard and fast when she finds other reasons to like the guy.  I think in the long run that as long as guy is above a certain size and competent in bed that she can deal with a bit smaller tool, but she would rather have...all else being equal a guy that was over six inches up to about nine inches and thick, she tells me she has had a few guys that were so long as to be uncomfortable or even a bit painful when things got too vigorous but so far she has not had anyone too thick.  She enjoys two guys in her pussy at the same time and H and I did that a few times, due to our thickness it was a struggle getting both of us in but once it it was great.  Brandi seemed to have one continuous orgasm as long as we were in her and she would have peaks and valleys but she would be on the edge of passing out at times....very intense for her (and for us, concern on our part of it being too intense).  BUT personality is actually paramount.

Kate also told me about some of her previous lovers and some of the other guys she "knew".  One guy that was before me was tiny in her opinion, too small for satisfaction, she said that he could not stay in her and when he was in her (she was tight!) she could hardly feel him...but he was unaware of just how small he was.   Holding up her hand with her thumb and finger about an inch apart and say...."Poor Rif-Raf!" and laugh!

Being from a family that has roots in the South I'm also impressed that Brandi is one of the most color blind people I know...without really even thinking about it.  Her parents would make about as many comments and jokes as my Dad would and considering that they were Birchers (at least her Mom was, not so sure her Dad was near as  strong in that respect as her Mom) and how she would talk and treat some people I wondered.

Strange how my Dad would make jokes about Blacks and others but we lived overseas and he treated people as people...we had  house guests including overnight guests of all sorts including several Black families that would visit the city from the out stations and stay in our home rather than the government supplied guest houses.  My Mother came from an area in a state that had a fair amount of Blacks but her county had pretty much made it against the law for a Black to live there.  It wasn't until she had moved to start nursing school she actually met some Black people.  But she also took people for people.

I worked in what was and still is to a certain extent a pretty macho and white business, flying airplanes.  It is better but I worked for Chief Pilots that boasted that as long as they were in charge "we" would never have a woman or a Black or any thing else but while males flying for "us".  When I flew for other companies a few years later it didn't take me long to figure out that it didn't matter if there were bumps on the chest or different colors of skin...pilots were pilots.  Some were great, some okay and some not so great and a few horrible and the other differences were minor in comparison to the important ones of:  How well do they fly? and How good are they on an overnight?  Not the sex side, the going out and having a drink, the tipping, were they nice to spend time with and did they treat the hotel and restaurant people nice?  A good crew made a month pass like a couple of days and a bad crew made a few days seem like a year.

The last place I worked I had some of the Black crew members tell me that they enjoyed flying with me and it was due in part to the way I treated them.  I felt strange hearing it and it made me uncomfortable since the time has long past for things like that to be a problem and I also didn't like hearing it since at times I had to struggle with it.  I wish I had known that people were and are people years and years ago!

Back to sex and the topics of pictures of endowments or un-endowments.

What I am finding interesting is how I feel about exposing myself, my naked self on the net.  I've always kind of laughed about guys showing their small penises (I'm thinking about those old jokes that make the point that penises are small and cocks are bigger) and boasting and at the same time complaining and boasting about the small size of their endowment...glorying in the public humiliation of showing their tiny penis.

So after all of that I'm enjoying (I'm also worried about it...looking silly and of course looking small and of course I am also worried about other people I know seeing them (with only 19 followers that isn't a real big concern LOL)...but since Brandi has allowed and on certain levels really enjoyed having her pictures out there I also felt that I couldn't ask her to bear risks that I was unwilling to bear myself) the feeling of showing nude (naked since there is a sexual content to them considering their place on the net) pictures of myself, full body and face and also showing how small I appear at times.

Somewhere I do have pictures of me up to fully erect but I can't find them and there are not a lot of them since I am the one that almost always takes the pictures.  So I will look for some some of me erect and also try to take some pictures of me nude and shaved.  At the same time I'm planning doing that I am also aware that taking pictures of me shaved (the way that Brandi likes me) will probably make me appear even smaller...I think cocks tend to look smaller when the area is totally shaved unless they are tending to the large size.

The pictures, old ones:  First up is a shot of us (okay only of Brandi) loading the car and leaving the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, I'll tell some of the story about that and some pictures some other  time (I loved that little cover-up!).  Then Brandi flashing at a Zoo night at the Fresno Zoo (a story there and more pictures), I'm standing next to her and the camera was being hand held.  The avatar picture is from that night.  Then  Brandi flashing on a Liberty ship, a museum one, we are not that old.  Then we are at a bar in Reno, I loved that dress.  She had a lace bra and thong on when the evening started, don't think she got either back.  The last one is Brandi and H, getting H hard for another round.  My wife was very fond of H in and out of bed, from being her first non-husband cock as a married woman to actually being a "lover" rather than a fuck or fuck buddy or someone we swung with...  He isn't all that large ( bit longer than me but not so sure he was much thicker) but he was great in bed (according to Brandi) very long lasting, able to get it up at least two times in an evening, usually more and very very hard erections.  I don't think he was fully hard at that moment but it wasn't all that long ago that he had come in my wife's pussy.

Ah the story of our first threesome.  Think I will finish it and then cut it up and post it over a few days.  Put it in manageable bits.  Is there an easy way to change the order that pictures appear in a previous post?  Given what I was trying to show the sequence would work better with a few changes.


  1. Cock size. Why do men obsess over it so much? The cunt is a fabulous organ . . . a well-muscled one stretches to accommodate large cocks and squeezes the small ones to maintain pressure on the clitoris, which is how the woman reaches orgasm. If she cums, she doesn't care about the measurements of the cock!

  2. I agree that it is silly how men obsess about it. Like I pointed out, while my wife enjoys well endowed with real interest in thick men she admits she has had great times with men with average or smaller size cocks.

    My wife seems to have a bit of obsession with cocks herself, if I can clean up a picture of her with one of her lovers I'll try to post it. She tells me again and again that she likes most of the ones she has had a chance to enjoy but she enjoys the feeling of being full with someone thick and she also tells me that feeling a lover's balls slapping against her is a turn on, so she likes larger balls and as we all know that is greatly variable to temperature among other things.

    Just to make sure I just asked my wife and she said that she finds it easier to have an orgasm with a lover with a thick cock but it, as most of us agree, is really what a guy does with it that makes her orgasm so....she says easier with thick but she can be happy as long as it does the job for her. She does find the visual impact of a man with a big cock, thick (she keeps saying that) and erect due to her with big balls to be quite sexy and at the right time that goes a long way in arousing her. I can recall her meeting a guy for coffee one morning after leaving the house telling me that it was a first meeting and she had no intention of fucking him but just wanted to meet him and talk to him in person. She told me that she would be back in no more than a couple of hours.

    Almost five hours later I got a call from (she didn't have a cell phone) and in an urgent whisper she told me that she was calling from his motel room, he was taking a shower and that she would be on her way back home in a few minutes...after he got out of the shower and she could say good-bye to him. She got home a bit over an hour later! We lived about fifteen minutes from the motel she told me they were at...

    When she got home part of her story was that when she got to where she was meeting him, a fast food restaurant, she walked in...he half stood up to greet her and my wife realized that he was trying to hide the bulge from a fast growing erection...she said that gave her such a rush (she says a sudden warm and "full" sensation low in her abdomen along with the other signs of her arousal) that..."I just had to have him!". Indeed he might have been able to talk her out of going to bed but he was attractive, could chat, was able to read her signals and things happened quickly. Very quickly but that is a story for another time.

    Part of what I found funny (and was trying to explain) was my own response to the sharing pictures that I felt were not complimentary to myself (in terms of cock size) and my mixed feelings about it.